My serious issue with watch gathering is, that looking for “vessel” watches that are on my list of things to get just makes exactly the same rundown longer and longer.

I am so desirous of those edified gatherers that chose to indicate in one specific brand. Omega, Seiko, Breitling or whatever it is. Top regard to gatherers of one explicit watch model too. It isn’t for me however. Never. I end up cherishing these idiosyncratic, astounding, curious, fantastic, insane, inventive, specialized virtuoso, out-of-box or whatever watches, paying little heed to which brand or model name is on the dial. At the point when I come across such a watch, I need to record it on my list.

Nivada:, Mido:, Timex:

Fighting the disorder

I am not that person that maintains all the mysteries for himself. That is to say, I try to talk about a unimaginable vintage watch I just found with pretty much anybody. Indeed, even before I do the exchange. Life is for sharing, and that incorporates watch gathering. Or on the other hand accept it as a piece of the treatment in how to dispose of my GWLD – developing watch-list-jumble. At any rate, my rundown is so long in the interim, that even the amazing offspring of my great youngster will struggle to get to its furthest limit. Also, I am talking just about perusing the watch list of things to get, as I am making an effort not to get everything that’s on there.

Mido:, Lip:

Tickling your taste buds

From now on, when a month I will share a short and punchy determination of my list of things to get watches that stood out for me. Some of them went ahead my way years prior, others a couple of days prior. They may be exceptionally uncommon or over my spending plan, however on the off chance that you end up having any of the watches included, do connect with me.

Counting rules

Never look for designs, until revealed. I just felt like show you this one watch today. So don’t consume me in the event that you discover a $10,000.- USD watch close to one that’s under $50 bucks. “No rules” is my first principle. As a matter of fact, there could be no different guidelines. Or on the other hand pause. Refering to the wellspring of the photos. Every one of them are taken from watch discussions, Instagram records or watch vendor locales, we use them for our instructive reason and we will consistently do the most ideal to distribute the source.

Today’s quintet

Let’s beginning with our determination for July: You will meet the Lip Mémo, a Nivada Wanderer caution watch, a Timex Telephone Dial, a Mido Multi Star and last, yet not least, “tough guy” Bucherer Date 9.

Lip Mémo

I trust RJ will not fire me for what I am going to say. However, look underneath, am I the solitary individual thinking about the Omega Speedmaster Ultraman each and every time I see this Lip Mémo? The dial is a shocker, and it got me with its straight, marginally exacting however at similar perky lines and tones. Can’t choose what I like the most about this watch; hour records, LIP/MÉMO titles, date window or focal orange hand.


Peculiar pivoting bezel

The bezel on the Lip Mémo is punctured and when you pivot it, you reveal one of six little symbols: an envelope, a container, a telephone, a vehicle, a heart and a bundle. Just to help the proprietor to remember something the person needs to recollect. The splendid thought exactly 40 years prior, when Post-Its or even a bunch in a cloth was viewed as the most effective reminders.


Searching for a Lip Mémo

From what I read on the French watch gatherings, the Lip Mémo is presumably dated around the mid 1970s, a time of “functional” watches, similar to the Lip Thermometer we included on Fratello. A portion of the folks compose that it isn’t uncommon, however I haven’t discovered one of every three years. You realize what to do in the event that you end up knowing one of these for sale.

Nivada Grenchen Wanderer

This is a manual breeze caution watch with a turning 12-hour bezel and type known from our late article on Vulcain Crickets . This model accompanied two unique bezels: the dark on-silver or silver-on-dark bezel. What makes the watch stand apart is the typography. Thick and wavy numerals stand out from the perfect dial with the lone predominant – dark or red focal alert hand.


My old love

I discovered that there was one accessible at a bartering in a city close by for a very long time and it didn’t pass for call cost of approx. 400 Euros. It was NOS, had a unique tie, and accompanied the first labels. So in the third month, when I discovered it, I went there to offer. In any case, I wound up in a silly offering battle with another person and I am upbeat I lost. The sledge cost was 1350 EUR. This Nivada Grenchen Wanderer was dazzling it actually holds me back from dozing around evening time some times.

Timex Rotary Dial

I don’t have the foggiest idea how to put it delicately (so I won’t): I scorn this case shape. In any case, that is my concern, obviously. What I don’t disapprove of is the astonishing dial. At the point when I saw the dial on this Timex interestingly, I quickly thought about the orange rotational telephone we had at home when I was a kid.



And here we go. Examination for this article brought additionally data it was accessible in a completely round case. Add an earthy colored dial, striped hand and you get a watch that bounces up a couple of positions on my list of things to get. As indicated by certain sources, the Timex Marlin with a manual breeze development begins from 1976. The Day and date complication make me like the watch more with each and every punch on my console. Time to stop!

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Mido Multi-Star

This is one of the watches I lament I didn’t offer on. To check my idea on the last 200 Euro sticker price – a unique non-conventional wristband, marked crown, fascinating case shape, ocean blue dial, day & date and – drumroll please –  a FISH molded second hand. I don’t have a superior name for it, yet the red skeleton focal second hand is basically amazing. The introduction of my excellent girl a week ago made me forgo offering on this one. All things considered, it is maybe the best pardon in any case for not offering on a watch.


Bucherer Chrono “Date 9”

I had my orange focal second/chrono hand period. That is all. I even made a string on the theme. I think this is one reason why this Bucherer stood out enough to be noticed a couple of years prior. Contemplating my chronicle pics on the model today, it very well may be likewise because of my dark dial period. You know, things get hazy after you have proceeded onward. Or on the other hand was it a date at 9?

Big diameter

I recall plainly I was exceptionally near get one of these huge young men. It was the 41mm breadth that prevented me from getting it, I am not into that. Do you perceive how extraordinary we are? Huge breadth is something that a many individuals pay a premium for, particularly for a 1960s watch. However, a breadth above 40mm may be a work of art for another person. It is dependent upon you to allow your taste to direct you.

Happy chasing and glad adding watches to your list of things to get. Need to share your list of things to get or thoughts, give me a note via or an immediate message on my Instagram account ( ).