Swatch The Netherlands welcomes you to visit their remarkable spring up store to encounter their new Flymagic watches.

Are you prepared to find the profundity of the Swatch Flymagic development, its dynamite advancement and the most recent innovation? Three models, restricted to 500 each, are presently being conveyed to chosen nations. For the Dutch market, a predetermined number of watches will be made accessible of these three Flymagic models. Would you like to get yours? Try to move quickly, as the ‘first come, first served’ rule is applied.

The price of the Swatch Flymagic is €1500, paying little mind to which form of the three.

Discover, experience and hold on:

  • Saturday May eighteenth: 11am – 5pm
  • Sunday May 19th: 1pm-4pm
  • Monday May twentieth: 1pm-5pm
  • Tuesday May 21st: 11am-5pm
  • Wednesday May 22nd: 11am-5pm

Exclusive deal dependent on reservation:

  • Thursday May 23rd: 11am-8pm

The store can be found on those dates at:

FLYMAGIC spring up store

Hobbemastraat 13,

1071 XZ Amsterdam

First come, first served

Reservations must be made in the spring up store, in light of an initially come, first served. There’s a maximum. of 1 reservation for every individual, in light of the accessibility of the watch. The three Flymagic models will be only sold in The Netherlands by means of the spring up store on May 23rd dependent on reservations made in the days before.

More data about the Flymagic

Swatch has picked its new Flymagic line to premiere the creative paramagnetic Nivachron™ hairspring. In a run of the mill Swatch move, Flymagic flips around the watch world (by and by!): the new equilibrium spring, finely completed modules and skeletonized gear train all show up on the essence of the watch – effectively noticeable through the programmed development’s straightforward rotor.

This is top of the line watchmaking with a progressive curve, and the first run through such an inversion has been performed with a Swatch. There’s another Swatch first here, as well – the seconds hand runs backwards!

Swatch Flymagic is the first to coordinate the Nivachron™ balance spring, produced using a recently evolved titanium-based compound with uncommon paramagnetic attributes. Attractive fields in our ordinary climate can contrarily affect mechanical watch developments. The Nivachron™ balance spring diminishes the impeding impact of an attractive field by a factor more than 10, contingent upon the kind of development. This 100% Swiss-made component likewise offers successful protection from changes in temperature and superb stun obstruction, adding to a critical improvement in chronometric execution. Later on, all Sistem51 models will highlight the Nivachron™ hairspring. Swatch Flymagic debuts with three models, each restricted to 500 pieces. 45 mm cases in hardened steel or tempered steel PVD exhibit the interesting, upside down development through an antireflective sapphire gem. All models come with one elastic and two very good quality calfskin lashes. Swatch Flymagic: there’s wizardry in this revolution.

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