Just when we think we’ve found each TV/watch tie-in, somebody uncovers a formerly obscure association. The present #TBT is the ideal illustration of incredible sleuthing as we’ll be investigating the Seiko 5126-8090 Kamen Rider from March of 1968. The present story is a somewhat Japanese one and it just so ends up including one of my number one vintage Seiko’s.

We’ll clarify the exceptionally unfamiliar epithet given to the Seiko 5126-8090 Kamen Rider presently, yet (spoiler alert) it references a mid 70’s Japanese tokusatsu TV show. As indicated by , tokusatsu is a class of surprisingly realistic film that goes hefty on embellishments and is frequently connected with science fiction, ghastliness, or dream. Godzilla likely positions as the most famous illustration of the style and, in my brain, things turned out to be significantly more commendable when Mothra entered the brawl. For watch geeks (and Fratello perusers), Ultraman is another brilliant illustration of tokusatsu. As to Rider, this was a TV show that ran from 1971-1973 and it’s made a few returns since the first series.

Oh, and in the vein of Mothra vs Godzilla, there was even a film! Truth!

The reason of (“Masked Rider” in English) was really wild. Clearly, a lot of ex-Nazi’s chosen to unite as one as a criminal association named “Stunner”. Stunner’s objective was, obviously, to assume control over the world by changing typical individuals into cyborgs who went about as their representatives of insidiousness. The saint of the arrangement, the Kamen Rider, was saved before the last change, breaks and he at that point commits his life to battling Shocker. You can’t make this stuff up – all things considered, somebody did. According to common with these insane Japanese arrangement, the vehicles and hardware are advanced (in a silly way) and the characters have a wide range of insane capacities. I don’t think about you, yet this sounds quite significantly better than Mannix. At any rate, the hero, played by Hiroshi Fujioka, wore what we presently know as the Seiko 5126-8090 Kamen Rider when he wasn’t wearing his superhuman garb.

I’m not by and large sure when the Seiko 5126-8090 Kamen Rider was first uncovered as having a connect to the TV show with a similar name, yet it feels genuinely later (a little examination in Japanese – on account of our companion Eric Skier, shows a notice in 2014). Obviously, the otaku in Japan (and somewhere else) have made this watch costly and made what was an intense watch to discover considerably harder. I previously found out about the TV association when left a message on one of my Instagram posts (thank you!) and I chose to research. I was promptly prompted an astounding post on the by part, “Seiko Hoarder”. He works really hard of giving some foundation on the arrangement, shows us the Seiko 5126-8090 on the wrist of the entertainer and afterward discusses a piece that he found and was currently reestablishing. I love finding these sorts of things – particularly when, by some coincidence, I end up claiming exactly the same reference as in the series.

Aside from the TV show association, the Seiko 5126-8090 Kamen Rider is a truly cool watch. It’s an early illustration of a Seiko Sport Diver , a subcategory of watch from the brand that I’m on record for having in excess of a slight compulsion (see above and below).

These 70M “light” jumpers were made in numerous shapes, sizes, and shadings from the last part of the 60’s until the mid 70’s. Both the Suwa (first) and Daini (second) plants thought of their own plans and created a portion of the company’s most expressive watches during this period. I don’t claim an illustration of each Seiko Sport Diver reference, however I’m getting damn close. This Seiko 5126-8090 Kamen Rider was on my hit list always, however as expressed, they’re difficult to track down. I at last redressed the circumstance in the Spring of 2017.

I was cruising a specific Japanese sale site and I checked for 5126’s the point at which I happened upon the Seiko 5126-8090 Kamen Rider that you see here. It appeared to be in extraordinary condition and incorporated a period (inaccurate) Seiko arm band. After some wild offering, I wound up winning it at a fairly sensible $350 or thereabouts. The watch showed up a brief timeframe later and, for a reference that I’d discreetly pined over for a couple of years, it didn’t neglect to meet my expectations.

The Seiko 5126-8090 Kamen Rider, additionally accessible with a silver dial, hops off the page because of its interesting bezel embed. It’s a very basic issue that shuns the utilization of numbers and settles on thick dark printed sticks at the hours and spots for the initial 15 minutes. A roundabout pip loaded up with lume sits at 12:00. It’s a strong, practical look that contrasts from the remainder of the Sport Diver setup and it functions admirably with the brilliant minutes ring imprinted on the dark dial. The metal rectangular hands contain lume and balance well with the red compass hand. That sparkly metal is conveyed forward in the day/date encompass and the applied lists. The composition on the dial is additionally repressed with simply a fly of blue tone for “Sports”. Obviously, we’re blessed to receive the Daini “lightning jolt” simply above 6:00. The precious stone on the 5126 is acrylic. In general, the Kamen Rider seems as though a vintage watch, yet it’s not so retro looking that is comes off as dated.

I’ll reverberation that conclusion with regards to the instance of the Seiko 5126-8090 Kamen Rider. It’s a light form of a “c-case”, however it’s moderately conventional in Seiko talk and it fits the wrist wonderfully. Also, while the first arm band was a hodgepodge of ordinary connections in addition to enormous plate-like connections that Seiko frequently utilized during the time frame, I like the watch on this clam style wristband. The 19mm end joins fit impeccably and it’s really comfortable to wear. At over 38mm in distance across and 43mm long, the 5126-8090 is definitely not a monstrous watch, however the thick bezel, 13mm thickness, and genuine looks make it work on most wrists.

Inside the Seiko 5126-8090 Kamen Rider we have the 5126 development. makes a pleasant showing of clarifying this type. It wasn’t made for long and had next to no to do with Seiko’s other powertrains. The connected article reveals to us that the style of development is undeniably more in the Swiss style, which is a perfect goody of data. Practically, the watch ticks at 19,800bph and contains 23 gems. It can’t be hand twisted, yet it includes a quickset (through pushing in the spring-stacked crown) date. The day isn’t quickset. From understanding reports, the 5126 is known as a solid type with phenomenal timekeeping capacities. Its ruin is the date change system, which is plastic and is known for breakage. Since the 5126’s weren’t made for long, finding a benefactor is somewhat trickier than for different models, for example, the 6106 or 6119.

The Seiko 5126-8090 Kamen Rider is an intense watch to discover. I don’t know whether they were at any point formally sold in the USA, yet most I see available to be purchased now are situated in Japan. They come up infrequently, are regularly beaten up pretty bad, or contain a few adjustments. Evaluating, for good models, can without much of a stretch peak $600, yet karma very well could score you a respectable model for less. In spots like the USA, an old Seiko with a scratched precious stone can in any case fly under the radar. We’ve referenced the mechanical Achilles heel on the 5126, however with a contributor close by, I wouldn’t dodge a non-sprinter or one with date issues.

The Seiko 5126-8090 Kamen Rider is an extraordinary watch in its own right, however its bind to a notable Japanese TV-arrangement make it significantly more exceptional. From the Rolex Explorer 14270 to the Omega Speedmaster Ultraman , the Japanese sure included some cool watches on the screen. The 5126 is currently one more to add to the rundown. Until sometime later…