Happy Halloween! All things considered, at any rate it’s still Halloween for the West Coast Americans who read our site. On the off chance that going house to house asking for candy isn’t your thing, however, you’re presumably with me in that November 1st brings a wide range of harvest time tones to the cutting edge and one of those shades is undoubtedly orange. Thus, in festival of one of my #1 seasons (between school football closely following – I miss this in Germany – and the special times of year on the way), how about we investigate a somewhat brilliant and happy watch in the vintage Citizen Seven Star APSS 52904-Y. Gracious, and only for your insight, I shot the photos of this beautiful jumper in the old mining town of Prescott, Arizona – which just might be spooky. 🙂

If you’re following along, this is presently our fourth #TBT article zeroing in on a vintage Citizen. I’m a major fanatic of these and in a vintage world that is gone crazy, Citizen addresses one of only a handful few worth plays forgot about there. All things considered, Citizen is a commonly recognized name and keeping in mind that the cutting edge brand’s style of communication by one way or another positions as significantly more mysterious than Seiko, the more established pieces are magnificently made and merit thought. The present Citizen Seven Star APSS 52904-Y was brought into the world route back in 1968 and was accessible in an assortment of dial tones – the orange you see here, blue, silver, red, and dark. What you see here is the JDM form (I got it in the Land of the Rising Sun), so note that send out variants are marginally extraordinary on the dial, hands, and contain a sequential of 4-520858 Y looking into it back.

Like a great deal of more established Citizens, the Citizen Seven Star APSS 52904-Y has gotten verbiage on the two notable destinations that have tackled yeoman’s job in attempting to report the historical backdrop of the brand. See and for additional photos and data. What you’ll probably come away with is that this Seven Star is a significant piece of the Citizen jumper lineage.

The Citizen Seven Star APSS 52904-Y checks in at a critical 44mm in width and is formed in tempered steel. The style is an early interpretation of the c-case that would stay at the tallness of design for generally the following decade. A bi-directional pivoting rubbing fit plunge bezel sits outside the acrylic precious stone. There’s little uncertainty that Citizen was partial to the Rolex Submariner on the grounds that the aluminum decorate bezel is a carbon copy of the Swiss legend’s beside having a flush-fitting lume pip at 12:00. The case comes in at generally 47mm longwise and sports a helpful 20mm haul width – something Citizen’s essential competitor infrequently embraced during this period.

With 100m of water opposition, the Citizen Seven Star APSS 52904-Y would almost certainly be reprimanded as a poseur of a plunge watch, however this complaint is one that is most effectively made looking back. I continually bring this up, and will once more, yet 100m was positively better than expected and all that anyone could need for everything except the most genuine of sporting jumpers. The lone genuine tell that this watch wasn’t made for the genuine profound is the push-in marked crown. While orange has been ruined as being generally neat submerged, the plan of the watch, by and large, is exceptionally intelligible. With a genuine measure of lume on applied lists combined with lumed blade hands, time telling is definitely not risky. To help fill the huge land under the gem, a brilliant minutes ring and afterward an external 24-hour control line the lists. You can see a day/date show at 3:00, which is lined in silver. We cudgel present day watches when they add such data to a generally cleaned up dial, yet by one way or another a 50+ year old Japanese watch pulls off the to some degree fastidious and quirky look easily. The Seven Star probably won’t come off as perfect as, say, an obvious Seiko 6105 yet it’s a looker nonetheless.

The Citizen Seven Star APSS 52904-Y comes on a fairly out of control wristband. In case you’re a devotee of the 80’s and 90’s Breitling Rouleaux wristbands found on the Chronomat 7750 Chronographs, this one may be fit for your abilities. Or then again, perhaps you like Speidel wristbands. In any case, you get the thought since this steel arm band is basically a progression of level slats.

The fasten is basic and unsigned, yet it conveys the Citizen name on the inside.

The connections can be unscrewed and there’s an intriguing spacer that more likely than not been intended for longer wrists. Without it, the arm band really fits me without eliminating joins. It’s comfortable and, shockingly, isn’t a hair puller.

Inside the Citizen Seven Star APSS 52904-Y, we have the respected 5270. This long-running development highlights 23 gems, can be handwound, and has a brisk setting day and date. It’s a similar development we took a gander at in the Citizen 2812-Y Seven Star jumper not very far in the past. It’s a fine sprinter and from a client viewpoint, effectively as great as anything made by Seiko – the capacity to handwind is especially nice.

The Citizen Seven Star APSS 52904-Y looks phenomenal on the wrist. Regardless of its bigger size, the c-case shape implies that it’s almost square in its measurements and, thusly, fits a weak wrist like mine. The case is thin and that makes it simple to wear under a shirt sleeve. The gem stretches out over the bezel, however the whole watch actually stays meager. It’s profound, however not excessively so. Consider it about 75% as weighty as one of the Hardlex-prepared Seiko 6105’s and you’d be near the imprint. I’ve seen some wear these watches with something like a Tropic and they look extraordinary as well.

A Citizen Seven Star APSS 52904-Y can be discovered from time to time on eBay, yet is best found in its nation of source: Japan. Costs range from generally $400 up to the indecent, yet I question they really sell at preposterously recorded levels. The piece you see here is in rough shape and appears as though it got its solitary scratches – on the gem – by lying in a work area. It took some vivacious offering to come out on top, however was beneficial eventually. As referenced, it’s a decent foil to the various late 60’s Seiko jumpers one sees on numerous Instagram takes care of and the watch yields nothing as far as quality.

The Citizen Seven Star APSS 52904-Y is a cool piece that not just dukes it out competitively with contemporary Seiko’s, yet in addition with numerous Swiss bits of its day. As expressed a few months prior, we’ll continue exploring intriguing Citizen pieces to help out eliminate a portion of the secret encompassing the brand’s more established pieces. Opening secret? There’s nothing creepy about that. Until sometime later…