Today’s #TBT investigates a Seiko 6619-8060 MACV-SOG and it’s a watch, when previously analyzed, that doesn’t actually stand apart as something exceptional. That characteristic, as we’ll see, is really huge. More critical, maybe, is the way that the MACV-SOG legend encompassing this Seiko and a couple different variations outgrew a discussion posting on the and has now developed into what I can just portray as a steadily advancing exploration project. It’s intriguing stuff and helps that in this day to remember Insta(gram)nt satisfaction, the technique for posting inside a discussion actually bears some genuine legitimacy. Indeed, the present article is about a watch, but at the same time it’s a little about history and the force of aggregate research.

I own a ton of Seiko’s. Indeed, I own more than I want to concede and the class, age, condition and reasonings are exceptionally changed, however I appreciate the greater part of them since they’re very much made watches that make me laugh in light of the fact that, even in this day of rising costs for vintage watches, Seiko actually addresses a genuine deal. In the event that you read this site with any routineness, you’d realize that I lean toward Seiko jumpers first, maybe the chronographs second and afterward a blend of other crackpot pieces. Almost three years prior, we nitty gritty a Seiko 6619-8230 Sportsmatic – a gorgeous yet fairly unknown watch made uncommon on the grounds that it shares its hand set with the 62MAS “ur-jumper”. From that point forward, however, we’ve remained on target by giving glances at instrument watches from the brand. In this way, for what reason did I pursue another apparently unexceptional watch in the Seiko 6619-8060 MACV-SOG?

I’d get it was three or four back when I initially unearthed the subject of SOG Seiko’s inside the previously mentioned discussion. The point wasn’t new, yet some more solid proof about the watches utilized by the MACV-SOG military unit had been uncovered and shared, so the posting was continually accepting more data. It was entrancing history about how the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group (thus, the abbreviation ” “) was established in 1964 as a special forces unit that worked behind foe lines and did everything from catching foe detainees, protects, and even led mental tasks. I will do whatever it takes not to do the set of experiences equity, however all things considered, this was a very hazardous job and the setbacks, rate shrewd, were high. To take it back to watches, and the Seiko 6619-8060 MACV-SOG specifically, individuals from this team were told to look “sterile” and to mix in however much as could be expected while directing their activities in hostile area. Accordingly, rather than wearing ordinary issue wristwatches, for example, the Timex regularly utilized, individuals frequently picked something like the Seiko you see here because of its rough unwavering quality, non-conspicuous looks, brilliant dial and minimal effort (something like $8 at a PX in the last part of the 1960’s). To start with, a watch like you see here was frequently picked by MACV-SOG agents (there are genuine recitations of ex-troops who wore this model), however the military eventually stepped in and set requests straightforwardly from Seiko for comparative, later models.

The Three Seiko MACV-SOG’s – from L to R 6619-8060, 6119-8100, 7005-8030 (Photo graciousness of Dan Clayton)

The agreement assessment is that the Seiko 6619-8060 MACV-SOG you see here is really a “pre-MACV-SOG” in light of the fact that it wasn’t really requested and given by the US military. It’s from 1967 and it appears to be that the military didn’t start giving pieces to the team until in any event 1968. Right off the bat in the gathering posting, however, it wasn’t so clear on which watches were really given on the grounds that grainy pictures in highly contrasting of fighters with watches on made it difficult to separate between the 6619 and what is considered as the first of the authoritatively given watches, the 6119-8100/8101.   The watches look very much like because of their case shapes notwithstanding utilizing various developments, marginally varying dials, and case materials (the 6119’s are chrome covered while the 6619 is pure). As the gathering posting developed, more proof emerged from describes of tales about MACV troopers who bought or were advised to buy their watches versus the individuals who got them. It appears to be the individuals who got them got 6119’s and the individuals who purchased regularly picked a 6619 (and, as referenced, the 6619 was a prior piece). It’s an unpretentious qualification, however it’s there.

The Seiko 7005-8030 (photograph kindness of Dan Clayton)

As additional data, an all the more unmistakably ovoid-formed 7005-8030 was given and covered with the 6119’s as far as time-frame. Military watch devotee Dan Clayton ( ) sent the photos inside this paragraph.   Dan has the uncommon qualification of claiming every one of the three MACV-SOG models including an uncommon white 7005 with Arabic numerals. In case you’re keen on a verbal clarification of these watches, look at the connection to the Two Broke Watch Snobs podcast where Dan was a unique visitor. A debt of gratitude is in order for sending the pics, Dan!

After perusing the postings, I concluded that I needed to add at any rate one of these verifiable pieces to my assortment, so I ended up making a beeline for eBay. I nonchalantly checked for a couple of months until the Seiko 6619-8060 MACV-SOG you see here came available to be purchased. It was a directly up closeout and obviously the vender didn’t have the foggiest idea what he/she had as there was no notice of Vietnam. The photos were grainy, the watch looked amazingly harsh, the gem was broken, it was running for around 5-10 minutes all at once and went ahead a Speidel growing wristband. All in all, it was great! Eventually, I think it sold for generally $120 with a high number of offers, so another person unmistakably realized that the watch had some importance. I ought to likewise make reference to that the watch emerged from a modern region in the Midwest of the USA (I lived in a region like this for more than 10 years and it really felt like everybody was a Vietnam veteran or the majority of their family members were), so maybe it even invested energy in Vietnam. Indeed, I should’ve asked the seller.

When I got the Seiko 6619-8060 MACV-SOG, it was certainly not so good and had serious room for improvement. Notwithstanding the what I referenced above, unmistakably the hands required a touch of relume: a choice that I didn’t make gently. It likewise contained a little scratch in the dial – all piece of the appeal! With different watches needing work, however, the 6619 sat in my watch box for more than 2 years until I chose to arrange a NOS gem and send it into our watchmaker Paul. After Paul wrapped up making an individual man-sack out of disposed of watch lashes, he enrolled an individual watchmaker who represents considerable authority in Seiko to attempt the reclamation. As should be obvious, the watch was mindfully reestablished and the case shows every one of its knocks and wounds. In all honesty, it appears to be suitable for a watch that may have invested energy in some quite intense situations.

When taking a gander at the Seiko 6619-8060 MACV-SOG, the primary thing you notice is the utilization of iridescent Arabic numerals on the dial. While that may appear to be a generally ordinary property found on numerous watches, this wasn’t typical for Seiko. Looking through the Seiko inventory, and when glancing through any Seiko assortment, the brand utilized applied markers or shapes at the hours and infrequently numbers. Without a doubt, one can comprehend why a warrior would incline toward the numerals, yet it’s intriguing that among the just absurd assortment of watches delivered by the brand each year, you’d be unable to locate a regular citizen model with real numbers on the dial.

Yes, dials with numbers have customarily been saved for device watches or military pieces, yet it actually strikes me as outstanding. Taking a gander at the dial, it has a dark/green sunburst finish that is unnoticeable in certain lights, however fills in as an odd hint of pizazz for a particularly apathetic, “sterile” watch. The case is likewise straightforward with pleasantly formed drags and a basic steel bezel encompassing the inclined, level acrylic crystal.

At generally 36mm in breadth, 12mm thick and donning a 18mm carry width, the tempered steel Seiko 6619-8060 MACV-SOG is in a similar domain as a vintage Rolex Explorer size insightful. With 50m of water opposition, doing time in a sticky environment in a spot like Vietnam was additionally conceivable. The development inside is the 6619 type. It’s a 21 gem programmed with a fast setting date (the day is manual) that is progressed by driving the spring-stacked crown into the case. That crown, incidentally, is little and not intended to be utilized often – one of Seiko’s thoughts that you should “set and fail to remember” its programmed watches. You can see that I put the watch on an olive dull NATO-style tie, despite the fact that it probably accompanied a steel arm band. Officers obviously needed to change their watches to a texture lash when going out to the field, so the look is in any event semi steady with the occasions. Truly, I can’t consider something more appropriate to such a watch and I love the look. It likewise helps the watch wear somewhat bigger than its size.

Finding a Seiko 6619-8060 MACV-SOG or any of the variations, besides, can be a serious errand. For the worldwide set, it’s ideal to glance in the USA as this is the place where the heft of these watches presently dwell. You can unquestionably play the condition card like with any watch, however in the event that any of these watches were utilized for any timeframe in the field, don’t expect a prom sovereign. Once more, I consider it to be important for the appeal. For the 6619 itself, hands can be found on other Seiko’s from the time frame and precious stones are no issue. The development was generally utilized too and I accept even the case.

So, for once, we have a vintage watch that is generally simple to fix. The equivalent can be said for the 6119 and 7005 variations. I’ve seen individuals supplant the cases on their 6119’s when sweat and time have really started to consume the metal – certainty! Value shrewd, accept $400 and up for a nice 6619. The 6119’s are in a comparable domain, while the 7005 form commands the most as it was clearly made for the briefest measure of time. On the whole three models, we’ve seen values approach or surpass the $1,000 mark for preeminent models. Indeed, history checks here.

The Seiko 6619-8060 MACV-SOG is an exceptional watch inside my Seiko assortment. Regardless of whether it is considered as a “pre” model since it was not given, it’s stunning to consider the historical backdrop of large numbers of these watches and their solid “interest” during a particularly unprecedented time span. I’d truly welcome you to peruse the posting on the SCWF as there are some awesome accounts of valiance and penance beside the overall history alone. Since the post started in 2014, the development of data is likewise captivating. In case we fail to remember, however, it doesn’t hurt that the 6619-8060 likewise turns out to be a very attractive watch.