When given the decision, I’d pick a mechanical watch throughout quartz without fail. For perusers of a site like Fratello Watches, my assessment rests inside the dominant part, however it’s definitely in the minority when seen from practically some other focal point. The coming of the quartz development was so troublesome and, let’s face it, so prevalent from a timekeeping viewpoint as opposed to whatever else before it that really had the right to win out when compared to the majority of its competition. Obviously, the “issue” with quartz developments is that they’re frequently machine made, need soul, and are excessively acceptable. What I’ve come to acknowledge however, and conceded this is as yet rare for me, is that a quartz watch can be something decent (see our new Seiko Golgo 13 Tuna article). I’ll complain on an extremely undeniable level, yet there are early mornings where winding and setting (especially the date) a watch is irritating. It’s here that a quartz watch resembles tossing on a couple of loafers: simple and all set. Obviously, any quartz watch would work yet some character is as yet liked. The present #TBT centers around such a watch, the Seiko 7549 Golden Tuna.

The Seiko 7549 Golden Tuna is a watch that I’ve evaded for quite a while. All things considered, with a mechanical 6159 Grandfather Tuna close by, why spend the cash on a quartz variant? To start with, and as usual, it’s critical to give some set of experiences. We’ve talked for a long time that the 6159 Tuna was Seiko’s first evident immersion jumper, the principal titanium watch, and was delivered back in 1975. It’s a fabulous piece that we’ve shrouded in genuine profundity here on Fratello Watches and it’s additionally one that has as of late hopped in revenue and worth. It appears to be those curmudgeonly Swiss-just gatherers have either awoken or have bought all the other things made on the Continent!

Of course, we know Seiko as the maker of the quartz wristwatch and, most would say, the Judgment day supplier for large numbers of the customary Swiss watchmakers, harking back to the 1970’s. Whatever your take is on that (I will in general think progress brings about everybody having to altogether up their game), it bodes well that Seiko thought to place a quartz development into an expert plunge watch. They decided to do this in 1978 with the presentation of the Seiko 7549 Golden Tuna. The cost when reported? An incredible 120,000 JPY. For reference, a 6159 retailed for 80,000 JPY (examine the SCWF discussion for some inventory shots – page 50), so this unmistakably originates from when quartz watches were uncommon and amazingly expensive.

Lest you believe that slapping a battery-controlled development into a jump watchcase was something simple to do, think again.   The Seiko 7549 Golden Tuna, at season of presentation, turned into the world’s first expert immersion jumper. It includes similar 600m of water opposition as its archetype, and contemporary, the 6159. Inside, Seiko tossed in a quartz development (cal 7549A) that is really founded on the mechanical 6309 found in the Turtle. It’s a 5-gem development with brisk set day (a 2 language haggle, hacking, and usefulness that flags a low battery (regularly 3 years) with 2 second bounces. It’s known to be exceptionally vigorous and the developments seldom bomb except if a battery spills or the curl is harmed during fix. Exactness is, all things considered, quartz wonderful in this almost 40-year-old beast.

Looks-wise, the Seiko 7549 Golden Tuna brought back the utilization of gold tones once in the past found on Seiko’s unique expert jumpers, the 6159-7000/1 and the 6215. I can just conjecture that Seiko decided not to furnish the 6159 Tuna with the stuff that sparkles to feature the utilization of titanium, however that is absolutely theory. With the 7549, however, we get titanium and we get gold nitride to give the shade on the bezel, case and crown and it looks – amazing. See, I love the 6159 for what it brings to the table: an extraordinary plan, utilization of an at that point space-age material, and a mechanical development. In any case, this unique fish is a very utilitarian looking monster on its greatest day. The 7549, then, may not trick anybody into believing it’s a Cartier, however it adds some genuine panache to a watch with exceptionally genuine goals. Indeed, I was senseless to overlook the Golden Tuna, a watch that numerous Seiko enthusiasts frequently list as the only Tuna they’d consider buying. I sort of see their point now.

Dial-wise, the Seiko 7549 Golden Tuna shares a solid connect to the 6159 with comparable, however not the equivalent, round printed hour markers, and hands. Everything is only a touch extraordinary (the two models use hardlex mineral glass), yet you wouldn’t perceive the watch as anything other than a Tuna. Some cool subtleties are of note like the brilliant hued “Suwa” image to one side of the day/date window. You’ll likewise take note of that this watch introduces the utilization of a second’s hand with a lumed candy on its tail versus its head. For the hands, Seiko decided to cut up the lume vertically versus along the length and strangely picked steel rather than gold plated for their development. As this is a JDM market form, there’s basically a water opposition marker at 6:00; worldwide market forms likewise add the “SQ” logo, which represents Seiko Quartz.

On the development front, the 49mm case plan impersonates the 6159 (it’s almost 2mm bigger) with a titanium case. Nonetheless, the case is somewhat unique (thickness is 16.3mm versus 16.5mm) and the cover moves from the oft-chipping earthenware on the 6159 to powder-covered titanium. The four screws on the cover are nitride covered and the watch is a front loader. Indeed, the Seiko 7549 Golden Tuna is positively to a greater extent a head-turner, however the tones simply work on something of this size.

As you can see, I’ve exchanged the commonplace elastic tie on the Seiko 7549 Golden Tuna for a 22mm NATO with gold equipment. It’s more comfortable and I like the look, however I may buy one of Seiko’s more up to date silicone lashes. While the watch didn’t come with its unique tie, the past proprietor was adequately caring to send the first gold nitride-plated titanium clasp. It’s a cool touch and something to pay special mind to in case you’re a fanatic for originality.

This Seiko 7549 Golden Tuna came from the Land of the Rising Sun, otherwise known as Japan. As referenced, this model comes from 1978. That makes it a first year model during long term run until 1985 when the 1000M 7C46 Golden Tuna supplanted the watch. 7549’s are mainstream among gatherers and, consequently, they move rapidly whenever valued right.  Furthermore, it wasn’t such a long time ago that great pieces could be found in the $900 territory – those days are over.  Prices appear to float in the $1,500 territory yet they can be found for less, yet are regularly recorded for additional. State of these watches will in general differ enormously and it’s not difficult to locate an awful one recorded at an excessive cost. As usual, the restorative pieces are critical, yet I’d likewise avoid a development annihilated by sulfuric acid or water. Indeed, these developments, which have a mechanical spine, can be overhauled, yet I believe that persistence can take care of when finding a decent piece. As should be obvious, this model is scarcely utilized, and it was unquestionably on the more reasonable side.

We’ve covered a considerable lot of the Tunas here on Fratello Watches, and the Seiko 7549 Golden Tuna is one more pinion in the wheel. It very well might be quartz, however its looks and importance inside jump watch and Seiko history has immediately made it one of my top pick and most particular pieces.  Oh, and since 2018 is the 40th birthday celebration of the 7549, may we see a festival of this at Baselworld 2018?  Let’s hope…