During one of the parties we coordinated, we ran over this uncommon Omega Constellation that one of the visitors acquired. Presently, I need to concede that I have a shaky area for the Constellation. Not just the Constellation pie-dish models from the 1950’s or the new Constellation Globemaster, yet I additionally end up enjoying the Constellation Manhattan and Constellation’95. Some call this an indulgence, however I don’t feel uncomfortable at all to concede this. All things considered, I even own a Constellation’95 in gold & spotless steel.

Introduced as a quartz chronometer (Caliber 1431) and later on the Constellation was additionally fitted with programmed chronometer developments. Our companion and Constellation authority Desmond did a meeting with Carol Gygax-Didisheim which can be found .

The Constellation Manhattan was accessible in treated steel, steel & gold and gold. Despite the fact that US entertainer Robert Wagner promoted for the Constellation in the mid 1980’s, the watch could be found on numerous celebrated individuals, including leader of the Soviet Union Gorbachev. Indeed, even on ongoing pictures of Gorbachev you will find his full gold Constellation Manhattan.

As consistently, numerous varieties were made on the fruitful Manhattan plan, yet nothing truly sticked with the exception of the first molded Constellation as Carol Gygax-Didisheim designed. Mid-1980’s, the plan changed a piece and the Roman numerals moved to the bezel (instead of the dark bezel). Additionally, the hooks lost its underlying capacity and now just pushed on the bezel. You could consider this to be as the in the middle of model before the Constellation’95 was presented, generally celebrated for envoy Cindy Crawford’s “My Choice” campaign.

Constellation ‘Star’

One of the Constellation models at the time that merits a significant notice, is the Constellation ‘Star’ from 1992. Tragically I just found the women model, yet there was a gent’s model also, without precious stones on the bezel. The Constellation ‘Star’ from 1992 was just conveyed to the German market, both with the blue lapis lazuli dial. This watch is vital as it accompanied a precious stone on the dial, which could be situated at any area dependent on the client’s inclinations. Besides, and this made it truly unique, is that the customer could name a genuine star after their name (or whatever name the customer needed). This would be registered authoritatively with the International Star Registry. Additionally, a star was named “Omega Constellation” effectively in 1991. The proprietor of the watch would likewise get an authority testament with the situation of the star (situated in the Cygnus constellation) and the name of the star would be engraved for the situation back of the Constellation.

Although that watch merits a story all alone, today we talk about the gold Constellation that is viewed as the model in the middle of the Manhattan and the Constellation’95. It is essentially a similar model as the Constellation ‘Star’ from 1992, yet without the lapis lazuli dial and so on The Constellation with Omani Swords traces all the way back to 1994.

Constellation Omani Swords

This Constellation, in full 18 carat gold, was created in 1994 however is as yet thought to be the ‘Manhattan’ by Omega. Evidently, this name possibly changed in 1995 when the plan turned into a smidgen more smooth on the edges. The primary contrast was in the dial plan however and particularly the hands. In 1995 the Constellation got dauphin hands (effectively included on the ‘Stars’), changing the whole look of the face as I would like to think. Nonetheless, this 1994 ‘Manhattan’ has a gold dial with round hour markers and a printed minute track.

This specific watch has reference 1100.10 (case ref.368.1075) and uncommon. Since it is full gold, yet in addition in light of the engraved caseback.

It shows the public image of Oman, comprising of a khanjar (blade) inside its sheath that is superimposed upon two challenged. Embraced in the eighteenth century as the identification of the Omani imperial family, it in this way turned into the public image of the Sultanate of Oman.

As you can see, the caseback is unique and instead of the standard ‘Observatory’ emblem, it currently includes a pleasantly engraved Omani Swords logo. The gold stamps can be found in the rear of the case as well.

This was not ordinary creation by Omega obviously, but rather done on solicitation for a customer. Obscure is who this customer was at first. There could be no further history known on this piece or who it initially was sent to.

The Extract of the Archives ( click here for our article on how these concentrates are prepared ) show that it was conveyed to Oman on June 16th, 1994.

Interesting to note is that the development inside is a programmed Omega type 1109, the archetype of their notable type 1120. In light of the ETA2892-A2 development, and brightened and completed the process of as indicated by Omega’s standards.

Later on, in 1999, this development was furnished with a Co-Axial escapement and named Caliber 2500. Other than this programmed development, the Constellation additionally utilized thermo-compensated quartz developments for these models. The programmed models are digit thicker however, because of the elements of the development. This reference 1100.10 Constellation in gold estimates 35mm in width, without crown. A little watch, yet somewhat bigger than the 33.5mm quartz models from the mid 1980’s.

It is somewhat hard to appropriately esteem a watch this way. A hardened steel Omega Constellation ‘Manhattan’ model with type 1109 has a sticker price of around €900, while a gold & tempered steel model gets a couple hundred more. Presently there’s even a restricted release model accessible in gold and hardened steel from the 1990s with a straightforward case back and exceptional logo for €1250. Regardless of whether these watches are underestimated or essentially disliked, actuality is that these are truly deals in the event that you are into this coordinated plan and can deal with the generally little size.There aren’t numerous out there available to be purchased, yet on Chrono24 you’ll additionally locate various full gold Omega Constellation ‘Manhattan’ arrangement. Presently, there is one reference 1100.10 on eBay with straightforward caseback, complete with box and papers for a €7900 ‘Buy Now’ cost. I’m uncertain about whether the engraved Omani Swords logo would add some extra to the cost of such a watch, maybe just to the individuals who have an uncommon relationship with Oman.

Whether you like the extraordinary etching or not, there are very some Omega Constellation ‘Manhattan’ keeps an eye out there to find as they were made in numerous varieties. As far as I might be concerned, and I’ve said it two or multiple times in different articles, I accept that specific watches ought to have a bit of gold. Regardless of whether it is a vintage 1980’s Rolex Datejust, a Cartier Cantos Galbee or an Ebel 1911, the Omega Constellation ‘Manhattan’ is certainly one of them.

*Thanks to Tim for a portion of the pictures of the Constellation ‘Manhattan’ Omani Swords. Because of Maria for modeling.

**We just got an update that this watch has been taken a month ago from the legitimate proprietor. Kindly be cautious when this watch is being offered to you and get in contact with us or potentially nearby police. Chronic number is 49584614.