Today on #TBT, we’ll investigate the Girard-Perregaux Chronometer HF. It’s a watch that I grew up considering a to be as a youngster since it has a place with my dad, however it additionally invested some energy with me as of late while being overhauled in Europe. The GP’s particular cobalt blue dial was consistently appealing to me, yet it was just to some degree as of late that I reviewed my Dad’s comments about the watch’s unmistakable development and concluded that it merited a brief period on our site.

GP isn’t a brand we include vigorously all in all here on Fratello Watches, however a look through our chronicles uncovers that we’ve covered a vintage piece before beside the present Girard-Perregaux Chronometer HF. Truth be told, the article was written by a visitor essayist about the absolute first GP Chronometer HF from 1966 . HF, coincidentally, means “high recurrence” and the previously mentioned article gives an incredible record of how Girard-Perregaux created and presented the world’s initial 36,000 bph development. GP edged Seiko by a year as the Japanese brand presented its Lord Matic (we’ve covered different Seiko Hi-Beats) and afterward in 1969, we saw the arrival of the notable triplet of particular hey beat chronograph movements.

Today’s Girard-Perregaux Chronometer HF was really bought in 1972 on my parent’s vacation in Nassau. It addresses one of the last emphasess of GP’s HF line and highlights a programmed 39-gem type 42 (the first models from five years earlier were known as the type 32) that brought upgraded power hold when compared to before variations. With its crazy tonneau-molded case, the HF oozes 70’s style, yet don’t confuse that comment with my reasoning that the watch looks or feels passé.

Unlike a great deal of watches from the time, this Girard-Perregaux Chronometer HF is anything but a huge flying saucer of a watch that makes one resemble an obsolete unconventional. All things considered, it really strikes me more as a progression of plans, for example, the Patek Philippe Elipse and there are even little alludes to what’s to come in plans from Genta. Indeed, it’s of the time, yet it doesn’t experience the ill effects of affected enhancements or a bustling dial plan. That dial configuration is something to look at as it includes a grain-like completion that runs vertically across that ideal stony blue tone. The applied square steel-hued markers coordinate the blocky hands impeccably and evenness is kept up with a 6:00 angled and lined date window. To finish it off, the GP contains an exceptionally molded acrylic gem that follows the type of the case. The precious stone transcends the case and, incredibly, the watchmaker who adjusted the watch the first run through had the option to locate a unique replacement.

The spotless case on the Girard-Perregaux Chronometer HF contains a couple differentiating surfaces. As on account of Seiko’s, for example, the Kings and Grands, this GP would lose a ton of its appeal whenever left at the (hefty) hand of a polisher. The sides of the case contain a dot shot kind of finish that makes a particular line with the cleaned top surface. Once more, there are models – some on eBay today – where this sudden progress has been lost and it makes a genuine difference.

Flipping the watch over, there’s a basic unsigned screw-down case back. I have no clue about what water obstruction was at first shown with the HF, however I’d get it far from the wet stuff. At long last, the crown on this piece is unsigned, however we do trust it initially accompanied a “GP” enhanced piece.

With a size of 35mm wide and a length of 38mm long, one may feel that the Girard-Perregaux Chronometer HF wears little, however it some way or another doesn’t. The 18mm drag width helps add some visual weight and the watch looks incredible on the wrist. It’s not excessively thick, but rather the manner in which the case assembles tallness assists the circumstance with welling. Additionally, because of the dial tone, consider it a watch that could carry out responsibility by and large outside of those including sports. Also, with blue being a hot shading at the present time, it really looks fashionable.

Inside the Girard-Perregaux Chronometer HF, we have the . As referenced, this development beats at 36000 bph. It requires a little exertion to get things moving – these howdy beats have a long origin that requires more twisting than ordinary I find. The development hacks and the date is a semi snappy set, which implies that it tends to be changed by flipping the hands back to 10pm or somewhere in the vicinity and afterward past 12 PM to propel things. One thing that I didn’t know until perusing our article on the first HF’s is that these developments utilized an A.Schild 1687/1688 base development and were then altered utilizing twin freewheels to assist work with the expanded recurrence. I consider it to be a strong sprinter, yet my Dad unmistakably ran into a fix of misfortune prior to giving it to me for administration in Europe. The watch basically hadn’t run well in years, yet now it has returned to keeping extraordinary time. A major gratitude to our watchmaker Paul – ideally he peruses this as he’s been investing a large portion of his energy outdoors outside of stores for the freshest Balenciaga shoe releases.

Finding a Girard-Perregaux Chronometer HF, for example, this can be troublesome. The came in numerous dial tones, however many have been vigorously cleaned or give indications of dampness passage. Qualities, on the off chance that one accepts eBay as gospel, are everywhere, except I’d surmise that somewhere near $800 – $1,000 would be a reasonable cost of possession for some genuine horological history. Indeed, the GP’s do not have a valid in-house development, however for some, a Swiss watch reverberates more than, say, a Seiko with a similar recurrence development. In the event that claiming hey beats is your thing, it’s hard not to possess at any rate one of each just like all still moderately inexpensive.

The Girard-Perregaux Chronometer HF and its numerous variations address a limited, yet significant, period in watchmaking. This was when watchmakers realized that expanding recurrence was the best way to upgrade exactness, at this point they saw electronic and, definitely, quartz watches not too far off. Indeed, GP changed to quartz not long after the HF, in this way finishing the creation of these mechanical watches with their entrancing range hands. Fortunately, this model will keep on (greetings) beating endlessly. Until sometime later…