With the present gander at the Seiko H558 Arnie, we wind up heading down a tricky way into the domain of the “superstar watch”. Try not to stress, we’ll talk a little about the man this watch takes its name from, yet we’ll invest more energy on why this result of the 1980’s merits more acknowledgment beside its connection to a film star and government official. Gracious, and in case I fail to remember, this watch falls under the Tuna class and keeping in mind that I expressed that we were practically complete on recording those incredible watches, a re-visitation of the subject with the H558 is a genuine instance of “I’ll be back”. You realized that was coming…

Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood, space travelers, Jochen & Nina Rindt: the rundown of superstars who presently have a watch named after them continues forever. More often than not, fortunately, the watches are very acceptable and their used worth mirrors this too. Regardless of the way that the present watch isn’t mechanical, the Seiko H558 Arnie, which is named after one Arnold Schwarzenegger, is likewise exceptionally valued among authorities. Incidentally, Arnie, who is a somewhat incredible watch gatherer, supported a genuinely common Seiko during the 1980’s and wore it in some huge movies like The Predator, Commando, Raw Deal, Running Man, and Twins.

The tough looks of the watch appeared to fit the idea of the characters he played (alright, not in Twins, but rather maybe his utilization of the watch in this film enlightens us considerably really concerning the amount he adored wearing it) and as a result of the superstardom he accomplished during this period, the watch turned out to be monstrously mainstream all through the globe. Presently, I feel somewhat like an old geezer in saying this since I understand a portion of our perusers may be somewhat more youthful, however Schwarzenegger was massive in the 80’s and mid 90’s. Certainly, there were other activity stars (Stallone, Van Damme, Lundgren, Seagal and others), however Arnie kicked the most ass. Furthermore, he was hard not to like and because of his regularly self-deploring way of acting, there was a certified vibe about him. Individuals preferred him such a lot of that he was chosen legislative head of California – twice – as a Republican! I even review ludicrous conversations about disposing of the standard that US President must be brought into the world on American soil to account for a potential Austrian president. That is to say, who wouldn’t need the Terminator as the head of the free world? Be that as it may, governmental issues aside, before Arnie’s switch over to Panerai, AP, and different monsters, he went with Seiko. Did he pick a good watch in the Seiko H558?

I’ll quit wasting time, the Seiko H558 Arnie is a cool watch and surely deserving of the collectable status that it appreciates. Before the H558’s appearance, I didn’t actually have the foggiest idea what’s in store. Without a doubt, I realized that the Arnie was incredible in Seiko circles, yet I additionally realized that the showcases were inclined to going missing, their little lights regularly done working and, to top it all off, the first plastic covers are much of the time broke. The last issue is normal to such an extent that there’s even a little house industry making proliferation substitution plastic and hardened steel covers that can come to the salvage. Fortunately, this Japanese-sourced model is in superb condition, so it makes for a decent article piece.

The Seiko H558 Arnie was presented in 1982 and made until (or through) 1990. In Japan, it retailed for a genuinely expensive 45,000 JPY. After this, it was supplanted by a cool, yet cost-cutting model called the H601. Upon its introduction, the Seiko turned into the world’s and furnished with a caution and chronograph. That is a great deal of qualifiers, so it’s difficult to sort out precisely what were the “firsts”, however I can envision that it was genuinely earth shattering 36+ years prior. As a note, the 200M Citizen Aqualand imagined here, with a profundity sensor, didn’t come around until 1985. Lamentably, I don’t claim a Casio AMW320, however I accept these likewise came after 1982 (goodness, and Arnie wore one of these too). Indeed, ana-digi jumpers were famous, harking back to the 80’s. The Seiko was made in a couple of various variations. The – 5000 is the thing that you see here and is a JDM model that states “Water 150M Resist” on its dial. – 5009 variations for the remainder of the world basically express “Jumper’s 150M” and are likely the variation that Arnie wore. An uncommon orange form, the – 500a, additionally exists with both the JDM and rest of world dial phrasing too. Lastly, an uncommon – 500a variation exists with gold hands and gold textual style on the bezel. As you probably are aware at this point, nothing is ever straightforward with Seiko.

Aside from the previously mentioned expressed complications, the Seiko H558 Arnie utilized the equivalent “L-molded” precious stone gasket found on the enormous canine Tunas we’ve evaluated previously. The bezel is uni-directional and clicks reassuringly. The huge crown is screw-down and the screw-down case back highlights the natural wave theme that discloses to us we’re managing a proficient watch. And keeping in mind that a similar sentence shows up everywhere on the web, it’s significant that Seiko evidently planned the H558 for genuine openness. It was tried by Seiko engineers from low temperatures of – 40C and up to 60C. The watch accompanied climbers to an effective rising of Everest in 1988 and furthermore went on investigations of both the North and South Pole. Most credit this watch for commencing the Landmaster equation that we actually have today.

Amongst Seiko gatherers, the Seiko H558 Arnie falls into the Tuna class. Think of it as all the more an insane uncle (alongside the Ashtrays we took a gander at in the no so distant past) rather than a sibling since it contains some plan figures of speech from the profound jumpers, yet needs things like a front-stacking case, crown at 4:00 and ultra-deepwater obstruction. In taking a gander at the dial, it’s unmistakable there’s a likeness in the hand molding, the utilization of huge white files and, obviously, the shroud.

Plus, similar to the Tunas, it’s not little at generally 45mm in width, 46.5mm drag to haul, and with 22mm carries. Be that as it may, in contrast to the remainder of the Tunas, the H558 comes in at a smooth 11.3mm, which makes it very different from the remainder of the family – see the 7549-7010 above. Because of its spotless body, however, the watch is heavier than one would expect.

The UI for the Seiko H558 Arnie must be extraordinary compared to other I’ve utilized. I say this realizing that I am a numbskull with regards to utilizing multi-work advanced watches. The upper left catch on the left side actuates the advanced presentation light when the chronograph isn’t being utilized. The lower left catch permits the client to look through the different capacities like the date, nearby time, time at other area, caution, and chronograph. To change most things, one just needs to look to the correct capacity, unscrew the crown to the subsequent stop (the third changes the simple hands) and turn the crown one or the other way to change the setting. At the point when the crown is pushed down, everything is secured set up. Without a doubt, there’s a smidgen more complexity than that, yet that is the essential style of menu and it works brilliantly.

It ought to be noticed that the development configuration requires the situation of the catches and crown. When flipped over, everything is topsy-turvy; even the crown isn’t by and large at 3:00, which makes for somewhat of a stunt to the eyes. At long last, while we are examining usefulness, observe the words “Profundity Meter” on the internal slanting dial. Tragically, the Arnie doesn’t contain Aqualand-like capacities in such manner; the profundity meter is basically a scale that, if the bezel is left with the bolt at 12:00, discloses to us the base measure of time (in seconds per the external bezel) that a jumper would have to reemerge from the relating number of meters appeared on the inward bezel. Consider it a helpless man’s “no deco” bezel and you’re on the privilege track.

It’s taken a considerable amount to clarify the Seiko H558 Arnie, however how would I like it? Despite the fact that it’s quartz and contains a computerized (heave!) show, it’s hard not to adore this watch (it’s charming similar as the 7A28 Yacht Timer from a similar time). Beside the apparently delicate cover, this is one strong chunk and it’s magnificently made. The different inclining dial surfaces, the weight, and the usefulness all come together in an incredible bundle. Additionally, in the wake of perusing heaps of gathering postings about this watch and seeing Arnie in his sleeveless uniform from Predator, it’s hard not to succumb to the straightforward looks of this beast. Regardless of whether on elastic, a NATO, or a cross section arm band, the Arnie accommodates my wrist very well because of its round shape. The thin thickness gives it a “un-Tuna” like feel too in light of the fact that the watch comes up short on the commonplace unbalancedness that torment the greater relatives.

When it comes to getting a Seiko H558 Arnie, you’ll see that costs are everywhere. Condition shifts uncontrollably also and it’s hard to track down one that isn’t deficient with regards to something, (for example, that senseless light that genuinely isn’t splendid at any rate). Most covers have either been supplanted or epoxied and the level vent ties like the GL831 are typically a distant memory. Destroyed developments are an issue also on the grounds that this development was just utilized in this watch and a comparative piece with an ashtray-like bezel. That being said, except if water comes in or a deviant instrument obliterates some hardware, they’re known to be solid. Coming back to costs, you can hope to pay somewhere in the range of $500 to well more than $1,000. At the $500 mark, you’re certainly discussing a watch that has had work done or needs it.

Hopefully, the present gander at the Seiko H558 Arnie persuades you that this watch is in excess of a VIP piece. Seiko put a ton of exertion into this watch in attempting to make it a genuine rough piece for use above and underneath the surface. Give an Arnie a proceed to take comfort in the way that you don’t need biceps the size of a tree trunk to wear one well. Furthermore, with that, … we’ll be back. 😉

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