Today on #TBT, we’ll examine the Seiko SBCM023 Perpetual Calendar Diver. Indeed, it’s another Seiko, yet ideally one that you’ve either not known about or have unearthed an audit. Furthermore, the SBCM023 may look recognizable upon first look, yet I think you’ll concur that there’s much more busy working than meets the eye. In the case of nothing else, I desire to give a glance at what can be considered as a short “band-aid” time of innovation prior to something client more amicable went ahead the scene. We should get to it…

The Seiko SBCM023 Perpetual Calendar Diver is a quartz-controlled 200M ISO-evaluated jump watch. It contains a never-ending schedule development (type 8F35) that is precise to a stunning 20 seconds of the year (typical quartz has a +/ – of approximately 3 minutes of the year on the off chance that you were pondering) because of a high recurrence oscillator that boogies at 32KHz. In case you’re considering what a ceaseless schedule is, it’s a development intended to “know” when to change dates precisely without the client adapting to things like jump years and those annoying a very long time with under 31 days. In the event of this Seiko, whenever it is set, it will switch the date effectively as of recently 2100. Sorry grandchildren, you’re in a bad way. Goodness, and the lithium battery inside will keep the SBCM023 running for as long as 10 years (Seiko claims 8) preceding it should be replaced.

As referenced, the Seiko SBCM023 Perpetual Calendar Diver looks a horrendous part like our favorite  Seiko SKX007 . The hardened steel case appears to be identical, yet it’s really 5mm more modest than the 007’s and comes in at 39mm in width (more in the scope of the current SKX013). The haul width is down to 20mm and tie/wristband changes are simplified because of bored through lugholes. The dial additionally seems to be indistinguishable, yet a sharp eye will take note of the absence of a day haggle the lists are applied instead of printed. Try not to stress, the Lumibrite utilized is similarly pretty much as strange here as on other Seiko jumpers. The uni-directional bezel is additionally slimmer, however contains precisely the same text style as found on the notable SKX’s. At long last, the screw-down crown is a smidgen more pointed at end versus the level look most know. The 023 follows the SKX’s with its utilization of aHardlex crystal.

Introduced in 2003, the Seiko SBCM023 Perpetual Calendar Diver was joined by the 025 with a red & blue Pepsi bezel and an orange-dialed 029. The watches were important for the Prospex arrangement and in any event the 023 retailed at 31,500 JPY or $300 – 375 relying upon the conversion scale at that point. Strangely, this quartz arrangement of jumpers were just made for the Japanese market, however word developed among the Seiko dependable during their creation and a reasonable number were brought into regions like Europe and the Americas. Maybe Seiko felt that a particularly unpredictable and generally costly development inside an unobtrusively measured jump case wouldn’t have spoke to Westerners. To be honest, this is one time where Seiko probably settled on the correct decision – this is a terribly explicit watch.

The Seiko SBCM023 Perpetual Calendar Diver was dropped in 2010 and most feel that the essential reasoning for its destruction was the expanding ubiquity of satellite watches. These intelligent GPS watches refuted the requirement for semi-reasonable high precision quartz developments with a never-ending schedule work. It additionally appears, maybe because of value, that the SBCM-arrangement weren’t immense dealers in Japan at any rate during their approximately long term run. Presently, just like the case for such countless resigned watches, individuals need them.

I’d been inactively searching for a Seiko SBCM023 Perpetual Calendar Diver on and off for longer than a year when the piece you see here came up at sell off in Japan. It was complete with box, external box, papers, hang labels, and so forth and I paid somewhere near $450 for it. That is not modest cash for a quartz Seiko jumper on any planet, yet thinking about that there’s typically weighty offering that frequently comes to $600 for these, I thought it was more than reasonable. Subsequent to estimating the arm band with its pin and collar framework, I’ve been wearing it frequently.

Aside from the way that the ridiculous wetsuit expansion on the Seiko SBCM023 Perpetual Calendar Diver regularly causes the fliplock to open up, it’s a comfy Oyster-like wristband with decent lightweight, stepped end joins. We’ve referenced this multiple occasions previously, however a quartz watch can be a helpful in and out piece. At the point when it’s something somewhat unique and made with top notch bits like this Seiko, it’s even better.

So, one thing we haven’t examined in regards to the Seiko SBCM023 Perpetual Calendar Diver is the manner by which to set the darn thing. At the point when I got the watch, it was set effectively, yet to Japanese time. Basically moving the time in reverse was equivalent to on some other watch. At that point, by popping the crown out one stop and pushing it in inside a second, the watch experiences some electronic acrobatic to show the jump year with the breadth hand (I don’t exactly get this) and afterward the date window looks to the month, stops, and afterward changes back to the right date. When the battery kicks the bucket – I’m speculating I have a year left as this one dates to 2009 – the genuine resetting happens under the case back. Clearly, it’s a 10-minute occupation including the expulsion of the torrent engraved screw-down case back, yet I’ll probably leave that to the fine people at the close by shop. In case you’re intrigued, this is the .

The Seiko SBCM023 Perpetual Calendar Diver is one more illustration of the brand coming out with an item that was fairly exceptional and focused towards what needed to have been a little crowd. Regardless of whether it was addressing an inquiry nobody was posing is something we won’t ever very know, yet gatherers and Seikophiles appear to be more than intrigued today. In spite of its natural looks, this is a great jumper with a novel development that keeps time inside 20 seconds every year, which makes it a fun and, still, generally reasonable expansion. Until one week from now…

Update 4/12: Correction: Before we stated the SKX007 has been stopped. This has been a misconception and the SKX007 is unquestionably still in production.