This ahead of schedule up-down Breitling ref. 174 chronograph controlled by a Venus 170 is really an uncommon piece, particularly in a dark dial version.

It would be a stellar chronograph in the event that it had a 38mm case. Indeed, it doesn’t, however it actually makes for a fantastic watch. The plan, creativity and extraordinary inclination under your fingers when you begin playing with the clock capacities all add to the wow factor of this 33mm Breitling chronograph.

Baby Breitling

Bigger Breitling observes effectively bring north of €2,000 and getting a respectable piece has become increasingly testing. As Mike used to joke, a more modest distance across Breitling is simply excessively little for WatchFred  (check his , if his name doesn’t ring the ringer), so you actually can discover some around. I recognized this Breitling ref. 174 at  that offers reasonable looks at reasonable costs. This little diamond caught my eye quickly, so I called dibs. Truly, any value south of €1,000 euros for a nice Breitling chronograph is reason enough to open up a container of Champagne.

Breitling ref. 174

As consistently when I consider buying any Breitling, I connected with Fred to get his contemplations on it first. To cite him, “the Breitling ref. 174, for example waterproof cal. 170 is very uncommon, acceptable dark dial models are truly uncommon.” As far as we could discover, the Venus type 170 was dispatched in 1938 and could be found in the 1939/40 Breitling inventories onwards. As a graciousness from Fred, to whom we are thankful, we are adding a couple of significant screen captures from early Breitling catalogs.

There are a couple of realities worth taking note. The assortment of chronographs on offer is awesome. You can discover watches with various case shapes, carry shapes, dial or hand styles. A bunch of chronographs highlighted in the 1940 Breitling inventory is presented with a feature perusing, “Low Priced Chronographs.” Just investigate this page and you can see oval, round, and rectangular pushers. There is a snail track dial or throb dial, thicker and more slender cases. Furthermore, the equivalent can be said about the carries. The choice in the base right corner is by all accounts the nearest guide to the chronograph highlighted today.

Minimalistic perfection

Some individuals say that what’s minuscule is excellent and this case genuinely conveys on that proclamation. The case extents are even, with the hauls neither excessively long, excessively short, nor excessively plump. The general look gives you the impression of an energetic watch. A major piece of the watch’s difficult to-oppose adorableness must be ascribed to the round pushers. In the event that you know about Breitling chronographs from that range, you need to concede that the round pushers stand out.

Where is my bezel?!

Calm down, please. I guarantee you, there is no bezel missing. Despite the fact that I should admit, I was somewhat astounded as well. During my first days with the Baby Breitling, I was unable to pinpoint what was so unusual when I took a gander at it from above. Simply after nearer review of the ventured upper ring around the dial did I understand what it helps me to remember. This specific Breitling case fundamentally resembles an Omega Speedmaster deprived of its bezel. Typically, the upper ring is level or inclines down slowly from the middle aside. This one resembles its prepared for a bezel establishment. After my psyche prepared the eccentricity of this surprisingly ventured profile, I presently discover it amusingly crude and original.

Black sea

The dial was the principle motivation behind why I chose to land this Breitling ref. 174. Dark dial adaptations are difficult to come around and the equivalent can be said about the very much protected lume. I’m glad that here, the two subtleties are entirely combined. The matt dark appears to be really worn out on the sun. A few spots seem like they chose to surrender the battle with daylight and blurred into lighter pale shadows that spread generally around the sub-registers. It happened delicately and it’s noticeable just under nearer examination. All else appears to be leveled out with the dark dial keeping up its unique glory.

Lume stop

The Arabic numbers and particularly the lume styling have a place with the main three in my watch assortment. The lume mass is thick to such an extent that it looks juicier than a robust portion of mustard on your morning eggs. Take a gander at number eight or ten, the exactness of the mass application is of crazy quality. It becomes considerably more crazy when you understand that Breitling was selling it as a “Low Priced Chronograph.” It just demonstrates that eighty years prior much less expensive things were worked to endure for eternity. Circumnavigating my UV light over the dial makes the numbers imagine they’re making a decent attempt to gleam. It resembles attempting to get my canine to take a stroll at 2 AM. Notwithstanding, it bears rehashing that the lume material is around 80 years of age and it’s difficult to trust it hasn’t been contacted along the way.

Chronograph testing

To see a sub-seconds and moment counter at 6 and 12 is substantially more reviving than the commonplace arrangement at 3 and 9. At the point when I place my finger over the top counter, I see a quite nice three-hander. A straightforward detail, for example, putting the moment counter at 12 changes to such an extent. Enacting the Venus 170 chronograph development interestingly was as important an encounter as it was with Gallet Excelsior Park EP 40-68.

Pressing the upper pusher is regularly simple, with a solid and high snap that appears to happen not right beneath the pusher, but rather shockingly a lot further. The fly like bolt hand in moment sub-register moves from one moment to another unequivocally in the last second of the focal second lap. Resetting the chronograph is similarly fulfilling. The snap of the base pusher sounds more empty. The trip of the focal second hand back to zero is one of my number one subtleties. It is jingly, however that move helps me to remember a slap. I utilize the chronograph regularly when this Breitling ref. 174 turns out to be on my wrist.

Shotgun notes

The unpretentious silver early-style Breitling logo looks as adorable as heavenly messengers on Raphael’s works of art. The needle hands have kept the lume unblemished, without a solitary break. Brief track with numbers detained in it is imprinted in a respectable, brilliant tone. Four lines looking into the issue back are pretty “weighty content,” yet in accordance with the moderate Breitling case back execution. A more slender and more limited light earthy colored cowhide lash with lopsided shading (from anOrdain) wound up as the best counterpart for this Breitling ref. 174, for the time being.

Last thoughts

As merciless as it might sound, the present patterns propose that a 33mm width is an off limits for some, advanced watch fans. I encourage you not to be such an idealist and free your wrist up to more modest measured watches. I dare say that this Baby Breitling shows the most amazing aspect dial imaginativeness and dependent on my own insight, it never felt lost on my wrist. Just wearing large watches is exhausting. Are you prepared to separate your stereotype?