The Alpina Standard Leihuhr, a client assistance wonder that inspires the gentlemanhood of a whole era.

Singular watch

I was searching for a single word depiction for a decent ten minutes. I think SINGULAR, as extended by the does the employment opportunity on all levels. The Alpina Standard Leihuhr doesn’t have the superb atmosphere of a moon or jumping race. It doesn’t have discussions with overexcited individuals making a great many strings about each and every detail from the lists to the arm band. What is it about? For me the Alpina Standrad Leihuhr embody the spirits of pleasant habits and gentlman-boat of long term failed to remember. This inconspicuous watch helps me to remember what there ought to be a greater amount of in this world. Tender loving care, day by day experience, courtesy.

Leihuhr or service watch

I knew „they” existed. I discovered a Facebook post on my channel from a little adornments and watch store that depicted their act of loaning you a trade watch while you sat tight for service & fix to be done on yours when you acquired it for an examination. This seems like virtuoso in its straightforwardness and liberality. The possibly equal I can consider today is the point at which you figure out how to present your vehicle bumper or guard to another vehicle or divider. On the off chance that you are smooth (or financially sound) enough, you get a service vehicle to utilize while it’s being fixed. I was intrigued to find out about the service watch idea. By and by I had motivation to stare off into space about the 1960’s “mad men” era.

Alpina Service Watch  = Lucky Catch

Ironically, I was in London for a conference on client experience when I saw an Instagram post from the folks at with a NOS Alpina watch with a ‚LEIHUHR’ engraving on the dial. As I have a sweet spot for Alpina all in all, I contacted the folks and took care of business. In the event that you discover me another authoritatively dial marked vintage service watch and I will send you a jug of a wine. Show me another Alpina Standard Leihuhr and I will send both of you! On account of my web crawlers and search robots on all the current and non-existing watch locales, I have seen many Alpina Standard models. Yet, none of them accompanied a particularly valuable dial modification.

Story behind

I asked Analog/Shift on more foundation data on where the Alpina Standard Leihuhr came from. All I know is that the watch was brought to them by a more seasoned lady who throughout the long term purchased up bunches of adornments and watches at closeout houses. They were basically sitting failed to remember in her extra space throughout the previous twenty years. This piece was important for her assortment and was likely bought in a similar condition at some point in the 1990’s in New York.

Dangerously NOS

Whenever I am assessing a declared NOS watch, I think about this Alpina Standard Leihuhr. Simply take a gander at it. Be mindful so as not to get cut on the extremely sharp case edges. Also, I don’t have a clue how to put this, however I like gazing at the case back. Indeed, there isn’t anything there. No brand. No enemy of steel-whatever-sign. Only a couple small numbers and that is it. Simply an ideal, fresh out of the box new brushed surface helping me to remember a morning ski piste.

Elegant and Sporty Alpina

Describing the dial may on the Alpina Standard Leihuhr may appear to be somewhat of an exhausting activity. A white pearl surface, basic records polished off with lume spots on the external ring and arabic numerals at 12, 3, 6 and 9. Cut or somewhat sunk sub-seconds with fair dainty 5 sec markers. That is it. I don’t plan to offer it to you as the most energizing plan at any point executed, yet the completing adds to the general clean flawlessness. The hand style, case shape, meager carries and numeral text style all make for a new and present day look. On the off chance that you compare it to different watches, this plan from numerous points of view gazes more upward to-date than same period competitors.

Value holder

All of us that have attempted to get a time right clasp for their ‚liebling’ Omega watch understand getting a watch with a unique clasp, yet the first lash as well. A ton of watches go through our hands, however to feel a unique cowhide tie from the 1960’s or 1970’s is a feeling like no other. This Alpina Standard Leihuhr came to me on a lash that grandstands sparkling ALPINA marking on the internal side.


The restricted, thick and diletantish clasp is the cherry on top of the cake. I accept watches are made to be worn, so I generally don’t really think about to NOS watches and simply begin getting a charge out of them. Like when I wasn’t reluctant to gather a few scratches on my Seiko VoiceNote arm band. I’m not scared of losing esteem. I live with the watches. However, with this Alpina Standard Leihuhr, I picked to change the tie for a quality substitution to secure the first one. This watch is a genuine unicorn to me.

Going more profound with the Alpina Standard Leihuhr

Having said that, I invested a ton of energy messaging the two companions and outsiders the same to uncover more data on the Alpina Standard Leihuhr or service watches. Here are a portion of the learnings I gathered throughout the long term. Scarcely any enormous retailers around – regardless of whether in Prague or in Vienna didn’t react to my inquiries at all or in the event that, with ‚negative’ input saying they had never known about something like this. However when you google more modest watch looks around, you actually can discover such a service being offered today.

Galli family business

Upon my examination I stumbled across the established in 1882. Author Paul Galli was supposedly the main watchmaker in Zurich to place electric lights in his presentation window, something that shocked his competition. He developed close associations with attendants altogether the great lodgings who might then allude sightseers straightforwardly to Galli on the Bellevue. The business is as yet in hands of the Galli family today and their present supervisor Marco caused me by revealing some intriguing information.

Mario and Marco Galli holding their own service watch with Roskopf movement

Wisdom of elders

We live in a period where a ton of information is kept alive just in the personalities of the last living watch proprietor. Marco examined the service watch subject with his dad who steered of the privately-owned company in 1983 at age of 24. „In the 1990’s, Hublot likewise made a Leihuhr. It seemed as though a Jensen watch and there was MDM composed on the dial, and the client was permitted to keep it after the maintenance was finished,” Mario Galli recollects.

Breitling service watch

„Also Breitling used to offer a basic Leihuhr back in the days,” Mario Galli proceeds. The prospect of seeing a Breitling service watch made me truly energized. I showed this reality to prestigious Breitling gatherer and master : „I have never seen a Breitling set apart as a “Leihuhr”, however it’s a fascinating topic,” said Fred. I have no evidence that such a Breitling watch existed, yet Mr. Galli’s memory appears to be reliable. Might you have any extra data on the theme, don’t hesitate to impart to us.

Galli service watch

„Leihuhr or at last Ersatz-Uhr, that’s what we used to call the service,” Marco Galli clarifies. „We offered it up until the 80’s. It was a basic mechanical watch, which had our company name on the dial and was fueled by Roskopf developments. They were not costly, but rather precise,” Marco proceeds. „But when the Swatch watches showed up, we quit offering the service essentially on the grounds that our clients liked to purchase a Swatch to reveal to them the time while their other watch was being serviced.”

Back to the roots

„It seems like a cool plan to take service watches back to life,” Marco Galli accepts our communication as a motivation. Furthermore, he isn’t the one and only one! Hans Mikl, watchmaker from Vienna made a service watch of his own. The name Uhrmachermeister and Wien city are great marking that gives his shop that top notch edge. The model Lara, as he named it even got a refreshed variant after some time.

Service watch Lara by Hans Mikl (, Hublot MDM (

Final thoughts

From a horological viewpoint service watches are nothing marvelous. However it is this human, or suppose consumer loyalty viewpoint, that increases the value of this watch. It’s additionally a token of once existing premium services that are so consistent with watches – those exact delicate systems. We as a whole realize we have iPhones to disclose to us when our watches are in service. Or on the other hand for 10 bucks we can get quartz watch with more exact specs than our vintage will at any point have, even in the wake of being serviced. In any case, the Leihuhr, and the Alpina Standard Leihuhr specifically, is about the sentimentalism of a period a distant memory. A time that left us with some straightforward yet novel – and I am not reluctant to say – uncommon watches.