On the present portion of #TBT we’ll investigate an exceptionally polarizing watch, the Rolex GMT Master 16753. It’s a Rolex that brings out genuine 1970’s and 80’s symbolism with its shading plan and “two-tone” metal combination, however it has some way or another stayed pertinent to authorities. You could without much of a stretch chalk appreciation for the watch up to being a vintage Rolex, however I don’t believe it’s that straightforward. We should take a nearer look.

If you’re a vintage watch admirer, you’re absolutely acquainted with the Rolex GMT Master. Presented in 1954 and planned related to Pan-Am for its pilots, it’s a legend among sports/device watches. Among our group, there are a few of us who possess or have claimed vintage spotless models, for example, the 1675 or the fresher 16710 .

Rolex GMT-Master II 16710

All of these releases, including the 16710, have been on the ascent in the course of recent years as purchasers have concluded that the Submariner isn’t the solitary Rolex not named Daytona that is worth collecting.

The Rolex GMT Master 16753 – Steel and Gold

But, Rolex didn’t just deliver spotless GMT’s. From almost the start, an all gold model was delivered is as yet in the present setup. At that point, in the mid 1970’s, the Rolex GMT Master 16753 presented. With a gold bezel, crown, hands and applied lists (their shape prompting the name of “areola dial”), a mid-level model was conceived. Accessible with either a dark or extremely 70’s earthy colored dial, the watch could be picked with either a Jubilee or Oyster wristband. Today, however, it’s the earthy colored model that holds our interest.

Brown is the New Black

Personally talking, except if we’re talking calfskin merchandise, I battle with earthy colored. I’d never wear a suit in the tone and, sorry German associates; the solitary Porsche 911 in the natural shading that I’d at any point own would need to be complimentary. I essentially don’t discover the shading lively and it’s one of the last tones I’d hope to appreciate on a watch.

Double that disdain with regards to two-tone watches, that is “Rolesor” in Rolex talk, as they by and large appear to be confounded to me. Thus, indeed, it was an enormous amazement that the Rolex GMT Master 16753 pushed me over certain weeks back when I went to the Watches With Nicknames event facilitated by the Davidoff Brothers in Geneva.  And incidentally, you’ll note that this watch has piled up the nicknames!

I surmise I had seen the earthy colored Rolex GMT Master 16753 commonly before in old Rolex inventories, in stores, and on the web and I really avoided it. U-g-l-y was my deduction more or less. Exhausted, vainglorious, and somewhat messy were the descriptors in the past in my brain (my significant other considers it a pimp watch – indeed, she abhors it – for the present). Yet, time regularly mollifies the blow and, as I might suspect we frequently locate, some fringe things that help us to remember prior periods in our day to day existence regularly breed a type of nostalgic longing. Along these lines, call the acquisition of this “Tiger Eye”, that is Tiger Auge in German as it is genuinely known because of the dial’s similarity to the stone, an illustration of that affectionate look in reverse. Or then again, consider it a move into an alternate direction.

The Root Beer is a Wild Card from Rolex

I’d really fight that the Rolex GMT Master 16753 “Root Beer” (keep accumulating the epithets, and we’re not done at this point, as the bezel of this watch helps most to remember the soft drink’s tone) is one of Rolex’s cooler watches. It’s a peculiar illustration of the famously traditionalist brand relaxing, or, maybe, breathing in something 1970’s unlawful. Maybe this distinctive look is the reason the watch is profoundly collectible and keeps a steady (frequently raging) fanbase. Some would likewise highlight the VIPs who wore them.

Clint Eastwood Loves This Watch

At the Geneva occasion I referred to before, the Rolex GMT Master 16753 was noted as the “Clint Eastwood” and indeed, you can rapidly scan online for this watch under his name and the hits are various. Obviously, this is the entertainer’s #1 watch, he wore it all the time outside of movies, and he wore it in various films. Most broadly, it very well may be seen on his wrist in the 1982 Cold War film Firefox (I saw this at the theater!). Less broadly, the Italian F1 driver Elio de Angelis additionally wore it as a steady top pick before he sadly kicked the bucket in a testing mishap in 1986.

Seeing is Believing with the Rolex GMT Master 16753

Returning to why I wound up purchasing the Rolex GMT Master 16753, the shading plan, face to face, is astonishing. It ought to be noticed that the model you see here is a supposed momentary model (likened to the impeccable 16750) in that it would seem that the earlier, unique variant with “areola dial” and acrylic precious stone, yet it contains the then new higher beat 3075 development with quickset date. It likewise contains a printed crown logo versus the prior variant’s applied logo. You’ll take note of that the earthy colored dial is metallic and, in the correct lighting, it is totally fantastic.  It can transform from a practically dark to something very corroded contingent simply upon the angle.  So a large number of these dials drop or turn ruddy – and since this is Rolex, they get packed into the “tropical” classification – however I view myself as fortunate to locate a minty variant. How about we simply say that I like my Tiger Eye the manner in which Clint wore it!

Nipple Dials and Tiger Eyes

There are such countless subtleties on the Rolex GMT Master 16753 important. The handset is completely done in gold and that gives a striking and dressy look. It truly changes the vibe of the watch when compared to a 1675 in light of the shortfall of red on the celebrated GMT hand. Additionally, the utilization of applied gold records on the Nipple Dial likewise adds an extremely particular look that was tragically when the Tiger Eye got a maxi dial by the mid 1980’s. On the equipment front, the little gold crown is moderately manageable similar to the gold bezel. Indeed, both of these subtleties are overwhelmed by the Root Beer insert.

Speaking of this addition, it is uncontrollably unique in shading when compared to the 1675 or even the dark dialed 16753’s as these were strong dark with gold numerals. Early Root Beers were all earthy colored, yet I love the differentiating tan and earthy colored bezel that is separated. Here once more, this one is in dazzling condition. And afterward there’s that arm band…

When the Jubilee bests the Oyster

As referenced, the Rolex GMT Master 16753 was accessible on either a Jubilee or an Oyster wristband. Both contain cleaned gold focus connects and were made with the run of the mill Rolex level of superior grade. On the off chance that we consider the Root Beer an odd watch, my decision of an odd arm band possesses all the necessary qualities. I’ve made it really certain that the Oyster arm band is, without exception, my top choice ever. It’s basic and incredibly comfortable. Nonetheless, the Jubilee just works better on this watch. Indeed, once more, it’s what Clint wore, however I simply think that its more fitting to the top of the watch.   Plus, it is likewise truly extremely, comfortable. Moreover, I like to give it a bit “hang” on my wrist to assist pull with offing the old fashioned vibe!

As a note, I combined the watch with a couple diverse earthy colored cowhide lashes, one from and one from BCatt , and it gives the watch a very surprising look. It’s tough in a chill way and unquestionably tones off the look.

The Root Beer has a genuine following

Let’s return to the expression “polarizing” on the grounds that it characterizes the Rolex GMT Master 16753. Individuals really love or disdain this watch. Perusing large numbers of discussion postings composed by the allies, there’s “holding nothing back” adoration, there are the individuals who are humiliated to cherish the watch, and the individuals who have developed to cherish it subsequent to despising it. The doubters discover it excessively uproarious, appalling, or too “elderly person”. One thing is without a doubt, however, the admirers have made the Root Beer an important watch. Discovering one is definitely less troublesome than, say, finding a period 1675 or 16750, yet finding a decent unaltered model makes for a challenge.

Adding to this, as middle class laborers regularly possessed these watches, you do see a great deal of them with incessant administrations. These administrations, however, frequently brought about supplanted parts and genuinely cleaned cases.   thus, expect to discover very much arranged models in the $8,000 – 10,000 territory. As I said, they’re not cheap.

I’ll eventually add a pleasant 1675 like Blaise’s to my stable, however I’m glad I went down the more recondite way with the Rolex GMT Master 16753. It’s genuinely an alternate sort of watch that is loaded with an incredible, helpful development and the equivalent “toolish” highlights that make the impeccable variants a top pick. Additionally, costs are lower than 1675’s, the Root Beers are simpler to source and you can be guaranteed that you’re brandishing a less seen, likely more uncommon, watch. Presently, on the off chance that anybody has a gold 1980’s Mercedes 560SEC available to be purchased, I figure my look will be complete.


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