The appeal of Angelus reaches out past huge distance across chronographs with the Angelus Dato 12.

Angelus “Must Haves” for Collectors

If you’re genuine about gathering vintage chronographs, Angelus has some genuine possibility to consider, yet today we will examine the Angelus Dato 12. As to chronographs, however, eminent models incorporate the Angelus L.E. picked by the Hungarian Air Force or the Angelus Chronodato presented in 1942 as the world’s first chronograph with a full schedule (day-date and month). The title‚ “world’s first” consistently helps, and the model immediately got mainstream. Balazs did a marvelous work covering the Chronodato and the entire 21x Angelus development family. In the event that you missed it, you could discover the articles here , here or here .

Angelus Dato 12 and his enormous cousin Angelus Chronodato


Angelus Holy Trinity Vol. 2

If you’re fortunate (or decided) enough and figure out how to chase down good instances of all the 21x development models, we may have another test for you. The Angelus DATO family that highlights varieties of type 25x that share one element practically speaking – a couple of gaps under the 12 showing a computerized date and day. The sacred goal of the threesome is the Chrono-Datoluxe with a 252 type, the world’s first arrangement chronograph including a computerized date show. You will sooner discover Fidel Castro’s lost Rolex GMT-Master than an ideal Chrono-Datoluxe. In any case – NO SHOT, NO GOAL.

Three excellent and uncommon watches of the 250-type family with computerized date show: “Dato 12”, “Chrono-Datoluxe” and “Datoluxe”, ca. 1948. Source: Angelus Collector’s Guide.

Spotlight on the Angelus Dato 12

Coming back to the Angelus 25x family. Other than the blessed Chrono-Datoluxe chalice Angelus likewise made non-chronograph schedule models having a similar advanced date show. The Datoluxe with cal. 256 accompanied a moon-stage and today’s piece, the Angelus Dato 12 with a 255 type came without one. One comment here: saying ‚without moonphase ‘makes the Dato 12 sound like it is missing something, yet the inverse is valid. For those of us who like date watches with a perfect plan, this is quite a concealed pearl that never gets as much consideration as its greater siblings. Furthermore, it has a ton of greater brothers.

Understanding the Date Mechanism

The date experience is very much like the Big Date Bucherer chronograph with a 211 Venus type we reviewed.  In the Bucherer there was just a single gap, and the date was delivered by two circles pivoting against one another. The date on the Angelus Dato 12 likewise comprises of two Arabic numerals, every one on a different plate. In any case, as you can see on a development comparison drawing, the circles on the Angelus Dato 12 are concentric. It implies that the last date is a lot more modest, yet makes space for another plate that shows the day of the week.

Addictive Imperfection

There is one detail that makes both the Venus cal. 211 (other relatives incorporates the Venus 216 and Venus 221) and Angelus cal. 255 without a doubt indispensable. Each time the date hits the most recent day of the month and you anticipate that it should turn over back to 01, you will experience a sudden amazement. Rather than the primary day of the month you’re went up against with a 32, 33… or any number up to 39 and afterward a 00 grinning at you from the dial. I’m not mindful of some other type with a particularly valuable imperfection. I became so enamored with that experience that I got dependent on it. At the point when the month is going to transform I generally go after either the Bucherer or this Angelus Dato 12 to make the month last a little longer.

Philosophical or Horological Wonder?

Some of you may shake your head in dismay when seeing me commending an apparently breaking down workaround or midway answer for the date evolving issue. Right. In any case, in my day by day drill brimming with long dull gatherings, I find witnessing down at a dial highlighting the 37th day of the month an update consistently to think out about the crate. To break limits, to astonish, to act out of the blue. As far as I might be concerned, the Angelus Dato 12 typifies a well established truth – keep in mind. You take a gander at the watch, and you could discount it as being BORING. Yet, much the same as with individuals, there is consistently a second we can shock ourselves or individuals around us. This is the thing that the Angelus Dato 12 is about for me.

Buying the Angelus Dato 12

I discovered my Angelus Dato 12 with a British seller that I was in contact with in regards to another watch of his, an Enicar with a Valjoux 72 if I remember accurately. His name was Scott, and in our discussion, he just nonchalantly referenced that he acquired something from a trip to Hannover. At the point when he showed it to me, it promptly grabbed my attention as I was previously searching for one much the same as it.

Thoughts on the Dial and Hands

Before I at long last affirmed my buy, I connected with master Joel Pynson as I didn’t know about the validness of the spade hands on this Angelus Dato 12. Having an accomplished Angelus gatherer and creator investigating my watch, I exploited the circumstance and furthermore requested a second assessment on the dial. “The case is fine, and the dial appears all good. I’m not secure with the hands, so I sent an email to a companion to get his opinion.”

Mr. Pynson hit me up after some time affirming that both he and his companion concur that the dial looks unique, yet the two of them can’t affirm the hands. The fact of the matter is I have never seen such a combination with the Angelus Dato 12. Simultaneously, note that the shade of the hands fits the markers. Additionally, the length of the moment and second hand appear to accurately coordinate the moment track of the dial. In the event that you may have any enlightening data or references on the matter, don’t hesitate to share.

The just Reason to Cry

While it isn’t obvious at specific points, it is there. An issue. You can see two profound scratches between the 12 and 1. I can’t help suspecting that the watchmaker held the dial too immovably in his pincers. This would normally be an off limits for some gatherers and I also would not think about a with a dial in such condition under standard conditions, yet this Angelus Dato 12 with 35 mm in width cast an uncommon spell on me. If the dial is harmed, seeing a particularly horrendous scar makes us all very mindful of the remorseless reality. There are such countless butchers between watchmakers that occasionally you simply need to cry. So tasting on a glass of Weninger’s Welschriesling while at the same time composing these lines, I toast to all the astounding watchmakers that deal with our vintage pieces with persistence, love, the most noteworthy consideration and feeling of responsibility.

Shotgun Notes

If you read my articles, you definitely realize I like to address generalizations and upset the daily schedule. My watch assortment isn’t anything if not particular. This is the motivation behind why I love another little insight regarding this Angelus. Ordinarily, the Angelus logo sits on the highest point of the dial. This time, the top notch position is busy with a crazy day/date show, which means the Angelus marking was moved over the six. The Angelus Dato 12 text style choice is in accordance with other Angelus models and in any event, for me as a hater of such typography – I do like it here. It stands out impeccably from the essentially styled Roman numerals. I’m not extremely partial to the beautified hauls however as they cause me to feel more established than the watch itself.

Daily Wear and Final Thoughts

Time is not difficult to peruse on the Dato 12 and the equivalent can be said for the date perusing, notwithstanding the way that the window isn’t colossal. The way that there could be no other diverting components on the dial make that conceivable. The day and date can be set effectively with two catches on the left half of the case. Each change comes with a wonderful snap and exact turn of the pivoting circle. Accompanied on a quality tie fitting the somewhat salmon-ish tone of the dial, the Angelus Dato 12 is a one of a kind accomplice to accompany you on a relaxed day. To transform this thought into the real world, prepare to lose anything going from 800 to 1500 euros.



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