Today, on #TBT, we’ll keep on uncovering vintage Citizen as a genuine chance for gatherers. This time, however, we’ll move back from instrument watches, for example, jumpers or chronographs and go the tasteful course with a gander at a dress watch. The 1960’s Citizen Chrono Master is a watch worth examining, particularly if all around assembled exactness Japanese watches are of interest.

Every time we talk about Citizen, it’s incomprehensible also the brand’s main opponent: Seiko. The two companies went blow for blow during the 1960’s and 70’s to the point that a portion of the watches are incomprehensible from 5-10 meters of distance. Harken back to our article on the Citizen Uni , a light jumper from the 1960s, that is so close in looks and specs to the Seiko Silver Wave that it’s frightening. The present Citizen Chrono Master is one more circumstance of the two brands going in a dead heat on the grounds that the Chrono Master line is undoubtedly Citizen’s response to King or potentially Grand Seiko.

As continually, exploring vintage Citizen is somewhat of a test. Old discussion deals advertisements, WRUW postings and Instagram regularly give the vast majority of the detail that is accessible in English, so that makes for intense sledding. Fortunately, there are a couple energetic locales out there that put forth a valiant effort to detail these beautiful watches and I need to thank the site for their data on the Citizen Chrono Master.

From what I can see from the site referred to above and from sorting out different patches of data, the Citizen Chrono Master line was presented in 1967. While the present piece is from 1968, it is, truth be told, an illustration of the principal Chrono Master that was delivered. Recorded as reference H00S-3002-Y, the model is intriguing on the grounds that, regardless of its name, it is anything but a chronometer evaluated watch. Oddly, the brand offered an almost indistinguishable, however pricier, form with the COSC detail that adds “Chronometer” to the dial. In any case, it’s dazzling and as we dive into the detail, we’ll see that the Citizen is a commendable adversary to Seiko’s contributions, yet that it falls somewhat short overall.

At first look, the Citizen Chrono Master comes off as an alluring sufficient dress watch, however I wouldn’t blame anybody for making it look like to some degree mysterious. Similar to the case for so numerous vintage Japanese watches, the subtleties really tally and this is the place where the Citizen scores. With a hardened steel instance of almost 37mm (drag to carry is 48mm) and a haul width of 18mm, the Citizen sits directly in the sweet spot of profoundly wearable dress watches that are sufficiently huge to satisfy most current wearers. The watch includes a thick, angled mineral glass gem that brings its thickness up to 12.5mm. Once more, it’s a comfortable watch that has no issue in fitting under a shirtsleeve.

Let’s go through a second working on it plan of the Citizen Chrono Master. Regardless, it’s remarkable for not being eminent and that probably clarifies a tad bit of why Citizens of this kind slack their Seiko partners as far as fame and worth. Though Seiko either made a serious deal (or, likely, has since made a serious deal) about its alleged “Sentence structure of Design” styling language, Citizens were planned undeniably more logically. I wouldn’t exactly call them “me as well” plans as there is some pleasant curving to the carries and the cleaning is of an undeniable level, yet there’s no uncertainty that they do not have the delicacy and itemizing found on Grand or in any event, King Seiko’s. While this model has an unsigned crown – it’s right – later models just got an ordinary “CTZ” rendition. Maybe Citizen was somewhat uncertain of going entire hoard into the Chrono Master line, didn’t exactly have the assets, or felt their endeavors were adequate. Whatever the case, this is a stunning watch, yet it’s just not exactly as unmistakable as the upscale Seiko’s of the time.

Going all the more profoundly, the Citizen Chrono Master utilizes a shimmering white dial with little ornamentation. The Citizen logo is applied, similar to a hawk above 6:00. Under a loupe, these accessories, alongside the applied hour markers show an undeniable degree of exactness that comes in underneath the quality degree of Seiko. That being said, the Citizen is superbly executed and outmaneuvers a significant part of the standard Swiss stuff from the time. Getting back to the hands and hour markers, and afterward comparing the watch to its competitor, the King Seiko 45-7001 , it’s totally unthinkable not to see the almost indistinguishable plan qualities. The dark decorates on all fours are elaborately comparative just like the applied logos; even the printed dark hash marks for the moment track are alike.

Inside this Citizen Chrono Master, we locate the 0920 type, which is a manual breeze (yahoo!), 22-gem development that beats at a comfortable 18,000 bph. It keeps extraordinary time, yet it’s actually nothing unique versus the greetings beat developments from Seiko that were delivered before long. In any case, the developments were clearly completed and acclimated to a better quality versus different Citizens that pre-owned this longstanding type. It’s a smooth development to wind and certainly furnishes that feeling of every day association with one’s watch.

Flipping the Citizen Chrono Master over uncovers what may be its most enchanting trademark. Indeed, similar as Seiko, Citizen decided to decorate a portion of its case backs with a perplexing gold logo. Indeed, this is most likely the one zone where Citizen immovably has Seiko beat as far as execution – you can see the two next to each other above. You can see this hawk of sorts on the Chrono Master that, as a matter of fact, looks somewhat like the German ensign, however it is actually a perfect component that tells you you’re managing something extraordinary – or if nothing else Citizen thought so!

I happened upon this Citizen Chrono Master simply unintentionally. In a real sense, a companion delivered the watch alongside some different pieces I bought and it was intended to transport to another person! I realized who should get and I reached him to inquire as to whether he was keen on selling it – and the appropriate response was yes. Chrono Masters, for example, these have gradually begun to get on, yet they’re still to a great extent gathered by the individuals who are profoundly into one or the other Citizen or vintage Japanese watches as a rule. Also, most are as yet in Japan, so they don’t appear on Western discussions often. Versus a decent King Seiko that may sell for somewhere near $700 or more, a Chrono Master, for example, this one is a moderately deal in the $300-400 territory. This one is in the sort of condition that discusses extremely light wear assuming any. According to ordinary with watches of this age, check for water entrance and that all the restorative parts are unique. Administration savvy, I’d accept that they’re moderately easy to fix and 0920 type developments ought to be not difficult to track down in lesser contributor watches. All things considered, this should make for a simple piece to live with.

As referenced, the Citizen Chrono Master probably won’t strike you as special as a King Seiko , however it is a delightfully made watch for certain professional subtleties. As I likewise referred to, a piece like this effectively stays up with any of the large Swiss brands from the time frame while thinking about the completing and in general bundle. Stay tuned, our inclusion of vintage Citizen has just barely begun.