Today on #TBT, we’ll investigate what I believe is an unheralded exemplary in the Citizen Jet Auto Dater. Most would likely take one gander at this watch and excuse it at this point another unknown Japanese dress watch similarly that most disregard universal “three hands and a date watches” from Swiss brands. In any case, a look inside and a nearer assessment of the subtleties uncover that there’s a smidgen more to this Citizen than meets the eye. This story isn’t completely about a development, yet it’s unquestionably the star of the show.

I’ve conceded in past articles that I’m a sucker for falling into bunny openings while looking for watches. Regardless of whether it’s on eBay or a specific Japanese sale site, these companies have a method of recommending “different things you may like” at the lower part of postings. Thus it was, around a year prior, that I was fishing through promotions for vintage Citizen jumpers when different, bigger Citizen dress watches started springing up on the page as a come-on. I chose to tap on a few of these advertisements and that prompted much more promotions – fail to remember a hare opening… this was more similar to a wormhole and I was profound inside it! Be that as it may, at long last, I unearthed the Citizen Jet Auto Dater you see here.

You may ask, and you’d be completely option to do as such, how I picked this Citizen Jet Auto Dater among what should in a real sense be a great many distinctive Citizen (and Seiko besides) vintage dress watches. All things considered, I had been doing some side and I discovered what is commonly seen as the brand’s first plunge watch, the . Presently, this is an incredibly significant watch today and I’d love to possess one, yet what looked fascinating to me was the movement.

In doing , incidentally, the “Stream” arrangement of developments was just Citizen’s second invasion into making programmed developments. An earlier development was around for a couple of years until the Jet line came in during 1962 and it went on until the mid 1960’s. As a completely in-house planned development, the Jet was and is novel because of its equipped 360-degree rotor with a wavering load outwardly of half of its width. Simply peering inside uncovers something totally different from your normal automatic.

With 27 gems, the type /1121 inside the Citizen Jet Auto Dater breaks along at a relaxed 18,000 bph and has a force hold of about 45 hours. While the date isn’t quickset, it very well may be changed all the more rapidly by moving the hands back to 9pm and afterward forward to 12 PM. The development can be handwound and this is the place where things are somewhat unique. That enormous inside rotor skims more than 9 gems and has a truly slick mechanical feel when turning the adequate unsigned crown. As one of the articles expresses, the Jet was supplanted after a couple of long periods of creation, as style patterns of the time requested a slimmer movement.

Thankfully, the Citizen Jet Auto Dater isn’t only about the development. There were various Jets to look over and this one stood apart to me. The salmon dial leaped out at me. As to, I’ve yet to discover another, so I think this one has matured seriously from its unique white/silver, however it’s beautiful. It’s basic with applied records, brief track, knife hands and dark print, yet it functions admirably. The other thing I loved from the advertisement pictures was the huge acrylic gem with worked in magnifier. What’s more, the all-pure case? It comes in at a more than good “barely short of” 37mm in distance across and it counts a length of over 45mm. The watch was delivered with its unique spotless arm band, however it looked so confused plan savvy to me (excessively particular, and not in an itemized fine way – think Speidel gone wild and you’re there) that I traded it out for a 18mm strap.

When I assessed the Citizen Chrono Master , Citizen’s response to Grand Seiko, I commented that the watch was a commendable adversary in many viewpoints, yet that the case itemizing was somewhat deficient. That watch dated to 1965 and, strangely, I discover this Citizen Jet Auto Dater from 1962 to contain a more significant level of finishing.

Take a glance at those wound drags and how the bezel meets the case and I think you’ll concur that Citizen put some genuine exertion into this watch. Indeed, I’d contend that this watch would look rather dressy and suave whenever combined with a dark crocodile strap.

The Citizen Jet Auto Dater is one of a large number of extraordinary vintage watches from the “other” Japanese brand. Beside its intriguing development, it most likely doesn’t stand apart as anything especially extraordinary, however its huge size, great form quality and stunning dial make it smart and important to me. Goodness, and did I notice that I got it for an astounding $75? Not all that terrible in the event that I do say so myself. Until sometime later…

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