Within vintage circles, gatherers currently appear to noise for basic watches with unmistakable plans. The present #TBT offers a decision inside this topic and we even display three distinct variations. In particular, I end up reasoning that the current week’s release of our long-running arrangement covers one of the more traditionally alluring arrangement from that always talked about Japanese brand, Seiko. The Seiko 6106-8100 game jumpers and their brethren are notable by the Seiko bad-to-the-bone, however maybe somewhat obscure by others. We should take a more profound look.

A minimal longer than a year prior, I composed an article on Seiko’s “named” Sports Divers . This was basically a glance at a small bunch of nicknamed watches with 70M of water obstruction and either an inner or outer turning jump bezel. Candid Seiko gatherers love to wander on about how these watches were false jumpers because of their press fit precious stones, lower water opposition and absence of a screw down crown. All good, yet we don’t actually mind as we aren’t going close “the beverage” with what are presently 50 year old collectibles considerably less the kitchen sink! What we, and large numbers of the brand’s authorities do know is that the Seiko 6106-8100 family is made up of some extraordinary looking watches.

The Seiko 6106-8100 was presented in 1968 and was made for a modest bunch of years. Promoting ads really gloated about its jumping capacity, that was “Evidence” in 1969, right down to 229 feet! Different ads made it seem like the decision for surfers. In any case, it was apparently a mainstream offering and the reasonable, yet not modest, cost of $75 when new probably made a difference. Gracious, and as a note, models after 1968 frequently showed “oppose” on the dial. That is fine, however basically guarantee that the case back likewise states “resistant”.

The treated steel Seiko 6106-8100 was made in various dial tones: dull dim, white/silver, dim blue, dim green and a fascinating dim blue with “chevron” files. Dim dark is the most famous tone with the others variations taking on different degrees of extraordinariness. The watch went ahead a pure arm band that has become an uncommon find because of its lightweight and stretchy nature, however the watch fortunately looks great on an assortment of straps.

The Seiko 6106-8100 comes in at generally 38mm and wears consistent with size with its thin c-case shape. It highlights 19mm hauls – apparently a vintage Seiko staple – and a generally level screw down case back. The development inside is, you gotten it, the reference 6106. Contingent upon the age of the watch, diverse development ages were utilized. A firm push of the crown will tell all as mid 6106’s just change the date while marginally later forms advance both the day and date. Discussing the one “complication” on these, double language dates are common.

I say that the Seiko 6106-8100 is a lovely exemplary for various reasons. Most importantly, the dial is so all around scattered that the bezeled day/date window is by one way or another scarcely prominent. This makes me laugh as there exists such firm bitterness with regards to current watches with the markers. On the renditions with applied records, the lume application combined with the thin lumed hands looks lively yet tasteful at the equivalent time.

The same can be said about the dial completes themselves. They totally shimmer in the light and are really completed better compared to so many of the Swiss watches I own from a similar period. The manner in which the chrome plated Seiko logo separates the dial adds a pricey looking touch as well. Composing? There’s very little and the little that is there is deliberate and beaten (or lined) with Seiko’s renowned Suwa logo.

Add the case-shaded bi-directional bezel to the rundown of traits that I appreciate about the Seiko 6106-8100. It streams into the radial cleaned case and strikes me as various versus generally jumpers with their dark scales. Once more, it’s a bit of elegance.

Most of the composition on the Seiko 6106-8100 has been moderately broad, however I’d prefer to segue, momentarily, to a particular conversation on the chevron-dialed piece. At the point when I was chasing Sports Divers, I happened upon this piece while looking through eBay. It was overrated, it had been sitting for quite a while, however I was so exceptionally attracted to it.

By this time, I had become acquainted with accepting little clusters of Seiko’s on the way and being decidedly astonished about the nature of the watches compared to the costs paid. Thus, when I investigated the dealer’s photographs and saw all the detail work on this dial – that lovely blue, the light blue external track, those gigantic lumed markers, and the white hashes – I realized I had to have it. And keeping in mind that, in the wake of arranging, I actually overpaid, I was amazed when I got the watch. It’s a shocker and, in my psyche, merits higher applause and thought than it as of now receives.

If you’re considering competitors of the Seiko 6106-8100, it’s difficult for me to come up with a lot other than Seiko’s own different contributions. The 6119-8460 would be a decent up-and-comer. From Switzerland, the Omega Seamaster 120 (ref. 165.027) appears to be very close and I’d surmise there are some Tissots out there with comparable looks. Worth astute, however, the Seiko’s are as yet undeniably more affordable. I got my the dark and silver dialed pieces for undeniably under $200 each and it was somewhat more for the chevron.

Today, these watches appear to effectively peak $300 and regularly settle around $500. I investigated eBay and saw some with “visionary” valuing – and many had issues also. Try not to stress over non-sprinters (except if water interruption happened) or scratched/broke gems. Both are not difficult to fix and can take into account a hell of an arrangement if all looks at under and the bezel is incorporated. Check to guarantee that the hands are right, the reference number is appropriate for the model and that the day/date chrome bezel is as yet joined. Incidentally, the 8100 is regularly the 8109 on the caseback and that implies that the watch was available to be purchased in fare markets.

The Seiko 6106-8100 is one of the brand’s most perfect plans with regards to jumpers. Agile, alluring and still moderate are only a portion of the attributes that could be utilized to sum up any of the variations. As far as I might be concerned, these pieces address watches that can without much of a stretch interpretation of the “huge young men” from Switzerland in each limit beside profundity rating. Until one week from now…


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