List articles are somewhat dubious – so you can start your interests now on this Top Vintage Seiko Divers posting. For one thing, they’re viewed as simple works of buffoonery to compose and many complain that they show little imagination. Second, they normally bar a few pieces that some vibe emphatically about while including others that may not be as famous while thinking about popular assessment. In any case, there are a few positives without a doubt, list articles take into consideration a decent reference of watches in a single spot. Additionally, they make for simple perusing (and, generally, composing), which is something incredible for the late spring occasions. I don’t think about you, yet I like to keep things quite light while I’m poolside tasting a beverage.

Top Vintage Seiko Divers

When discussing the Top Vintage Seiko Divers, it’s critical to give at any rate a tad of a structure. With Seiko, there are many hare openings to go down and this is similarly so with regards to the brand’s jump watches. One could think about just the Professional pieces, which were made for – you got it – Professionals. Furnished with more prominent water obstruction capacities, screw down crowns, and other creative highlights, these address the highest point of the top with regards to Seiko jumpers and the rundown would be moderately short. One could likewise zero in exclusively on the ISO-appraised, non-Professional jumpers, which are as yet heavy and competent, yet were promoted more towards the sporting set. These address the “heart” of the Seiko jumper batting request and it’s the place where we will invest a great deal of our energy. At that point, we have the alleged Sport Divers and these were truly light, but still useful for 70M, sports watches implied more for water sports and skin jumping. They’re among my top picks, yet they’re various to the point that they’d all just disrupt everything in this article. All things considered, you can peruse more about them here on the off chance that you’d like. Eventually, I think you’ll be left with a good, and sequentially requested, examining of the fundamental pieces from what has become a genuinely hot area from one of our number one marques. I’ve cut things off at 1980 for this outline of the best vintage Seiko jumpers, so we’ll probably get back with a glance at what happened in the 1980’s (hint: A LOT happened!).

The Seiko J12082 & 697990 SilverWaves 

Some may don’t think so, however to me, no rundown of Top Vintage Seiko Divers would be complete without referencing the Seiko SilverWaves. These were Seiko’s first effort to prepare a water watch with a pivoting bezel. And keeping in mind that that bezel is interior – ensure the crown contorts the bezel easily prior to consenting to purchase – it denoted a genuine takeoff versus the remainder of the brand’s contributions during the mid 1960’s.

The Seiko J12082 SilverWave 50M (photograph politeness of

Whether in its soonest 50M pretense – the J12082 – produced using 1961 to 1964 or later 30M form – the 697990 – delivered from 1964 to 1966, the watches make for incredible wears and are effectively the most “Swiss” looking of any of the jumpers we’ll see here today.

At generally 36mm in width, the watches aren’t enormous, however wear well because of the great dial to bezel proportion. Accept some place in the domain of $500-900 for a SilverWave relying upon condition with 50M pieces bringing a premium. Goodness, and for you torrent case back darlings, this is the place where .

Seiko 6217-8000/1 “62MAS”

There’s no uncertainty that the 62MAS has a place on elite of the Top Vintage Seiko Divers. Presented in 1965, it denoted the brand’s actual section into the plunge watch portion. It contains what many consider as a “sport jumper” or “Aquastar” style of case with its thick, chunk like carry plan. Notwithstanding utilizing fairly a “me as well” case plan, the 62MAS introduced some plan characteristics that are still with us today, for example, the dull bezel embed and solid textual style. Also, a dim greenish dim dial is in any event to some degree like the dim dials frequently utilized by the brand. At 37mm and with 150M of water opposition, the 62MAS carries fair specs to the table notwithstanding the absence of a screw down crown.

Be watching out for pieces with post-retail bezel embeds, dials, and hands. Additionally, be careful with watches that have seen water passage (common shockingly with their acrylic precious stones) or where the fast set date work does not work anymore. When a watch that could be gotten for $1000-1200 for little exertion, the 62MAS currently commands $2500-3500 (if not more) if in decent condition. For a symbol, I actually believe this one to be well priced.

Seiko 300M 6215-7000/1 and 6159-7000/1 Professionals 

In 1967, Seiko entered the “Proficient” jump watch market and carried the products with its 6215-7000 jumper. Water safe down to 300M, the watch highlighted a screw down crown, monobloc case, hardlex mineral precious stone and quickset date. It was likewise the main genuine Seiko jumper to put its crown at 4:00 – a flat out Seiko trademark. These watches likewise got a style of lists and the acclaimed “stoplight” clear recycled that authorities of the brand adore.

A affectionately worn Seiko 6215 (photograph politeness of gatherer Patrick Tacq)

The 6215 was just delivered for a year prior to being supplanted by the nearly identical 6159-7000 of every 1968 (the Hi-Beat composing on the dial is an unmistakable giveaway of a 6159). The 6159 varied from the 6215 as it highlighted a hey beat 36,000 bph development. As Seiko was playing and continually improving things it drew out the 6159-7001 (marginally extraordinary crown arrangement, case and gem) with a similar development. Because of some acclaimed issues with the real water obstruction of these watches, Seiko unexpectedly finished creation of these pieces in 1969 and didn’t get back to the Professional game until 1974! The 6159 development is something to see as its breadth hand skims around the dial because of the quick fire of the development. These 300M pieces, regardless of whether in 6215 or 6159 structure are uncommon and costly. Great pieces presently regularly sell for more than $10,000 and they’re just as gorgeous as any of the jumpers from the large Swiss brands of the time. Indeed, they’re difficult to find and the 6159 isn’t the most effortless piece to support, yet these watches are notorious and are unquestionably meriting a put on the Top Vintage Seiko Divers rundown. Hell, they motivated perhaps the most adored current Seiko’s in the MM300 SBDX001/017 .

Seiko 6105-8000/9

As the development to the 62MAS, the Seiko 6105-8000/9 carried up-to-date c-cased looks to the game when it was presented in 1968 and certainly has a place on the rundown of Top Vintage Seiko Divers. Implied for the sporting jumper set, the watch contains a Hardlex precious stone and, strangely, a push in marked crown. Held close to the previously mentioned 6215/6159 Professionals, it’s not difficult to recognize the family similarities too. The records are comparable alongside that acclaimed stoplight seconds hand. At 41mm, the watch wears truly well as well: something that can’t be said of all that we’ll make reference to now. The 6105-8000/9 was just made for a couple of brief a very long time as its creation finished during 1970. Seiko progressed its watches from water “confirmation” to water “oppose” during mid-1970 due principally to US laws and, along these lines, uncommon oppose/oppose (which means dial and case back) adaptations of this watch exist.

Whatever form you’re searching for, be set up to make good nice cash as the 6105-8000/9 has burst into flames throughout the most recent year or so with great pieces currently starting to challenge the $2,000 mark. Fair models were in the $800 territory in the no so distant past except for now effectively obscure $1,000. Know about reseller’s exchange bezels, hands, dials and such. Guarantee things like the hands are the right thickness and length and except if you’re getting into a type of extraordinary piece, the dial should coordinate the case back in phrasing (for example Evidence and Proof).

Seiko 6106-8100/9 Sport Diver

In 1968, Seiko presented to us the first of its wide-going Sports Divers, a setup comprised of lower estimated water sports-accommodating pieces with a 70M-profundity rating. Frequently, yet not generally, more modest, slimmer and more bright than their all the more profoundly evaluated partners, these watches address a fun and normally more affordable approach to get into the vintage Seiko plunging subject. Some could contend that none of these pieces merits notice on a Top Vintage Seiko Divers rundown, however I oppose this idea. I’d say that the underlying contribution has a place due with its moderate nature and in light of the fact that it’s a starting point for such countless gatherers of these cool pieces.

The 6106-8100/9 is an exemplary looking jumper and was produced using 1968 until approximately 1970 and arrived in a variety of shadings – dim, yellow, green, silver, blue and even a crazy blue piece with chevron markers. At generally 38mm, with a dim pivoting bezel, and 19mm hauls, the watches are sufficiently thin to wear under a sleeve. The 6106-8100/9 has become an appreciated diamond and costs have been on the ascent for quite a while. What was previously a $200 observe the entire day would now be able to command $500 if in pleasant condition. As usual, check for right hands and guarantee that water has avoided the movement.

Seiko 6105-8110/9 “Skipper Willard” 

If there’s a mainstream possibility for top choice of the Top Vintage Seiko Divers, the Seiko 6105-8110/9 would almost certainly rank at or close to the top. Put on the map by one Martin Sheen, playing “Commander Willard” in Apocalypse Now, this particular jumper brought an amoebic, Turtle-esque shape to the game that is seen on most Seiko jumpers still today. Dial-wise, the 6105-8110/9 is practically indistinguishable from its c-cased 6105 archetype, yet the case makes a major stride upwards at a somewhat huge 44mm. With short carries, however, it’s a nice fit. With a moderately long creation run from 1970 through 1976, finding a “Willard” isn’t horrendously troublesome, yet finding a good one at a fair cost can take time.

The watches come with a special “push down and turn to bolt” crown that was a genuine illustration of overthinking things, so it’s a smart thought to guarantee that this is good to go. Here once more, bezels, dials and hands are frequently faked or modded, so get your work done. Hope to pay $1,500 and up for a pleasant model, however this is actually a notable and attractive piece to add.

Seiko 6159-7010/9 “Granddad Tuna”

After Seiko reassessed the previously mentioned 6159 Hi-Beat Professional, it took them an astounding five years to come back with something they felt could deal with the necessities of genuine expert immersion jumpers. What they appeared was a really changed and inventive idea as the 6159-7010/9 . Known as the Grandfather Tuna for its particular shape, the watch carried 600M of water opposition alongside becoming the principal arrangement creation watch in titanium.

Its particular cover, front loader case, and L-molded gaskets help make it a genuine achievement in jump watch history. It’s effectively Seiko’s most critical commitment to the class and, in this manner, nothing unexpected on our Top Vintage Seiko Divers rundown. We’re large devotees of these at Fratello Watches a few us own these. Granddad Tunas sat in the $1200-1500 domain for quite a while, however now command somewhere in the range of $3,500 – 4,500. At almost 50mm right around and tall, they’re not day by day wears, however they’re ludicrously particular and deserving of adding.

Most 6159’s available to be purchased are in respectable condition, yet pay special mind to chipped ceramic covers and non-working developments. Beside that, they’re bold sprinters and bring that stunning hello there beat development to the game. Early models did not have an “m” close to the profundity rating on the dial, however this discovered its way to the dial a few years. Creation went on until generally 1980.

Seiko 6306-7000/1, 6309-7040/9 “Turtle” 

When the 6105 “Skipper Willard” was stopped, Seiko supplanted it with a cheaper model in the 6306/6309 arrangement. Interestingly, the watches became monstrous venders and is presumably seen as the most common “addictive substance” into vintage Seiko. First presented in 1976, the “Turtles” were created until 1988. Various variations and changes exist. For instance, the 6306 is a marginally unique development with a higher gem tally and hacking highlight. These were made uniquely for the Japanese market and the – 7000 variation was distinctly around for a year or so prior to being supplanted by the – 7001, which was around until 1981. Beside hacking, the 6306’s incorporate a date wheel with Kanji lettering. The 6306’s convey a genuine premium value astute and can undoubtedly cross into $1,000 territory.

The Seiko Scubapro 450 (photograph kindness of

A genuine vessel lives inside the 6306-7001 called the “Scubapro 450” and it includes the Scubapro name on the dial. Made in very restricted amounts, true blue models presently sell for thousands.

Normal 6309’s were made in Japan until 1981 and the Suwa image is appeared on the dial at 6:00. This was taken out after ’81 when Seiko exploited minimal effort producing in other Asian nations. It’s these sorts of subtleties alongside the genuinely bewildering number of phony dials and components on these watches that make a long hard examination vital prior to putting down the $400-700 needed to get a good 6309. Ok, and as I generally notice, guarantee that the crown fastens a decent three and a half pivots prior to committing to purchase. On the off chance that the strings on the crown tube or stripped, the watch is simply a benefactor as the cylinder is essential for the situation. In my book, possessing a 6306 or 6309 is just a need in case you’re a watch gatherer. They’re and exemplary. At 45mm, they’re not little, but rather they’re extraordinary regular watches. Seiko clearly understood this when they chose to reissue the Turtles a couple of years prior – they keep on selling like crazy.

Seiko 7549-7000/9 “Brilliant Tuna” 

How did Quartz make as its would prefer into thought for the Top Vintage Seiko Divers? That is a simple one on the grounds that in 1978, Seiko presented a 600M battery-controlled Tuna close by the mechanical 6159, making it the world’s first purported Professional Quartz jumper. Significantly more particularly, the watch flaunted gold titanium nitride as a covering on its fundamental case, bezel and crown and it got known as the “Brilliant Tuna”. The 7549 is a phenomenally vigorous development that shares its mainplate with the 6309 and a battery goes on for as long as three years within.

Other Golden Tunas have followed, yet this was the first and it was pivotal when delivered – and costly! Truth be told, it retailed for twofold the cost of the mechanical 6159! For this situation, the – 7000 varies from the – 7009 (non-Japan market form) by shunning the “SQ” Seiko Quartz logo so commonly found during the 80’s. Incidentally, in case you’re a James Bond devotee, Roger Moore shook a – 7009 in 1981’s “For Your Eyes Only”. Love or scorn the development, realize that Seiko gatherers hold the primary Golden Tuna in extremely high respect. The watch was created until 1985. Accept $1,200 – 1,800 for a good version.

Seiko 7549-7010 “Fish Can”

1978 was unmistakably a major year for Seiko. With Quartz plainly in extension, the brand tossed its 7549 development into something beyond the Golden Tuna. This was the year that a lighter, 300M Professional rendition of the Tuna debuted.

Some will contend that with its screw-down case back that the 7549-7010 is certainly not a genuine fish, however the outcome is an undeniably more wearable watch that, contingent upon the lash picked, can really slide under a sleeve. At 47.3mm in measurement and 15mm in stature, nobody would mistake it for being little, however it’s a deluding piece on the wrist. Additionally, with its spotless cover, highly contrasting looks, bended Hardlex precious stone, and Suwa image by the date window, it ticks (in a real sense) heaps of boxes that Seiko gatherers desire.

By the way, because of the spotless cover, this model acquired the real “Fish Can” moniker on the off chance that you like monitoring Seiko classification. Delivered until 1985, these pieces can be found with or without the “SQ” image on the dial and run somewhere in the range of $500 – 800 relying upon condition and area. On the off chance that you need to attempt a Tuna yet are somewhat apprehensive, this is a no-hazard approach to place your toe into the pool.

Seiko 7548-7000 (photograph politeness of

Seiko 7548-7000/10/700x 

The keep going piece on our Top Vintage Seiko Divers rundown came in late 1978 as the 7548. As a 150M jumper, this was the quartz result of the 6309, yet it was more huge than that for one key explanation. The 7548 brought a case plan that is still basically here with us today as the programmed 7S26-fueled SKX007/9 that can in any case be discovered today. At 42mm, these are incredible ordinary wears and were accessible in various dial tones. On the negative side, a genuinely shocking number of variations were created until the model was supplanted in 1985, yet head for certain thoughts on how things changed over the long run. Figure on $250 – >$1,000 relying upon the variant.

Hopefully, this reference of Top Vintage Seiko Divers is a valuable method to in any event catch a glance at the essential pieces made by the brand during the 60’s, 70’s and into the 80’s. I think you’d concur that Seiko made some genuine pearls and that many are as yet on the more reasonable side. Depend on it; even on the low finish of the evaluating scale, you’re actually getting an incredible watch stacked with designing and advancement ability. Additionally, with the market however hot as it seems to be for vintage Seiko, selling one if it’s not as you would prefer is simple. As referenced, we’ll be back with a gander at the 80’s. Make the most of your summer!