For all the narratives we expound on Seiko here at Fratello Watches, we spend that definite inverse measure of time discussing Citizen. There are a few purposes behind that: to be specific, they’re an intense company to find and they exclusively center around non-mechanical watches nowadays (regardless of claiming Miyota, perhaps the biggest provider of mechanical developments). On the vintage side, we’re liable of having never highlighted a watch from the brand. There are purposes behind that which I’ll detail in the following passage, yet we’ve held off long enough. Today, women and gentlemen, we kick off our inclusion of the other brand from Tokyo and investigate the Citizen 51-2273 diver.

Before we dive into the subtleties of the Citizen 51-2273 jumper, how about we spend a second to examine our inclusion of Citizens both new and old. On the new front, and maybe I’m missing something, Citizen doesn’t do a ton of effort. Though we hear a ton from Seiko, we hear little from the other simple Japanese brand. This odd way to deal with advancement reaches out to the brand’s Baselworld presentation region. There are no meeting rooms and there’s no capacity to go 1:1 with the watches – trust me, we attempted. It’s odd and considerably more so as the company claims outward arriving at divisions you might know, for example, Bulova, Arnold & Son, Frederique Constant, and the development company La Joux-Perret. Additionally, as expressed, Citizen puts the greater part of its attention on Eco-Quartz developments versus mechanical. Indeed, the fairly unbelievable NY0040 jumper is one of only a handful few mechanical standard items on offer. Nonetheless, we’d in any case prefer to cover a greater amount of the wild and insane multi-work watches delivered by the company every year. On the off chance that Seiko can transform, I suppose there’s potential for Citizen too.

On the subject of vintage, it’s genuinely straightforward with respect to why we’ve needed inclusion. Data on old Citizens is difficult to come by – particularly in English. For a brand that a significant number of us have related as being accessible internationally for a long while, data is by all accounts generally in Japanese. Also, people, I have abilities (most are insignificant – simply ask my better half), yet I can’t understand Japanese. It astounds me, again versus Seiko, how there’s a genuine shortage of very much established information and data out there on the brand’s memorable models. That is not on the grounds that individuals haven’t attempted (an extraordinary site exists and I’ll make reference to a second later on), however there’s little that springs up on gatherings and minimal in the method of documentation out there that I’ve seen. What’s more, that smells since Citizen made some beautiful damn cool watches once upon a time. Maybe they were fundamentally, or all, implied for JDM utilization and that is the explanation. At any rate, it makes exploring a watch troublesome: and in all honesty, I do concentrate up before pontificating. Be that as it may, nothing more will be tolerated, we will investigate the Citizen 51-2273 jumper since it’s simply excessively acceptable to ignore.

One thing worth referencing is that if there’s a vintage Seiko model you adore and appreciate, there’s a great possibility that conclusion exists from Citizen. Resident had a response for Grand Seiko, the Bellmatic, the early programmed chronographs thus numerous different models. Indeed, I don’t know whether Citizen’s deliveries were consistently an answer or on the off chance that they really “posed the inquiry” first. Whatever the case, the present Citizen 51-2273 jumper is a truly genuine illustration of the competition between the companies in light of the fact that the watch existed during the creation run of Seiko’s notable 6309 “Turtle” (the last 50% of the 70’s into the 80’s). Indeed, the two are very extraordinary regarding plan, yet spec-wise, they’re firmly coordinated. The 51-2273 is additionally like the Seiko on the grounds that, as it were, it addresses the rearward in a long queue of semi-proficient programmed jumpers (head to see some ancestry). Without a doubt, the two brands made programmed jumpers a while later, yet they were frequently planned in a more spending well disposed way and quartz adaptations became undeniably more prevalent.

From a distance, the Citizen 51-2273 jumper may resemble your ordinary to some degree Rolex-esque watch that is prepared to overcome the undersea. After looking into it further, however, you’re met with a case that is discreetly one of a kind. I say discreetly on the grounds that, in contrast to the Seiko’s, the case isn’t actually the point of convergence of the watch. With its meager, short carries and sides that are covered up underneath the bezel, it almost goes inconspicuous. All things considered, with inconspicuously estimated crown monitors and a little screw-down crown, it’s sturdily planned in a way that is a stage above utilitarian.

The bezel is the place where some strength comes into play. It gets hash denotes right around yet includes thicker imprints for the initial 15 minutes. The bezel is unidirectional and is an all around weighted 60-click rendition. From the side, it’s quite straightforward with vertical knurling, yet the completing is smooth.

I truly make the most of my Seiko 6309 and it’s for the most part a delight to wear, however it’s a weighty watch that can feel somewhat huge on my wrist. At generally 44mm, it’s on the huge side, however profits by an almost lugless plan. The Citizen 51-2273 jumper, then again, comes in at a more modest 40mm (the bezel shades and causes it to appear to be bigger) and is somewhat lighter. The drag configuration additionally wraps down adequately to embrace the wrist. Another comfortable distinction is the 20mm drag width on the Citizen compared to 22mm on the Seiko. It is anything but an enormous inconsistency, yet everything amounts to less on the wrist. Concerning the case back, Citizens are known for staying with simply current realities and this jumper doesn’t wander. There’s a ton of composing on here that incorporates the model number and a 7-digit chronic number that permits us to date the watch (much the same as Seiko) to October of 1983.

As consistently, however, the dial and hands are what eventually sell the watch and with the Citizen 51-2273 jumper, I’m a gigantic fan. Numerous vintage Citizen jumpers aped Rolex with the utilization of Mercedes hands. There’s nothing amiss with that and those watches contained barely enough different contacts to make them special, yet with this watch, we get a portion of my #1 hands. I’ve heard them alluded to as “spade” molded, however to me they simply appear to be unique. They’re lume filled, incorporating a range hand with a square pip, and function admirably with the applied files that are loaded up with heaps of the sparkling stuff.

Visible under the mineral glass (making photography a genuine torment), the matte dark dial contains seemingly some little granulated specs in it, yet these are just obvious in certain lighting at a point. An applied Citizen logo and some printed verbiage exist. Of note, the water opposition coordinates the Seiko at 150 meters.

Inside the Citizen 51-2273 jumper we can discover the Miyota 8200A. It’s a 21-gem development that can be handwound and it beats at 21,600 bph and has a force save of approximately 45 hours. My experience is that it runs and keeps time quite well and I like the hand winding capacity. The development additionally includes day and date usefulness. Like a ton of Seiko’s, the Citizen includes a substituting Japanese/English date wheel. Everything is brisk setting and works smoothly.

There’s only something about this Citizen 51-2273 jumper that I truly like. It essentially feels like a very much constructed watch that could be worn day by day. It keeps incredible time, it’s comfortable, and I like the unpretentious uniqueness it offers. Discussing the last point, go attempt to source one of these and you’ll discover around 1 Citizen for each 10 Seiko 6309 you see. Also, similar to the Seiko’s, the majority of these Citizens have carried on with a full life and are ordinarily in awful, harmed, or altered condition. Resident lume frequently looks green, so don’t let that trouble you except if it essentially looks too great to even think about being true.

Be watching out for watches with erroneous crowns, hands (check every one of the three), dreadful date wheels giving indications of water entrance, and those with missing inward pressure rings (I’ve seen many). A decent 51-2273 isn’t not difficult to track down – this goes for practically all vintage Citizen sports watches – yet it merits the pause. Estimating insightful, you’ve perhaps come this path wanting to get a frequently disregarded deal, however it appears to be that there is an enthusiastic group for Citizens. Attributable to this current jumper’s attractive features and clique ubiquity, hope to pay somewhere in the range of $350 – 500 for a respectable model. In case you’re making a trip to Japan, that is a nice spot to look.

We’ll have more Citizen coming up on #TBT as I’ve added a couple in the course of recent years. It’s been a sluggish crush on the grounds that, as referenced, they’re difficult to track down and much harder to explore. Here’s to trusting that some Citizen fans come out and show us a portion of their cool pieces in the comments. Until further notice, investigate on the web and I think you’ll see that a piece like the Citizen 51-2273 Diver could serve only as a prologue to a genuinely compensating hare opening of cool vintage watches.