In this Sunday morning segment, two of our journalists clash in an epic standoff for the ages. Solid suppositions and hysterical exaggeration are welcome (so don’t hesitate to participate with the fun in the comments segment beneath). And remember to tell us which watches you’d prefer to see destroyed/gushingly exalted one week from now. We’ll attempt to feature as many of our readers’ decisions as we can. Are you ready for cycle two? Next up is the A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus with a luxurious new dial.

While you may in any case be slobbering over the A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk extravaganza we featured earlier today, we’re coming likewise with the second post in our SMS twofold header. That’s right, there is yet more from the celebrated German manufacture for us to long for. Following last year’s controversial drop of the Odysseus stainless steel sports model, Lange has drawn out a range mate several intriguing strap choices for sure. However, no doubt not every person is a fan. Cast your vote as Mike and Rob go hammer and utensils over the latest Odysseus release.

Rob Nudds

If you read our article on the new Zeitwerk model earlier today, you’ll know I’m a fan of the brand. In the event that you haven’t read it yet, look at it and cast your vote. Be that as it may, as a very remarkable fan as I am, I was not completely enthused when the new all-steel A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus appeared last year.

Yes, it was what we’d been waiting for. Indeed, the teasers leading up to the drop were completely on point. And indeed, Lange conveyed a package that was not the slightest bit called in. The massive day/date display was a startling addition. The protrusive “crown platform” down the righthand side of the case was an unanticipated thrive. And that bracelet? Indeed, as far as bracelets go, it was essentially a work of art.

And yet regardless of all of this, I wasn’t overwhelmed. There was something I wasn’t 100% sold on. After seeing the freshest release of the Odysseus, I realize that it was — as I had temporarily thought of — the dial surface. As much as I prefer an unpleasant surface on my spending beaters, the mottled blue dial of the original Odysseus wasn’t some tea.

But now we have an alternative. And it isn’t simply a chromatic variant, God help us. The new gray-dialed Odysseus (in white gold) has a totally unique completion. It is, for my cash, exactly what the range expected to come alive. Aside from the fact the cool, slate gray comes off very on brand, the completion is far more lavish. This is the extravagance alternative to the steel model from last year. As such, it has an extravagance sticker price of €39,500. It could be energetic in style however, realistically, this is an investment model that won’t probably ever see saltwater.

For that reason, the smooth, turbine-style dial feels right comfortable, and finally makes the Odysseus an assortment I’m totally energetic about. Be that as it may, I accept our testy Floridian feels in an unexpected way. Let’s find out…

Mike Stockton

Wow, it’s a harsh day when a Manc calls you irritable, however I surmise I merit it due to my regularly “glass half empty” perspective on things. With regards to the Odysseus, however, you’re going to get served a full glass of empty!

Rob: That’s not so much as a thing…

Mike: It is currently, Bobby, it is presently. See, I just don’t get it when these top of the line dress watch brands choose to dunk their toe into the shark-swarmed energetic watch category. OK, there’s a market out there and item managers will happily trumpet the chance of new income streams. In any case, because a company can go into another kind doesn’t mean that it ought to. Case in point: the Lange Odysseus.

From high upon the Mount Olympus of finely crafted complicated dress watches, Lange chose to peer downward on the waste beneath. What it saw was a swarm of all around obeyed sport watch wearers who have the cash yet no premium in oak-paneled boardroom watches. Along these lines, the lords of Lange gave them a break with the Odysseus. Unfortunately, I find that goody more fair and square of a dog’s breakfast.

Let me give my view on Lange so you don’t misunderstand my aversion for the Odysseus. Models like the Lange 1 are legends all things considered. They boast special looks in a marketplace loaded up with Calatrava wannabes. Their developments are mind boggling and the completing is top notch. In my view, Lange’s assortment takes the current “Blah-tek” contributions to the woodshed and leaves them for dead. Yet, the Oydsseus is a rare misstep.

I like the asymmetry that Lange normally brings to its dials, however on the Odysseus they decided to carry it to the case. I really like that look — on a $1,500 RAF military chronograph. Here, it looks Kickstarter. And then there are the extents. I understand that integrated bracelets are all the rage at the present time, yet why the hellfire are the carries so wide? They dwarf the case and looks about 2mm too wide.

And don’t kick me off on the dial. For a brand that’s all about nuance, it’s as on the off chance that they welcomed the architect of the Ulysse Nardin into the workplace and cribbed a dismissed design. I have almost certainly that everything on the Odysseus is done flawlessly and that the bracelet is as great as Rob states. That being said, it could never discover its way to my wrist. This watch is no bueno in my book.

Rob: Y’know, I figure you did a very great job of repeating pretty much every concern I’ve heard in regards to the Odysseus. Is it off-brand? Was it necessary? Does it make any sense whatsoever? 

Truthfully, I was as skeptical at first as you are still. And I’m not going to patronize you by saying you’ll change your brain when you get it on your wrist. However, I do feel that the conclusions toward this watch configuration will mellow over the long haul. It’s an intense one to take because it is so extraordinary. However, I figure Lange made a smart showing of keeping the watch recognizably Saxon (with the dial) while taking the appropriate dangers with the case (and super-wide strap) to give it a lively bite.

Yeah, you’re right: the bracelet resembled a five-lane highway. I did not think it was a decent glance from the start. Be that as it may, I actually love it now. I think this white gold variant glances at home on the elastic or leather strap (and could you imagine the cost of an all-gold bracelet for sure!). For probably the first time, I favor the leather over the elastic, yet I feel that both accentuate the largeness of the hauls. I think the bracelet embraces everything together, giving it an integrated look that I really burrow. As crazily costly as it would be, I’d love to see this dial on a bracelet. I certainly think that’s a look I think will prevail upon a ton of those vacillating. So what do you say, Mike? Sense that coming down to my side ay time soon?

A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus

    A. Lange and Söhne Odysseus