My disclosure of the year and my acquisition of the year. A 300 Euro Mondia with an exceptionally entertaining and entrancing visual complication.

This year I have just made some unforeseen acquisitions like the Mido Rainbow 5907 and the Seamaster 300 CK2913-8 that I expounded on as of late. Pondering all the watches that came to me over the most recent a year, this Mondia is a complete impact. I say that without kidding. Furthermore, presently the most amazing aspect: the sticker price for this barely worn programmed Mondia Top Second was t-h-r-e-e hundred euros. This incorporates a unique tie with a marked clasp, a crown and an extravagant element to gaze at.

Mondia broadens my interest cabinet

The Mondia Top Second is the primary watch since securing the as of late highlighted Tourist Radio-Top with a hopping second complication that has amazed me in its unadulterated pleasantness. You know, gathering vintage Speedmasters or Explorers is substantially more about pursuing the condition. It’s less about the curiosity and shock with 12-hour chronographs or pivoting bezels. When was the last time you held a watch that had some oddity highlight you haven’t seen inside a manual breeze watch?

Why so much excitement?

You could hold a blade under my throat, however I would not recollect how I found this diamond. I think I saw an image on some gathering and got pulled in by the little red spot taking a gander at me through the opening with a dark ring on the delightful silver brushed dial. My nose, prepared to search for horological peculiarities, promptly got a whiff of something intriguing. At the point when my eyes distinguished the Top Second name, and I understood there is only a solitary crown, I understood I wasn’t taking a gander at an alert watch.

Flashing red second dot

A opening watch, blazing second or glimmering dab – those are the names you can come across while distinguishing this magnificence. Consistently you can see a flickering impact when the sparkling red speck streaks briefly before the dark plate. This is the sort of development that makes me need to drop whatever business I am on the present moment and quickly become a watchmaker. I couldn’t imagine anything better than to dismantle the development to perceive how precisely it functions, much the same as we did with the Gruen Airflight 24hour .

Simple principle

Dr Roland Rannft, a gatekeeper of quite possibly the most broad watch developments document, clarifies the straightforward guideline behind this new thought: “A “propeller” on the delayed getaway wheel rotate turns once in two seconds; hence consistently one of its edges shows up in the aperture.” Well, I just saved a couple of hours attempting to convince my watchmaker to dismantle the altered AS 1913 type before me.

Image source: Richard Askham,

Is that all?!

To keep refering to Dr Ranfft and his assessment on Mondia blazing second development, “no exceptional complication though”. Well, making a decision about its development, possibly yes. Be that as it may, making a decision about its creativity, it slings my fervor over the rooftop. Consider the number of watch brands there were and what they created. Taking a gander at the stout case you are straight, harking back to the 1970s. Consider the Quartz emergency. It may very well be theory, yet this blazing second may be an aftereffect of battling the Quartz rolling the full market steam.

Little large thing

The rule of a spinning necktie molded rotor may be simple, no contention about that. However, watching the thing coming alive, a special visualization is obviously superior to a specialized portrayal. Play the video we shot and see with your own eyes. The impact made because of the rotor development isn’t just about as dull as one would anticipate. The circumstance, size and calculating of the gap, shading contrast – everything makes the watch more alive, suggestive of a heartbeat.

Endless Mondia dial styles

If you look for a Mondia Top Second on the web, you will find many shading varieties of the dial, some of them with energizing slope impacts giving them more profundity. You will discover models with an internal external moment track ring, some of them coming with two dark circles around the glimmer opening. I do lean toward the dial plan with a solitary dark ring, as it makes the glimmering impact stand apart much more.

Great finishing

As a major fanatic of date watches, particularly with the date set on an unordinary place, I was glad to see it at the 12. What drove home the way that this is a phenomenal quality watch is the date the board and subtleties of its working. Above all else, to change the date you don’t have to pull out the crown. You can change the date by squeezing the thick crown against the case, like the Seiko flyback chrono 7016-8001 . The Mondia marked crown gives the perfect measure of counter pressing factor. With no embellishment, turning dates on this Mondia has made it to my top 3 date-evolving experiences.

Date window precision

The date on the Mondia Top Second gets 10/10 focuses for utilization yet additionally the visuals. Indeed, even far more costly watches now and then object to fitting the numbers inside the window consummately. The date number changes instantly, precisely as the red speck. I ran the entire date circle multiple times and contemplated it in incredible detail. The situation of each and every number is entirely focused, never escapes the window and negligible blank area supports are precisely accurate on the right, left, top or bottom.

Watch case problem

All this being said; I couldn’t say whether I might have endure life during the 1970s. Simply a short gander at this stout midsection less and hefty case cut my eyes. Its shape is the lone issue I have with this watch. However, perhaps in twenty years from now, I’ll change my assessment, and it will be back in design. The vast majority of Mondia Top Seconds come in this shape, with a not many of them including more honed edges and a squarer case. I needed to sit tight for this kind yet couldn’t avoid the general state of this specific piece and its price.

Condition, condition

We all know this tune. In any event just as we probably are aware that it is so difficult to sing it today, particularly in the event that you would prefer not to follow through on a VIP ticket cost. Finding new old stock watches is more earnestly with each and every million running into the vintage watch market. That is the reason along my trial chasing ventures I become friends with a nearby Italian entryway, attempting my karma. Shockingly I scored a totally fair piece, coming on a unique tie, including a marked clasp. With a 300-euro sticker price and straightforward silver brushed dial that underlines the impact the most, it was an easy decision for me.

Sculptural indexes

Looking at the dial files under various points gives an extraordinary encounter and make you consider them. For the most part, you subliminally note lists and choose whether you like it or not. You don’t consider hour files as self-standing articles. For what reason would you, correct? There are sure points and light conditions, similar to this one beneath, when the thick, tense and tall files emerge from the dial and make a nonexistent battling pitch for the alleviation logo and second, moment and hour hands. Sculptural, plastic, spectacular.


When I looked through additional about the brand, I discovered that the Mondia web is as yet working. Web quality is not really good or bad with no comments on the current creation. “About Us” segment says that the Mondia was set up in 1935 in Le Locle – Switzerland, by watchmaker Paul Vermot. The developing enthusiasm for the brand prompted a quick displaying advancement up to the achievement sanctification during the ’70s, when Mondia enters the circle of the Zenit Group, becoming a reference point for what might now be delegated “reasonable luxury”.

Final thoughts

If you are searching for something invigorating to add to your assortment without requiring a top of the line development, the Mondia Top Second is my new shrouded champ. In addition to the fact that it is fun, every one of its subtleties are painstakingly thoroughly examined. The equivalent applies to the execution. At the point when you understand you can get NOS quality for only a couple hundred euros, you should begin arranging an occasion to Italy, where the opportunity to snatch one multiplies.

The official Mondia site can be found .


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