Today’s #TBT on the Venus 211 is an extraordinary one as it is the primary article from another Fratello benefactor, Tomas Rosputinsky ( on Instagram). Tomas is from, and lives in, Slovakia and has a preference for some somewhat varied vintage watches. Later on, we’ll see pieces on both the new and old from him, yet today we start with something strongly “dated”. Welcome, Tomas!

I think it was following an entire week with the Speedmaster 60th LE (my first Speedy ever) that I understood how regularly I take a gander at my wrist looking for the date. Regardless of the amount I appreciated the Speedmaster, that week caused me to notice vintage date watches. Yet, this time with a restored interest, attempting to comprehend what mysteries could be found available. A couple of unconstrained and pretty irregular buys later, I was supported much more – this at last prompted the Venus 211.

You Know the Drill

It wouldn’t be a long way from reality to say that I just read a string at some nearby Italian, French or German gathering while at the same time attempting to discover more about explicit watch refs. The more you read (says thanks to Internet for Google interpret) and the more tabs you open, you end up with 20 new different developments, models, brands or refs you HAVE to explore.

The Biggest Curiosity – Finding the Venus 211

I tapped on one of my twenty newly opened program tabs and my eyes almost leaped out onto my console. What I saw was perhaps the most conventional and for some, too exhausting chronograph dial plans with two sub registers. However beneath them there was a twofold date pattern made of two pivoting plates that were so huge I needed to twofold watch that I was taking a gander at a vintage watch. On the off chance that that wasn’t sufficient, the digits showed an abnormal date ’38’. This was my first experience with the Big Date type Venus 211 and I was hooked.

Why Big Date?

The celebrated Rolex Datejust from 1945 was the absolute first programmed wristwatch with an evolving date. Things got a move on in the following not many years because of Hans Wilsdorf’s significant other who couldn’t peruse the date without any problem. As it ought to be in a caring relationship, her significant other, who turned out to be the supervisor of Rolex at that point, set everything straight. In addition to the fact that he introduced the sorcery amplifying “Cyclops” that made perusing the date more comfortable, yet he likewise presented the changing of dates forcefully at 12 PM in the squint of an eye.

Yet the main single window date dials on wrist watches showed up in the last part of the 20’s and mid 30’s, very nearly 20 years before the Rolex Datejust. The equivalent however extensively more modest circumferential date circles were driven for instance by basic types with chamber escapements. In the event that you have an early single window date watch in your assortment, you realize that perusing dates was and still is somewhat of an agony. Watchmakers knew it 80 years prior as well. Enter the Venus 211.


When Cheaper is More Original

The Swiss development maker Venus administered the glad period of respected segment wheel chronographs. Watchmakers consider the Venus better than the significant chronograph competitors like Valjoux and Lémania, both in plan and capacity. Their participation with Breitling brought some unbelievable models that a normal authority will battle to put his hands on today. In the late forties in any case, the interest for less expensive chronographs developed and Venus reacted with a progression of cam-exchanged developments. One of them was the Venus 210 development that was subsequently enhanced with a date gadget – called Venus 211.

Hunting Time For a Venus 211

During my exploration on the Venus 211 I chanced upon many watch brands, including Claude Meylan, Nivrel, Tollet, Unic, Agir Watch or Delvina. The one that struck me the most was from Bucherer, a brand whose sound and inheritance I generally loved. I just saw a couple of existing Bucherers with the Venus 211 on the web. The one I loved most had round pushers. Finding a Venus 211 Big Date in decent condition isn’t simple – it took me an entire year to discover one on eBay. My delight was significantly greater when the Italian vendor recorded the Venus large date with a Bucherer logo on it. Albeit the watch has rectangular pushers, it appeared to be overall quite even accompanied the first box. As per the seller the watch came from the first proprietor, a person working in Lucerne, who got it in the 60s.

Holding It For the First Time

I need to concede – the watch configuration may be somewhat conventional and the dial somewhat occupied on this Bucherer, however the Venus 211 was the genuine draw. The dark moment track is firmly encircled by an external blue tachymetre scale and internal red telemetric scale. On the off chance that it was up to me, I would abandon the telemetric today. However what I see as the most serious issue is that all the track lines are of a similar thickness, making it simple to get lost when you need to peruse the specific time with simply a brief glance. In the event that things weren’t adequately occupied, the moment track is advanced with lume dabs at regular intervals. Gold three-sided thistle like markers sparkle at the odd hours with pleasantly molded Arabic numerals at even hours. Calculating in the very much safeguarded gold-plated case and all hands, a remarkable dream for a gold-tone kind of gatherer. Such a large number of gold tones are possibly the solitary motivation behind why this Bucherer doesn’t sit on top of my inward TOP WRIST TIME outline. What satisfies my spirit most when seeing it are no filthy spots or scratches on the dial in close to consummate condition, no noticeable imprints on the sub-enrolls, no cuts on hauls and no untouchable profound or surface scars that are regularly obvious on the back or sides because of reckless watch opening.

Playing With the Date

All disgrace aside, I would say I gazed at the Venus 211 major date with my eyes totally open for quite a long time. Setting the date interestingly was a little function. I began with delicately hauling the crown out. Watching the date number bounce interestingly made it a by one way or another new involvement with comparison to a date change through conventional date patterns that are normally a large portion of the size. Envision the inclination when I set up two free bi-pivoting plates with a minuscule pin pusher fitted in the side of the case at the 8 position.

Perfect Imperfection

From a development perspective, in comparison to current Lange Outsize Date Mechanism that presented 2 circles being layered one over the another in 1994, the Venus 211 contrasts with no profundity impact as plates are set at a similar level. You can see a small hole made where the plates almost coast into one another. Impact fundamentally the same as the advanced Glashütte Original Panorama Date presented in 1997. It comprises of the two mathematical plates mounted concentrically on a similar level. This circles setup was additionally found in Angelus Dato12 models with type 255 in late forties.

What watch idealists may allude to as the greatest flaw or imperfection of the Venus 211 major date is the thing that entertains me the most. This date development type checks from 0 to 39, rather than 1 to 31. So you need to address each beginning month to 1. Not regularly does a designing flaw make an ideal talking point.

On the Wrist

Fitted with a slight and exquisite dark cordovan calfskin tie, I like wearing my Bucherer Venus 211 the most when the months are going to change. That non-conventional, if not abnormal, date hop from the 31st to the 32nd or 33rd consistently urges me to upset my own generalizations, to pause and think. It reminds me not to fail to remember that the human touch has a significant effect. For the record, the Venus 211 is no horological wonder, however its heritage reverberates today much more. Anything can be designed or mechanized. However, for me this straightforward large date development is living evidence of the way that going the complicated way that requires extra exertion may be more enjoyable, seriously captivating and carry a new view to your every day schedule. So human.

Final Thoughts

Look at the current creation of IWC with its Big Pilot Big Date “150 Years” Edition, the principal Big Pilot to convey a major date complication or Mido that commended its 100th commemoration with delivering oddities, for example, the Mido Baroncelli Big Date. One starts to comprehend that the huge date is acquiring on prevalence by and by and equitably viewed as a complication that has its worth. On the off chance that it was not developed by Lange in the nineties, the Venus 211 might be the most punctual enormous date application in a watch. Not awful for a chronograph watch from the fifties that you can get for under 1000 euros.