Today, on #TBT, we investigate a Calendar Auto Orient Diver, another uncommon 1960’s Japanese diver.  Oh, and Happy fourth of July!

Unless you’re a genuine Japanese watch otaku, this could without much of a stretch be the first run through you’ve looked at the Calendar Auto Orient Diver ref. T19735.  It’s not a common watch and it’s a watch that I’d just a few times in the back corners of gatherings when inquisitive people chose to ask what it was and what it very well may be worth.  Replies to such inquiries were frequently nonexistent.  But when you’re cruising through deals and closeout locales in Japan, you unearth things – bunches of things.  indeed, I as of late took responsibility for nice tranche of generally uncommon Japanese pieces that we’ll be highlighting here on Fratello.  This Orient turns out to be one of those watches and because of its simple on the eyes looks, I figured it was a decent spot to start.

Calendar Auto Orient Diver – Pure 1960’s

This Calendar Auto Orient Diver isn’t the first run through we’ve covered a watch from the brand.  It was really about a year prior that I investigated another jumper, a Weekly Auto Orient King Diver , and left away intrigued with the size and looks of the watch.  Yes, it was somewhat of a compressor poseur, however it had a cool development and some genuine generally presence.  With today’s watch, we get something that has standard jumper looks, yet with some one of a kind style on the case.

40 Meters – Another Light Diver from Japan

40 meter jumpers were obviously “a thing” in 1960’s Japan and the Calendar Auto Orient Diver unmistakably falls into that category.  We’ve investigated a few of these up until now and regardless of the way that a considerable lot of you (you’ve advised me, but in an amicable way) don’t have the odd love I have for these early endeavors at sporting watches, you’re as yet going to see a greater amount of them.  Whether it’s the previously mentioned King Diver, the Seiko Silver Wave, or the Citizen Uni, the pattern of light jumpers was probably as large in the 60’s as the water protections were small.

Rare with Little Information On the Internet

This Calendar Auto Orient Diver reference T19735 is a watch where little data exists on the internet.  Via my beginner sleuthing, I’ve discovered comparative models frequently with a similar reference number, yet with various dials, dark bezels, and even models level/non-turning bezels utilizing the equivalent dial.  Due to the materials utilized (more applied records) and simply the general styling, I’d put this Orient more towards the later finish of creation versus earlier.  You’ll see that this rendition contains a case-shaded addition on its uni-directional plunge bezel.  I love the prior Orients too, however the variation you see here looks staggeringly perfect and, somely, nearly modern.  Ok, present day may be going excessively far as I think about the with its steel/aluminum bezel and that’s attempting to be retro.  So, maybe immortal is a more able descriptor.

Classic Dial with Jazzy Touches

The dial on the Calendar Auto Orient Diver is an exemplary with its applied, iridescent indexes.  They look genuinely basic from the outset yet the 6, 9, and 12:00 markers are designed with gem like sides that come to a point.  It adds some inconspicuous “razzle dazzle” to what in particular is generally an intense dial.  I’m additionally a sucker for the silver and lumed bolt hour hand and blade minutes indicator.  Yes, Orient decided to add a date work on this model, however the date wheel with its white foundation functions admirably mind the fine white textual style that’s utilized on the remainder of the dial.  Curiously, Orient went with an almost level acrylic crystal.  It, alongside long stretches of miniature scratches, made capturing this watch a genuine errand, yet, in actuality, it’s not a detractor.  Still, something domed may have “warmed up” the look a piece more.

A Unique Case Shape

I referenced the uniqueness of the 38mm impeccable case on the Calendar Auto Orient Diver and I’d cause you to notice the lugs.  From whatever point you can see that they’re pretty novel among so many of the copycat 60’s plunge watch cases (I’m seeing you, skin divers).  I’d venture to such an extreme as to call them luxurious, however they’re a genuine distinction producer on the watch.  One thing I frequently hear from stalwart Swiss watch authorities is that they regularly discover early Japanese watches to be duplicates (here and there poor, now and then strangely better) of existent Swiss watches.

This case is distinctly unique and it ought to fulfill even the harshest of critics.  The drags are thick from a top view, yet they really incline downwards dramatically.  From the side, they’re additionally thick, yet they drop off towards the case to account for the bezel.  This makes an extremely slim mid case that genuinely feels exceptionally 60’s.  I like it; the execution is impressive and fragile all at once.

38mm Stainless Case – 40mm with the Bezel

I’ve seen these Calendar Auto Orient Diver pieces on processing plant spotless arm bands previously, yet this one showed up with a vintage 18mm elastic tie that was likely produced using a Tropic shape that discovered its approach to Asia after the conclusion of the company.  It’s incredibly flexible and effectively the best non-Tropic, Tropic I’ve held if that makes sense.  It additionally looks wonderful on the watch and my wrist.

Flipping the Calendar Auto Orient Diver to see its rear uncovers what resembles an arrangement snap back.  Actually, there’s some awesome etching that’s now exceptionally worn and just obvious under the correct lighting or under a loupe.  A major, 60’s-looking text style expressing “Diver” is there alongside “perfect water proof”, “stainless steel” and the T19735 reference number.  Inside, we have a 21 gem programmed that can be handwound by means of the marked crown.  It’s not quickset, but rather the date can be hustled along by moving the hands back to 9pm and advance past midnight.

Final Thoughts and Pricing

Buying a Calendar Auto Orient Diver in any variety is an exercise in territorial preferences.  I say this since watches like this are hot in Japan.  They command large cash: we’re discussing at least $1,500 and that’s alongside genuinely wild offering if it’s a bartering (this one accumulated more than 40 bids).  That sort of evaluating is difficult to place into setting if you’re a lifelong aficionado of non-Japanese watches, however the completing, extraordinariness, and generally speaking plan of this Orient make it an advantageous piece of history to collect.  If you’re not completely persuaded, have confidence that we’ll have bounty more that Japanese to impart to you from the right on time to mid-60’s.  Happy hunting…


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