The most complicated piece of shooting this watch was to locate an old block to coordinate its energetic lists. Meet my fortunate catch Alpina La Ronde.

There are watch brands and there are watch BRANDS. Brands and watches each gatherer knows, has or dreams about – sacred goals, incredible models with many stories or renowned ministers to discuss. However certain brands fall into a peculiar center ground – each gatherer thinks about them, yet they try not to give a lot of consideration to it.

Abandoned pets

We all know gatherers with a weighty weight set of watches that have built up a sweet spot for some “B-class” watch brand or model. I wager you have that as well, isn’t that right? From whatever reason, we develop some conclusion towards that brand, we appreciate the plan, the curiosity or we simply like the way that no one else likes it. It is those lovers that burrow profound and make those watches noticeable for other people. Ask Mike , he saw it occurring. How Seiko developed from a quick customer great to an ascending on-esteem attendant on the vintage watch market.

My sweet spot is Alpina

If there is one brand continually filling in my assortment, it is Alpina. Their present creation is going a somewhat unexpected way in comparison to some other watch brand, keeping their imaginative edge by combining classic plans and brilliant capacities. We expounded on it here , here or here . It is bizarre for me to see the Alpina brand guiding away from what I like to gather, yet development can’t be halted. Much the same as nothing can prevent me from investigating what else with an Alpina logo on it exists out there.

Bucket list

I keep a not insignificant rundown of Alpina models since its commencement I might want to assemble. Close to the chronograph with changed Valjoux 23 or restricted run with 592 development for Ferrari there was consistently the La Ronde model. You don’t should be French to interpret it alludes to its completely adjusted shape. Idealists will contend a legitimate watch needs carries. I would concur that a large portion of the absolutely round watches I’ve seen look either bulky, fat or incomplete. Fundamentally unwearable.

Alpina advertisement that began it all

I recognized the Alpina La Ronde in a nonexclusive black & white Alpina print advertisement from 1960s or 1970s. Here I do underline word black & white advertisement, since it was quite an amazement for me to discover that the hour files are imprinted in an energetic block red tone. I wager you if the advertisements would have been in shading, watch deals would have been vastly improved. Talking about watch deals, I get it was no wonder since starting today I have discovered just four bits of the La Ronde out there inside and out. Mine including.

Bad timing

I don’t have the exact date of delivery. To be straightforward I don’t have a lot of data on this watch by any means. From all the watches I have, this is one of the greatest black openings. We are talking about the terrible 1960s/1970s here and truly, I can envision the La Ronde was not the most blazing consideration up-and-comer in those days. A remarkable inverse. An exhausting norm with a straightforward dial, three hands and an unusual date position. Nothing deadly for the quartz watches climbing the throne.

Balanced watch

The second I unpacked the Alpina La Ronde I realized I had an ideal every day wearer on my hands. With or without the crown, the case comes at a curious size of 37mm and fits perfectly. Advert shows no crown, however frontal view on every one of the four La Rondes I saw makes it obvious. I’m certain all the crowns were unique to the watches and it was intended to be so. The crown stands out close to one millimeter and it doesn’t upset the generally familiar design.

Sturdy and dressy

The case is relative to the dial size, polished off with a matt sunburst impact that stands out from the flat cleaned edge around the dial. It isn’t so noticeable when looking from the front, yet the case mass slants down to the edge. Each one of those small subtleties make the powerful solid case dressier for the eyes and simple to wear for the wrist. A short glance at La Ronde’s back uncovers spring bars coordinated into the case. Notice that case is slanted on the back too.


As I was extremely intrigued by the case producing, I gave it some more examination. I actually don’t have a clue about the case maker, yet without a doubt it was not one of a kind for Alpina as I discovered it likewise on Jaquet Droz Superautomatic with 25 gems and a date at six.

Honest crafting

It wasn’t only a decent initial introduction – after nearer assessment of the general assembling, I feel fulfilled as the job done the right way doesn’t have any significant bearing to the case just, however to the dial and hands as well. I’m particularly cheerful about the vintage Alpina logo. You need to let it out’s ravishing only for adopting a vintage strategy in the mid 1970s. The impact is improved by the marginally more slender LA RONDE name imprinted in a more present day, differentiating capital font.


You don’t see this hand style each day. They fit the dial and case consummately. With the tip of great importance hand contacting the hour records and the tip of the moment hand floating along the moment markers, I would call the Alpina La Ronde hands length awesome. Iridescent material actually holds the gleam under UV and fit the shade of the lume dabs at the hour markers.

No date call

As a date fellow you don’t hear me saying this frequently, however for this situation, the date pesters me a piece. It is pleasantly round with a slanted glossy edge similar to the case and white date foundation fits the focal second, yet I could do it without it. While we’re on the subject of blemishes here, a more critical look on the block red printing shows a few flaws as well. Those are fortunately almost undetectable to the eye.

Look inside La Ronde

The screw down case back conveys a chronic number and has a serious huge Alpina logo emblazoned on the inward side. At the point when unscrewed you get a perspective on the programmed development from A. Schild creation with 21 gems. A. Schild developments were utilized by numerous makers in the 1950’s through 1970’s, including such more popular names as Enicar or even Jaeger-LeCoultre. A rotor is endorsed with the Alpina logo as well. Along with the delicate marking on the dial too it makes for triple Alpina signage.


Even something that is by all accounts overly exhausting from the outset portrayal end up being intriguing. The overlooked details are the main problem all things considered and it applied to this Alpina La Ronde, that discovered its approach to me from Denmark for as humble cost of 300 euros. Following a couple of days on the wrist I was almost certain it will not be any cabinet lord. Despite the fact that it didn’t come with a unique lash including a playful clasp, I would call it probably the best buy made in the a few months.