Ever since “The Autavia Cup” plan crusade in March 2016 , watch darlings have been amped up for the re-issue of the TAG Heuer Autavia. The thought was to permit the public the occasion to look over a not insignificant rundown of memorable Heuer Autavia watches that the TAG Heuer of today would create and deliver only one year later. The summation of that is here, ready to move, and a fairly uncommon item on the off chance that you comprehend it for what it is. I will say that while the TAG Heuer Heritage Autavia Caliber Heuer 02 is obviously exquisite, it takes a specific viewpoint of comprehension to truly acknowledge what TAG Heuer did accurately here.

Prior to examining the TAG Heuer Heritage Caliber Heuer 02 Automatic Chronograph (strangely, despite the fact that ‘Autavia’ is on the dial of the watch, it doesn’t appear to actually be the name of the watch as of composing on the TAG Heuer site), I need to discuss ongoing foundation of the TAG Heuer brand and what the watch market is by all accounts keen on. The most recent decade has been a rough time at TAG Heuer with heaps of initiative changes, fast variances in the normal value purpose of items, here and there extremely huge and assorted sorts of items, and an inward battle of current goal priorities.


Much of that is thought to now be settled under the authority of Jean-Claude Biver—present day saint of the watch business. As the person liable for running the watch division of LVMH (which incorporates TAG Heuer, Zenith, and Hublot, just as Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, and Dior), he is the name in control at TAG Heuer. Jean-Claude has demonstrated to be liberal just as fabulous in his vision toward reconstructing the TAG Heuer brand.

One of the things that Jean-Claude apparently distinguished is that while TAG Heuer had some amazing contributions in the course of the most recent decade, not many of their items felt especially immortal or tasteful. Intentionally or not, Biver’s mission appeared to be one that included returning TAG Heuer to being a plan symbol. A piece of that is shrewdly utilizing everything the brand has done as of recently. The most ideal approach to do that? Take a gander at what the brand’s authorities are pining over. Especially intriguing to numerous genuine watch gatherers are driving-themed chronographs from the 1960s and 1970s. Who was making a great deal of those? Heuer obviously. Hence, TAG Heuer today “owns” the historical backdrop of making these old chronographs, which are today pined for by uber fans. Does it bode well to make those equivalent plans again for today?

This very inquiry has been perhaps the most mainstream in the contemporary watch industry, yet it tends to be replied in the confirmed in a shockingly huge number of ways. Now and then modifying something old works out to being an astounding thought, and at times the thought is dead before it left the production line. In responding to the subject of how to leave a mark on the world applicable for now, TAG Heuer has never addressed in a way that is better than with the Autavia Caliber Heuer 02. I’ll endeavor to clarify my thinking for this below.


I will anyway offer the outline of my contention now. I feel that the combination of utilizing a wonderful, viable, and exemplary plan blended in with a completely current and competent development that’s appropriately bundled for today’s customers is the equation TAG Heuer followed for progress here. Actually the Autavia is not the slightest bit a “vintage” watch outside of its tasteful. In all regards this is an absolutely “today” machine. I’m going to concoct another term for watches this way and that is a watch wearing “vintage camouflage.”

You see, preceding the Autavia being near (once more), TAG Heuer had this astounding development called the Caliber 1969 and later as the CH 80. For a progression of reasons when Jean-Claude Biver got on he expected to mothball the CH 80 undertaking until additional notification. The development was made and planned in-house, and likely the best current chronograph the brand has made (which is stating a ton). Individuals thought Biver murdered it. I knew better. Biver was simply trusting that the correct second will utilize the development, which in numerous regards was too comparative in value highlight the additionally in-house made Caliber 1887.


The CH 80 was later renamed for a third an ideal opportunity to the Caliber Heuer 01, and given another visual look to cause it to feel considerably more current. Glance through the caseback of the Heritage Autavia and you won’t see something that looks even distantly old. Or maybe, you’ll see perhaps the most present day looking Swiss mechanical developments accessible at this cost, however it actually has signs of industry custom, for example, adornment on the development spans as Geneva stripes. The uncovered segment wheel for the chronograph is painted in a game red—only for fun.



The Caliber Heuer 02 has a vertical grip for the chronograph which gives it an exceptionally fulfilling and exact feel while working the pushers. This feels likely in a way that is better than the majority of the first Heuer Autavia Chronographs from years back. The light-shaded subdials are rubrics of readability on account of the marginally recessed matte light silver dials and high differentiation dark markers and hands. The general accessibility of blank area causes the generally small spaces to feel greater and hence simple to peruse. Such dark exercises in clarity have since a long time ago been lost to most present day wrist watch dial plans. The solitary signs for these exercises are in examining old plans. While everything has its eccentricities, this reference CBE2110.FC8226 is A-grade mosaic of numerous great plan rehearses with regards to exact instrument watches that our style-disapproved of extravagance planners aren’t continually contemplating today.

TAG Heuer is acquiring protected innovation from itself for this venture, and I cheer them for utilizing it. Leave me alone sure to advise you that this is in no way, shape or form TAG Heuer’s first effort to make a re-arrival of a vintage watch. Truth be told, TAG Heuer was re-delivering vintage watches since before it was mainstream, harking back to the 1990s. TAG Heuer doesn’t consistently communicate about it, however the brand has a ton of exploring in its DNA. The Autavia isn’t about exploring, yet rather confirmation that TAG Heuer isn’t simply a watch creator, yet fit for delivering plan symbols. In that sense the Autavia is very nearly a proclamation to the remainder of the top of the line watch industry from TAG Heuer saying “we own this look,” inferring that no “respectable brand” can suitable it for their upcoming watches.

At simply over $5,000, the Heritage Autavia Caliber Heuer 02 is a decent measure of watch. Worth can be found wherever from the noteworthy put-togetherness to the itemized dial and the amazing development. If it was well known enough, this is the sort of watch which in a hot purchasing climate could go for over the retail cost. TAG has a hot woman on their hands, and it will be dependent upon them to keep this kind of involvement item reliably so cleaned. I think the truth here is that TAG Heuer truly set aside a great deal of effort to ensure this item satisfied everyone’s expectations. I don’t think they will allow anybody to down. Indeed, no matter how you look at it TAG Heuer’s item is improving and better. That, yet TAG Heuer is effectively engaging a wide assortment of purchaser socioeconomics who regularly don’t share a lot of practically speaking with each other. For instance, the TAG Heuer of today makes this Heritage Autavia, the Connected Modular smartwatch, the skeletonzied Carrera Heuer 01, a tourbillon, alluring women watches, and much more. The fact is that TAG Heuer figured out how to discover the space to cut out one more specialty for vintage-style present day device watches.

The least vintage thing about the Autavia is the case size. While it is the ideal size for me at 42mm wide and about 17mm thick, genuine vintage watches were commonly a lot more modest (however Heuer has some greater pieces). The explanation this is imperative to make reference to is that vintage watch extents don’t consistently interpret when swelled. That isn’t an issue here in light of the fact that the Autavia seems to have been planned starting from the earliest stage as something new—rather than simply something that follows visual topics found in more established designs.

For reasons like that I feel that TAG Heuer has created an ideal watch for plan darlings. We as a whole know them, those folks fixated on a specific stylish that go crazy attempting to locate the specific right look. TAG Heuer has culminated the 1960s style “panda dial” sports driving chronograph in a moderate piece from a confided in brand. Tudor did likewise with the Heritage Black Bay. They developed a hot vintage-style look and enveloped a cutting edge watch by it. The look exemplifies a subject so well and is additionally in a cutting edge bundle. In a more costly manner Rolex does this as well.

One of the most intriguing components of the Autavia is the determination of tie and wristband alternatives. TAG Heuer in the long run picked an absolutely retro-looking steel metal arm band and an earthy colored calfskin tie that seems as though it was produced using a very much worn baseball glove (the tie is really earthy colored camel cowhide). The decisions seem particular from the outset, yet are deliberate. They are design decisions and they work in light of the fact that both the lash and arm band (each in their own particular manner) offer a surprising feeling of character to the watches. The arm band is unmistakable in light of the fact that you just don’t see anything like it today—so “bringing it back” is novel. The cowhide lash isn’t just intended to look matured, however matured in a specific way. None of that happens except if somebody fixates on the subtleties—and plainly the group who set up this watch at TAG Heuer had a good time (and likely made some helpless providers insane) singling out how the Heritage Autavia planned to come together.


As a 12 hour-style bezel, the one on the Heritage Autavia moves in the two ways, with an all around designed feel. This bezel can be utilized to check down hours, just as act to help reference a subsequent time region. The face is three layers including the lower chronograph subdials, principle dial, and raised cleaned hour markers. The luminant shading is made to look more established being tan-hued. Individuals complain now and again that this is simply “faux patina” and intended to make the luminant look old. Indeed, that is consistent with a degree, yet what is additionally obvious is that these tones look more appealing than white. This is the reason fashioners continue to favor different grayish tones that end up happening when luminant ages.

The bezel embed is aluminum, which is the lone piece of the watch I wished was in present day earthenware. TAG Heuer picked aluminum since it offers a look that is difficult to recreate in different materials, for example, the significantly more scratch-safe earthenware material. Let’s simply trust that when Autavia proprietors send in their looks for administration, the cost to supplant the bezel embeds with new ones that aren’t scratched up isn’t too much.

Another little issue is the AR-covering on the domed, box style sapphire precious stone. The dial is consistently intelligible gratitude to its general plan, yet there can be glare on the precious stone when in direct light. This doesn’t prevent me from needing the watch, however. As a game watch, the cleaned steel case is water-impervious to 100m and feels adequately stout to persevere through some maltreatment. The crown doesn’t screw-down, which makes me need to recommend that nobody should swim with it.


Speaking of case cleaning, TAG Heuer did a pleasant occupation at this value point. It helps me to remember the clean you’d see on one of the more pleasant Breitling watches, for example, a Navitimer or Chronomat. The clean is exceptionally even, which causes a decrease in visual haze. This additionally causes you see the different points of the case better, which is significant since valuing the style of the case is a vital advantage of wearing it. Indeed, even the knurling around the turning bezel is shown improvement over a ton of other stuff out there.

Of course you’ll notice the absence of “TAG Heuer” marking on the dial. This is on the grounds that when the Autavia (like other TAG Heuer Heritage models) was delivered, the company was still called “Heuer.” TAG Heuer has embraced the act of mostly calling their Heritage (vintage-style) watches “Heuer.” This satisfies fans, and is additionally astute since TAG Heuer claims the rights to the “Heuer” name too.

“TAG Heuer” is anyway unmistakably imprinted on the development – so there are no questions who is behind this mechanical creation. The development is amazingly productive in its development at only 168 sections, which is extremely lean for a chronograph. I think A. Lange & Söhne chronograph could have 300 – 400 sections effectively (German over-designing at its best). The Heuer 02 works at 4Hz with a pleasant, long force hold of 75 hours. Capacities incorporate the time, date (less perfectly coordinated into the dial at 6 o’clock) and a 12 hour chronograph.

One thing on the dial causes me to pose an inquiry that I don’t have a response to, and it is altogether conceivable I am over-thinking it. Instead of the commonplace “Swiss Made” on the dial, the TAG Heuer Heritage Autavia simply says “Swiss.” For “tradition loving” individuals, I can’t consider that to be being a mishap. I’m not saying the Autavia isn’t Swiss Made, yet I don’t understand what just “Swiss” means—and come to consider it, I’ve never seen that. Is this just a glad sign of character that shuns the fading message of what “Swiss Made” really intends to purchasers and basically more for the most part attests Switzerland’s profound established arrangement of social qualities that have permitted the top of the line watch industry to continue? It very well may be an extremely savvy advertising move for “the genuine Swiss brands” to stand up and gladly state thusly. Notwithstanding what this small estimated dial text even methods, it is another argument that gatherers will no uncertainty have awfully numerous lagers attempting to decipher.

I’ve been informed that the “Heuer” arm of TAG Heuer will for the present remain its own different district of the bigger brand devoted to a specific kind of gatherer. Those people won’t have to blend with looks for youngster icons and DJ stars, which TAG Heuer has associated with entirely unexpected items they make. That’s likely uplifting news since it implies that since TAG Heuer makes something an aficionado isn’t by and by enthusiastic about, that they won’t make something different that that equivalent individual will be sharp on.

If I was on the lookout for a watch around $5,000 and cherished the viability of vintage sport watch plan however truly valued the nature of an advanced watch, at that point the Autavia should be on my rundown. TAG Heuer is fortunate that Omega Speedmasters with type 9900 developments are even more costly by a fair edge. Also, TAG Heuer has an additionally welcoming person on foot quality in the majority rule agreeability of the Autavia plan. While there is an eye catching try to please cleaned case, this isn’t a blingy watch at all. This has the allure of a very good quality vintage-style bike since you realize it could do likewise and look more current, yet the originators decided to give it a more passionate and nostalgic look. Added feeling like that is the thing that sells extravagance watches today.

The TAG Heuer Heritage Autavia Caliber Heuer 02 Automatic Chronograph watch comes as the reference CBE2110.FC8226 on the camel calfskin tie evaluated at $5,150 USD, or as the reference CBE2110.BA0687 on the lofty wristband valued at $5,300 USD. tagheuer.com

Necessary Data

>Brand: TAG Heuer

>Model: Heritage Autavia Caliber Heuer 02 Automatic Chronograph reference CBE2110.FC8226 as tested

>Price: $5,150 USD

>Size: 42mm wide

>Would commentator actually wear it: Yes.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Anyone with $5,000 to spend who likes exemplary glancing things in current bundles—when both are done very well.

>Best normal for watch: Fantastic incentive for the measure of affection that TAG Heuer put into this item. Offers that “vintage look” numerous individuals respect, however with a strong present day wearing and feeling experience. Possessing a Heuer 02 development merits the cost of admission.

>Worst normal for watch: Slightly more glare on the precious stone than I ordinarily like. Aluminum bezel will age with time as dings and scratches. Some may complain that the case is too thick, yet not lethally so.