So, here we are in the main seven day stretch of 2018 and Fratello Watches commences #TBT with a gander at a vintage Timex Marlin. We’ve never included a Timex on our site, so for what reason would we say we are showing a watch from a brand that is known as a moderate (read: modest) creator of utilitarian and solid watches? Indeed, it isn’t totally because of the much-ballyhooed ongoing re-arrival of a , yet it unquestionably implies that interest in Timex is at a general high and that the gatherer watch world might be more open to catching wind of more established variations. As referenced, however, there’s a more grounded explanation behind including this watch, so we should continue.

The Reissued Timex Marlin (picture from

The Timex Marlin Reissue

Yes, the as of late reissued Timex Marlin has caused very much a stir.  At 34mm, most at first complained. Also, a Chinese development? Wheeze! Yet, at a cost of $200 and with the gift of most up-to-date destinations, the watch has sold out numerous occasions. For certain, a few group welcomed the arrival of a more modest, reasonable mechanical dress watch while I guess that others basically should have been told they needed it. Whatever you consider it, I’d say it’s pleasant that Timex, in the wake of offering mechanical looks for such a long time and afterward losing the plot during the 90’s, has returned to offering non-quartz watches and that we have another intriguing and reasonable retro-motivated piece on the market.

An Original Timex Marlin Automatic

Today’s Timex Marlin is a somewhat unique pot of fish, however (goodness the jokes). Most importantly, it’s a programmed and it offers a somewhat unique interpretation of the dial. Above all, we should speak a little about the Marlin name itself. Presently, in case you’re similar to me, you hear names of fish and you immediately think about a jump watch, however what you see here is probably as a long way from a jumper that might actually exist. The Marlin line, for reasons unknown, was just the name of the waterproof, fail safe, variety from Timex. Like different brands, it was presented in the 1950’s when more extravagant competitors like Omega and others were publicizing watches that see a touch of dampness. From what I can tell the line expanded onwards for quite a long time and at last was offered in electronic renditions, gold-plated, and with dates. Style-wise, it appears to be that Timex for the most part kept to a basic dial topic ordinarily comprising of a white/silver dial decorated with numerals as well as markers. Gracious, and unfortunately, there’s not a single fish in sight. The Marlin, it appears, was destined to be a basic, direct watch for each occasion, regular and for the everyman – and one that could take a sprinkle and not go failure (presently that was a decent one!).

This Timex Marlin is a Family Watch

What makes this Timex Marlin uncommon, in any event to me, is that it came from my better half’s Grandfather. I’ve likely referenced it, or maybe you can gather from a portion of the photos, however my better half is from Slovakia – brought up. After we wedded, during a family visit to the country, my relative gave me a little heap of watches that she had been keeping some place in the house. All were for the most part Czechoslovak-made like Prims and in a non-working state, yet there was one crackpot in the gathering: the Timex Marlin. Presently, on the off chance that you know anything about Slovakia (other than Czechoslovakia hasn’t been a country since 1993 – indeed, this tactless act is more normal than you may might suspect), you’ll realize that it was a communist country, when it was connected to the Czech Republic, up until 1989. Things being what they are, how did a watch made some place in the non-communist world advance toward a humble community in the Banska Bystrica district of Slovakia? More on that in a minute.

The Timex Marlin Boasts Clean Design

As you can see, the Timex Marlin is somewhat straightforward. Its domed white/silver dial highlights dark painted Breguet numerals within a hashed minute track of a similar tone. The content is straightforward and painted revealing to you the brand, that it’s programmed and that it can deal with dampness. The hands are essential dark lines and the watch includes a scope hand. There’s a huge, scratched, domed gem (12mm high altogether) that unquestionably sports some soil at its edges – I’ll leave it as is.

A straightforward chromed case coming in at an entirely wearable 37mm (43mm drag to haul) flaunts not many subtleties. It’s each of the one piece, however the hauls start their stream a piece underneath the highest point of the case to give the impression of a removable bezel. As great as the case looks, the chrome covered crown has lost the vast majority of its tone and the rear shows a respectable measure of pitting. The essentially decorated impeccable caseback discloses to us the composition of the case, caseback, that the Marlin is programmed and water safe. That is about all.

From France to Slovakia for a Birthday

My spouse’s Grandfather turned 50 of every 1983 and for this significant achievement, his family gave him this Timex Marlin. It really advanced toward Slovakia by means of my mother by marriage Aunt. During the Communist period, there were coordinated excursions toward the West, however bringing back articles wasn’t actually permitted. Along these lines, indeed, this Timex was really bought in France and brought back as stash – by transport. Presently, I’m not going to get political here or imagine that everybody was in wonder of Western culture, yet having a watch from the west was clearly a serious deal – even a Timex Marlin that probably retailed for about $15 new in the USA (and $15 was certifiably not an inconsequential sum in Slovakia). It was extraordinary and an uncommon extravagance for a man who worked in a mining climate. I think it likewise shows how, while a considerable lot of us don’t consider a to be or clear watch as unique, a watch, when given, has for quite some time been a genuine indication of accomplishment regardless of the brand – regardless of the culture.

Timex Made Clever Movements

I dated this watch to 1978 and that is fairly simple to accomplish on a Timex Marlin since one should simply to take a gander at the lower part of the dial to discover two arrangements of numbers, 40651 and 10778. The originally set discloses to us the inventory, or model, number. The subsequent set reveals to us the development, 107, and the time of creation as 78. Yet, investigating the development, even softly, was . Making a beeline for (what an incredible asset!) shows us a few photos of this gem less development. Indeed, the watch contains a straightforward pin-switch escapement yet it is profoundly useful. What’s more is that the watch can be hand twisted, runs at 18,000bph and has a force save of 38 hours. Furthermore, as so numerous old Seiko’s I’ve come across, this Timex runs easily and keeps incredible time – and likely has never been serviced.

A Vintage Timex Marlin is Very Affordable

Admittedly, I don’t wear the old Timex Marlin so regularly as I like to keep it saved in its ragged state. In any case, I by and large wear it on a NATO – Slovak banner tones for these photos, yet it would look great on about anything that is 20mm wide. Peculiarly, I estimated the drag width at generally 19.5mm, so there’s some squirm room here. As should be obvious, it wears well; it really helps me to remember some more seasoned straightforward Seiko dress watches I have in the zones of plan, quality and simplicity of use.

Old Timex Marlins are out there in huge numbers on eBay. Regardless of the deluge of good for nothings attempting to sell the reissued pieces at some elevated costs (truly, for what reason would anybody enjoy these sellers?!?!), you can figure out and find real vintage models at costs that frequently neglect to break the $30 mark. Obviously, diamond mint examples can cross into a three figure area, yet I’d propose making an undertaking of it and waiting for an all around purchased deal. As referenced, these watches are sufficiently workable – if not, simply get another and choose whether or not to tear apart the development. For a gathering, yes Timex has its merited put on the web, head to a long-running website with a committed community.

Thanks for investigating a Timex Marlin with an individual story. It’s a perfect little watch that does precisely what John Cameron Swayze broadly expressed, it “takes a licking and continues ticking.” Plus, it’s a marque that so many of us had as our first watch, however one, in no little part because of the brand’s contributions in the course of the last 20+ years, that has left most authorities cold. Presently, maybe they’ll get some due. As referenced over, this model absolutely shows us that critical watches aren’t generally about the ostentatious brands.