The supposedly indestructible and invulnerable Yema Navygraf II has a remarkable bezel sliding framework that won my heart instantly.

When I say Yema , the acclaimed Superman Diver comes to mind for most vintage watch authorities. Mike checked on the 1960’s Superman with a one of a kind bezel locking instrument for #TBT a couple of years prior . We additionally covered a year ago’s Yema Superman Heritage Bronze re-version during its fruitful Kickstarter crusade. As of late, I ran into another Yema jumper watch. It is as yet flying under the radar, however I dare say it is in any event as surprising as the Yema Superman. If not somewhat more. Meet the Yema Navygraf II.

Navygraf II is my French Ploprof

If the Yema Navygraf II were a couple of sizes greater in width, it would be unwearable for me. In any case, it sports a 38mm bezel, which gets the green light from my wrist. With two gigantic steel dividers worked rather than four hauls, the Navygraf II resembles a more modest adaptation of Omega Seamaster Ploprof , just pivoted 90 degrees aside. I figure my confidence and inner self haven’t developed to the Ploprof measurements yet and unfortunately while wearing it, I would feel like I just burglarized an equipment store.

Show stopper

If I’d seen the Yema Navygraf II without precedent for pictures just, I wouldn’t have let it all out. To put it tenderly, it looks more like a venture watch or as though the plan group took a badly planned excursion. “Give me a processor machine, a piece of steel, and five minutes, and I can fix this for you,” is the thing that comes to mind…

But such intercession would be a rushed reaction to this bizarre monster. It would likewise be entirely superfluous. In the event that you see one on your next GTG, you will not have the option to tear your eyes from it. Furthermore, nor should you attempt to. Much the same as me on my last visit to the Hungarian . Encircled by many vintage watches, I halted abruptly when I recognized the Navygraf II.

Sickly addictive

The dial isn’t awesome, the luminant appears to be all around familiar with the idea of dampness and the crown has been most likely been changed in any event once, as it skims tenderly on the gatekeepers. These are three subtleties that would typically either keep me down or urge me to deal. Be that as it may, the second I put it on my wrist, I said I’d take it. I don’t recall saying, “YES” to a watch so rapidly from the start sight. It sat on my wrist for seven days in a row after the buy and, taking all things together genuineness, it was an especially comfortable seven days.

Industrial looks

It took me a long time to have the option to express why I would have the option to wear Navygraf II as my every day mixer. Such hearty case developments as a rule come in at any rate a 45mm breadth, which means it would take a Bud Spencer or to brandish it without looking silly. The Yema Navygraf, notwithstanding, has that weighty modern appearance without breaking your wrist. As the case gauges a lovely 41mm at the crown watches, you are allowed to pet your canine without harming it. Attempted and tested.

Quirkily French

As a German vehicle sweetheart, I was constantly muddled by the eccentricities of French car plan. To discover that a significant number of these off-the-divider manifestations went into sequential creation to be driven by a great many individuals poor people conviction. In any case, it appears to be the equivalent is valid for the French-made watches. The Yema Navygraf II bezel development is, no doubt, fairly unconventional. I’m likewise not entirely certain about its usefulness when seeing a touch of consumption arising around the edge of the dial on my specific piece. However, once upon a time of its delivery, the Yema handouts ensured 300 meters (or 990 feet) of water obstruction, so I get it should have worked.

Bezel art

The excellent acrylic bezel includes a block red slight circular segment featuring the brief counter. A detail rarely seen is that the jumping time isn’t set apart in five-minute, but instead in two-minute spans. I raise my 10/10 sign for the textual style choice as well. Timing my morning eggs with the Yema Navygraf makes for an extraordinary beginning to the day too. That is presumably the nearest connection with water my Navygraf will get in the following not many years.

Hexagonal screws 

The bezel slides easily because of a brilliantly designed mount. There is a significant profound score on the bezel that holds it set up and permits it to coast around the case simultaneously. Those covered hauls are covered on purpose. Calculated cover plates, joined by hexagonal screws, cinch down on the carries and space into the profound score on the bezel’s flank. A cunning answer for a well established issue, that outcomes in a striking stylish for the Navygraf II.

Self-alleviating thought

What do I think about the most significant level of watch gathering? To purchase a watch without knowing it, while never having seen it, all things considered, on the grounds that your gut enlightens you there is something concerning it§. What a prize it is to hit the books and find an entrancing history past it. including significant data and bits of knowledge straightforwardly from Jean Müller, Yema plan chief from 1974 to 1982.

Another Yema bezel lock

Jean Müller clarifies that he changed the initially opened screw sets out toward hex-fasteners like the ones you see on my later model simply in view of the enhanced visualization. He likewise discusses what a torment it was to build up another advancement that, unfortunately, is absent on my watch. A few models include a huge cross over bar standing out from the case. It was only a keen framework for locking the bezel. “Machining focuses didn’t exist in those days and processing and boring exactness were very arbitrary. Some of the time it was important to squeeze the pole to open the bezel, yet the framework was pretty reliable,” Jean Muller clarifies in an interview.

French Submariner

The dial and handset assume a critical part in my liking towards this watch. The steel-organized dial mirrors light cheerfully, making it change tones from light earthy colored to dark. If not for the Rolex Submariner , I would presumably pronounce this as the following sacred goal watch. What engages me specifically, with the exception of the candy second hand, are the records at twelve that appear as though a respite button and the files at six and nine that resemble discharge catches. Generally old and more current postings date this French Submariner back to 1978, however the previously mentioned article shows a year more seasoned inventory cutting from 1977.

Last thoughts

There was likewise a quartz development Navygraf II accessible, however I ask you to wait for the programmed. The standard FE 4611 programmed development will not make you faint, however you will make the most of its fast set date. There aren’t numerous Navygrafs II accessible, so stay watchful. I would say you need to hold from €600 to €1,000 in your financial plan, contingent upon where your condition benchmark sits. The enormous crown is enjoyable to work and the bezel amusing to play with. I have many unwearable watches in my assortment, however this one is by a wide margin the most wearable and will get a remarkable tan this mid year. Upbeat hunting.