Another watch brand you may be effectively ignoring.

Unexpected meeting with Kelbert

I have skirted on Kelbert on various occasions before, despite the fact that I obviously recollect detecting a portion of their watches throughout the long term. Particularly these fitted with Valjoux types. Why? Hard to say – something different consistently provoked my curiosity more. I wound up with the Kelbert chronograph simply after I began searching for Landeron 185 watches with unordinary schedule style. It was during a period I was delving into various date components and this one especially impacted me for it’s downplayed opulence.

Surprising date design

When you take a gander at the dial, it doesn’t vary much from a run of the mill tri-compax chronograph with counters for quite a long time, 30 minutes and 12 hours. All in all, what is all the fight about? In the event that you center around the sub-dials once more, you will see that the base sub-dial is somewhat extraordinary. It doesn’t check hours however days!

Showing the date as opposed to checking the date

We all realize date wheels as a moderately standard. With respect to an extra focal hand highlighting the day printed around the external track near the watch case, this element was really average in little width watches around the 1940s across many watch brands. However, showing the date the way Landeron 185 does it, you don’t come across that consistently. I call it Date Counter Chronograph. Why? The perusing of the dial is indistinguishable from an average tri-compax chronograph plan with one little distinction – base sub-register checks the date numbers rather than the hour numbers. Basic. I trust you appreciate the expressive and rationale behind the Date Counter name. Certainly, it is unimportant from a specialized point of view, however pleasant for vintage watch geeks attempting to put exact engaging name on each and every strength of the watch.

Counting dates

Back to the plan. Another little detail that may assist you with detecting this type sooner while looking on Ebay may be the somewhat greater distance across of date counter. It has around 10 millimeters, that is possibly 2 mm more in comparison to the minutes and seconds counters. What really resembles level plan gets visual layers after a couple of moments of zeroing in on the dial. On account of the bigger breadth and extremely clean open plan, the date counter looks a touch more prevailing. Simultaneously it isn’t in hitting or upsetting differentiation with the couple of other sub-dials. I’ve contemplated how this Kelbert would look like if the date counter was done backward panda style a few times.

Little huge subtleties on Kelbert date counter

Another particular element? The bolt hand. It has similar thickness as the smaller than expected moment and scaled down second hand, yet with an extensively more extensive focal circle. I would say it is twofold in size. The external day counter track grandstands extremely pleasant Arabic numbers for odd days with the even days set apart as specks in the middle. The red tip is an exceptionally decent detail, complementing the red numbering. However I need to concede that I’ve gotten myself inside deploring that there is altogether too much red going on in the dial.

Golden problem

I disapprove of gold. Certainly a private matter, not an issue of the watch. Upon some random irregular watch choice morning drill when I happen to instinctively get the Kelbert it generally goes this way: I put the watch on my wrist and something simply doesn’t feel right. I generally feel like I’m not mature enough to wear it yet, trusting that the watch will give me a sign that I can really wear a (gold-plated) watch. I attempt to battle my brilliant issue by zeroing in on the for the most part half cut Arabic numerals that give the watch a sportier look.

Usually, rather than going any place I should go toward the beginning of the day, I end up with a magnifier on my eye excitedly concentrating how the focal hands are going to be eaten up by very small pieces of rust. Inquisitive to perceive how this miniature battle will develop over the course of the following 50 years. My morning check up proceeds with energized murmurs over the still unique and rapidly blurring luming on hands. Notice that they have been embraced a flawless light yellow tone patina. It’s exclusively after this normal that I feel prepared to take off from the house – with or without the Kelbert on my wrist.

Kelbert logo

I comprehend the time span the company logo comes from, yet I need to say I don’t care for it. I don’t plan to say that the logo represents the moment of truth a watch – a long way from it. In any case, take a gander at Wittnauer for instance. It merits explaining upon in light of the fact that back in those days a lot of delightful, outwardly basic brand logos were conceived. Be that as it may, the Kelbert logo appears to be excessively pitiful, shallow and unbalanced. Straightforward typography would take care of business better.

Premium address

The Kelbert Watch Company was established in 1938 and dwelled on 608 Fifth Avenue New York, as obvious on adverts. It imported Swiss watches with QXO code names engraved on the developments. The greater part of the Kelbert chronograph watches, this one including, is triple endorsed on the dial, the development and the case back. You will discover an assortment of Kelbert logo printings just as an assortment of adverts advancing their watches. On the off chance that you don’t care for this date counter, you can search for their watertight chronographs that are profoundly esteemed because of their very much constructed cases and tasteful Valjoux types. Despite the fact that they don’t come available to be purchased regularly, even more worth looking at.

Setting up the calendar

No shock here – only three schedule pushers fitted in the side of the case. What merits calling attention to is that squeezing the pushers feels solid and simple. Significant disclaimer! In the event that you like this date counter chronograph style, there are different models around with a similar dial composition yet with the date set through a spinning bezel and crown. Twofold rainbow, I know, yet I haven’t been fortunate enough to buy one yet.

Playing with the chronograph

If I disclosed to you that setting the schedule gives me incredible fulfillment, I wouldn’t have any significant bearing a similar conclusion to the chrono. Time keeping and chrono timing are consistently exact and solid, yet that sensation of squeezing the beginning/stop pusher is some way or another disappointing. You press the catch, yet get the sensation of not being certain you truly squeezed it. The snap is short, level and not certain. Yet, again – it is a normal quality Landeron development and I didn’t get it due to chrono usefulness. I got the watch in view of the irregular date counter that adds a pleasant hint of assortment to my date watches collection.


Obviously, you can get a Landeron 185 type not just with Kelbert watches. I have recently seen some pleasant hardened steel Bucherer or Titus sold internet including this type. They don’t spring up all the time, however you can discover them every now and then. I would be cautious with the determination however as the greater part of them come with beaten dials. What’s more, in the event that you concur that the most fascinating piece of the watch sits under the plexi at 6, I would prefer to stand by and put more into getting a piece in unblemished dial condition. About 600 euros to 1000 euros may get you just that.