This week’s #TBT investigates a watch that very well could appear to be natural to you. Recognizable how? All things considered, for one thing, beside dial varieties, this jumper was promoted by many brands. Second, this frequently utilized case looks a horrendous parcel like a small form of a popular brand from Florence, Italy. Today, we’ll inspect a Sandoz Depth Master, the purported Sandoz Baby Panerai. Notwithstanding, while this watch may wear a small call name, its specs are definitely not miniscule.

An unique ad for the Nivada Depth Master

The Sandoz Depth Master Began Production in 1963

We’ve investigated various notable plunge watches on Fratello Watches with a positive spotlight on pieces that presented a type of usefulness or advancement. All the more extraordinarily referred to pieces, for example, the Doxa 300 to the Rolex Red Submariner have been highlighted, yet we additionally investigated a moderately specialty piece in the Philip Watch Caribbean . We noticed that this watch was among the principal 1000M jumpers and it likewise included a notorious decompression bezel.

Well, in 1963, another watch from Switzerland was out to hit the 1000M profundity obstruction mark and that was the Sandoz Depth Master – an incredible history article in German can be found . You may perceive this watch, or its case, yet you may not perceive its name. Indeed, because of the case shape, the “Child Panerai” name has stuck.

The Nivada-Grenchen “Pac Man” (photograph kindness of on IG)

The “Baby Panerai” Case Was Used Everywhere – Literally

The Sandoz Depth Master was made start in 1963 and, apparently, was created all the way into the 1970’s. I’ve not had the option to uncover the name of the case producer, however it was Swiss (and in the event that you allude to the Nivada advertisement above, it utilized Swedish steel). This watch case was really utilized the world over. Droz, LeCoultre, Nivada, Austin, and even Orient of Japan added their own exceptional dials to this well known case – for an extraordinary perspective on numerous variations head to this . Incidentally, there were slight minor departure from the case thickness, yet we’ll think of them as all family members. Indeed, believe it or not, this case was shared across landmasses – fascinating!

A Very Traditional Diver

Coming back to the profound water challenge of 1963, it bodes well to delicately compare this watch with the Philip Caribbean and the two couldn’t be more different.

Whereas the Caribbean is strong, splendid and occupied, the Sandoz Depth Master fuses profoundly customary looks and a straightforward hour long bi-directional turning bezel. Case-wise, beside the Panerai looks (think about a 1950 Luminor case without the locking crown hook or even the Radiomir 1940 with a bezel), this is one strong little chunk. At 38mm with 18mm hauls, it’s not large, but rather it is sturdy.

Rugged Features

Detail-wise, the Sandoz Depth Master incorporates some flawless little highlights. Among my top picks must be the screw in bars at the carries. It very well may be seen as a gesture, once more, to Panerai, and it makes for a more powerful tie apparatus versus ordinary spring bars. That is not a terrible trademark for a genuine jump watch and it indeed features how little brands carried some truly one of a kind things to the game 50+ years prior. At last, an enormous screw-down crown is found on the watch, which gives it a considerable look.

Highly Legible

Dial-wise, this rendition of the Sandoz Depth Master is among the most manageable. That doesn’t imply that it’s terrible, however it does karma a portion of the craziness seen on other Sandoz variations and even the Nivada “Pac Man”, which is likely the most pined for adaptation. Indeed, this variant is very efficient with its fundamental dark dial and painted lume files, yet damn is it decipherable. Also, it adds a straightforward bolt tipped hands and a scope hand with a rectangular plot close to its end. The first domed precious stone (it shows proof of crazing, as practically all the firsts) adds a decent period contact as well.

The casemates for this watch utilized an assortment of developments from A.Schild and ETA. All are programmed and most element a date work. On account of the Sandoz Depth Master, a Schild AS 1700/1701 is inside. Fitted with 25 gems, it’s a fine and basic programmed that can be hand wound and chugs along at 18,000 bph. Mine, then again, has as of late shown that it frantically needs a help since it loses around 10 minutes for each day.

A “Starter” Panerai

Looks-wise, it’s outrageously difficult to blame the Sandoz Depth Master. It additionally helps me to remember something different that I frequently consider – Panerais are in reality damn gorgeous watches. Just, strong and utile – that is the means by which I consider most fundamental Panerai watches and this Sandoz ticks a ton of those crates at a substantially more receptive cost. You can see I have this on a period elastic tie – as it was conveyed to me. It unquestionably looks great, yet I’ll probably wind up changing it to a crude calfskin tie eventually to help compliment the patina on the dial. Concerning, I really discovered this watch for around 700 Euros on a Facebook page and the vender was notable by a companion. Eventually, it was a simple and fulfilling transaction.

Quick Sellers on the Vintage Market

The Sandoz Baby Depth Master and its Baby Panerai family members are mainstream with vintage authorities and nice ones sell rapidly in the event that they’re estimated right. They come up with good recurrence – maybe in light of the fact that proprietors love the Panerai looks however wish for something just somewhat bigger – and find new homes rapidly. Value savvy, nice models start around $1,000 however arrangements can be found underneath this. The “Pac Man” as referred to above can sell for above and beyond twofold this sum because of its one of a kind dial text style. Unique precious stones, hands and crowns are everything except difficult to track down, so know about changes. Precious stone astute, a substitution wouldn’t cause worry because of the way that the firsts rage, break and – well – they should be supplanted. Development insightful, you’re managing simple motors, so don’t spare a moment to purchase a non-working piece insofar as water hasn’t fouled the works.

Today’s #TBT offers a concise gander at the Sandoz Depth Master, perhaps the most punctual participant in the 1000M plunge watch field. It’s moderate and offers a plenty of plans – one of which should strike the extravagant of a gatherer. Until one week from now…