It’s #TBT time and we investigate a polarizing top pick in the Seiko Monster SKX779.

I can in any case visited Marshall Fields at the Somerset Collection in Troy, Michigan and unearthing a lot of Seiko jumpers. I’d done some finding out about Seiko’s quality and the way that one could get a really hearty mechanical watch for around $200. Furthermore, despite the fact that I didn’t get one that day, I was really intrigued with what I saw. The Seiko Monster SKX779 is a pleasant illustration of what the Japanese brand regularly offered during the period.  It’s additionally a genuine illustration of a moderately as of late ended model that authorities love .

A Cult Classic From the Beginning

I read discussions during the mid 2000s and the deference for the Seiko Monster was promptly obvious. There’s the orange adaptation, SKX781, which is as yet the most popular.  However, the dark Seiko Monster SKX779 you see here had a lot of admirers too. At that point, I was dazzled with the specs. This is a watch with everything in-house, the 7S26 programmed, insane lume, and 200 meters of water resistance.  Admittedly, however, the vibes of the Monster caused me some genuine consternation.

Introduced in 2000

The Seiko Monster SKX779 previously hit inventories in 2000 and was made until 2012. With its striking impeccable outer unidirectional plunge bezel, this was a totally different option in contrast to the undeniably more customary SKX00x arrangement. A more critical glance at the Monster uncovers covering around the upper and lower parts of the watch. Maybe this protecting was included an endeavor to incorporate some Tuna attributes at a lower value point. Whatever the inspiration, this styling figured out how to make a totally different yet suffering diver.

A Unique Design

There’s little uncertainty that the bezel on the Seiko Monster SKX779 comes off as uniquly reckless. Then again, I discover the dial to be one of Seiko’s best current plans. There’s something superbly straightforward about the systematic white printing of the logo and specifically comparable subtleties. I’m likewise a tremendous fanatic of the 3-D lumed records. The shapes are brilliantly straightforward generally while the shield-molded marker at 12 gets a tad of mentality. The white hands even work well.  Their shapes  foreshadowed the plans that are overflowing all through the Seiko Prospex assortment today. Notice here how they’ve even begun to take on a little aging.  Everything is caught under an almost level Hardlex precious stone that sits underneath the sunken bezel.

Useful Dimensions and a Standalone Bracelet

Like the Tuna models, the Seiko Monster SKX779 utilizes short carries. With a width of 42mm, the haul to-drag comes in at an entirely wearable 48mm. Also, rather than a ton of other Seiko jumpers from similar period with their 22mm drags, the Monster has a 20mm carry width. That’s something incredible in light of the fact that Monsters look great on a wide range of straps.

Changing looks on the Seiko Monster SKX779 is made even more basic with penetrated carries. This Seiko was sold on either an elastic lash or an impeccable arm band with plate-like connections. It’s not a terrible wristband, but rather it’s thick and the connections are fairly more than one may anticipate. The catch is press button with a flip lock and connections are attached by means of pin and tube.

The Seiko Monster SKX779 and Its Place in History

Amongst gatherers, the Seiko Monster SKX779 is somewhat of a sleeper. There’s little uncertainty that the orange rendition is more mainstream, yet this dark model has its fans too. As far as I might be concerned, following quite a while of not actually loving it is possible that, I mollified my position on what is eventually an exceptionally unique plan. In any case, dark just appeared to be a more usable decision for my wrist. I like to combine the watch with everything from earthy colored calfskin (wheeze!), an olive NATO, or I keep it on the stock arm band. It accommodates my more modest wrist well and looks great by and large regardless of whether it isn’t very as much an all-rounder as the SKX007.

If we take a gander at Seiko’s plunge watch history, there’s little uncertainty that this original Seiko Monster SKX779 ought to be essential for any genuine collector’s pull. I’ve referenced the special styling, however this look has brought forth three ensuing ages. There’s now even a purported Baby Monster as a component of the Seiko 5 assortment. Along these lines, in Seiko terms, this is a critical watch similar to heredity. You can peruse more pretty much all the variations in an extraordinary article .

Finding Your First Gen Monster

The positive of a 13-year creation run is that the Seiko Monster SKX779 or its orange partner are not difficult to track down. Discovering them in great condition can be trickier, however, as the majority of these watches were worn every day and the bezels do gather scratches. Evaluating is everywhere for certain genuine visionaries out there. I’d figure on $200 – $350 relying upon whether you’re searching for a head-just piece or want boxes and papers. This estimating ought to accomplish for one or the other tone as there’s no premium in any case. As a FYI, I sourced this piece in Japan — it’s not JDM ¸—and it accompanied its unique Prospex box and paperwork.

Final Thoughts

Love it or scorn it, there’s no mixing up a watch like the Seiko Monster SKX779. It’s a top notch plunge watch that finished its run before Seiko started upscaling its Prospex assortment. For fans, that fortunately still converts into an extraordinary piece that’s still accessible at an entirely congenial cost. As I generally prefer to bring up, give one a shot and on the off chance that it doesn’t work out, selling is a no-lose proposition.