In this Sunday morning segment, two of our essayists clash in an epic confrontation for the ages. Solid sentiments and insane exaggeration are welcome (so don’t hesitate to participate with the fun in the comments segment beneath). Furthermore, remember to tell us which watches you’d prefer to see destroyed/gushingly magnified one week from now. We’ll attempt to include as a considerable lot of our perusers’ decisions as we can. As springtime breaks across Europe, we’re taking a strongly unseasonal course to observe: The Grand Seiko SBGH269, roused by the autumn.

Ah, the period of death. What’s not to cherish? As a grown-up, it is sheer rapture. School starts. Everything goes calm. The romping positive thinking of spring winds up in a butcher’s window some place, and everything around you reminds you time is running out… So what better approach to cause yourself to feel better compared to buy another extravagance watch? Furthermore, this week we’ve got a genuine whopper for you (all things considered, at any rate that’s what I think…).

Before we start our discussion with respect to the Grand Seiko SBGH269, we should address the consequences of last week’s confrontation. As you would have anticipated, I got my fanny pack gave to me by RJ’s lively safeguard of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore. Presently, while each misfortune stings (this one drops me to 3-3 on the season), I feel very great about corralling more than 40% of the vote. Indeed, it was a strong success for RJ and the Offshore onlookers, however it was a decent beating. Also, apparently, I live to battle one more day. So come on, Hodges. Do as well as can possibly be expected. It’s going to take something exceptional to thump this Japanese magnum opus from is grand perch.

Ben Hodges

When we got the call to discuss this watch, it must be said, the cynic camp was tiny. A skeptic may even surmise that you’re setting yourself up for a simple success, Mr. Nudds. Indeed, I won’t allow that to occur. I truly don’t comprehend why this specific Grand Seiko is so popular.

Rob: A pessimist indeed…

Firstly, the SBGH269 was dropped into approved sellers with no subtleties or ban dates. As word got out, Grand Seiko began reassessing ADs delivering the data and distributions needed to withdraw any posts, as our companions at discovered. Then again, Grand Seiko just did an enormous delivery dump of new oddities this month (which the group covered incredibly here ), however even I battled to keep up. PR isn’t Grand Seiko’s solid point at this moment. At any rate, I was pulled up by RJ in my last SMS for looking at everything except for the actual watch, so here we go…

You notice the SBGH269 is propelled by autumn, yet more explicitly, Grand Seiko says “… the leaves of autumn tones are reflected in the lacquered wooden floors of conventional Japanese engineering.” Floorboards? The motivation for this red dial is planks of flooring?! I’m currently persuaded that the architects at Grand Seiko simply check out their office for motivation. At that point saying it is “distilled Japanese tradition.” Will we see the water-cooler affected dial soon? Or on the other hand why not have fluorescent-tube lighting as indices?

Rob: You do realize that Japanese water coolers are great, right?

To me, the dial here looks like shut red shades at a show’s grand opening. Also, much the same as at a theater, I’m more intrigued to see what’s in the background. In any case, at that point when you flip the watch over, all you get is a splendid green rotor impeding the whole perspective on the development. What precisely are Grand Seiko covering up here? It should be a great deal thinking about how thick this watch is. If I’m not mistaken, this is a period and date watch with 100 meters of water opposition. So why precisely does it need to have a 13.4mm thick steel case to fit a particularly straightforward complication? Kindly teach me here, Rob.

Rob Nudds

Ahem, credit where credit’s due — that was an incredible opening trick. Praising a Grand Seiko (particularly with the committed Fratelli as a group of people) is just about the most minimal hanging and juiciest organic product a man can chomp upon, however in any event I picked one that was enlivened by the reflections found in wood planks to give you a possibility. What’s more, your subsequent point is likewise substantial: Grand Seiko’s communication procedures are some of the time a piece head-scratching. However, here’s the thing with a brand like Grand Seiko, which, let’s face it, is totally item determined: When your items are that great, you don’t truly need to say anything.

Brands like Rolex have the story. Brands like Bremont have the represetatives. What’s more, brands like HYT have amazing horological doozies to switch your money from your pockets. Grand Seiko is its items. The brand truly needs to change its communication model when attempting to break into European business sectors (as the launch of another European arm proposes it is quick to do), at the same time, at last, the actual watches will consistently —  always —  be up front for this genuinely magnificent manufacture.

I truly preferred your theater similarity and will endeavor to repel your analysis of the rear view with one of my own. The one thing I despise about the Grand Seiko models that generally catch my eye (essentially anything controlled by the Spring Drive framework) is the naff case back gem printing. The hello beat specials, as I would see it, have effectively the best case back perspectives on all Grand Seikos. This mottled rotor finish (which we’ve seen before in different tones) helps me to remember kinis (or jails on the off chance that you like) from POGs. Do you recall those? Perhaps not what you need in a multi-thousand-euro watch, yet what would i be able to say. Pogman lives in me. What’s more, what are watch authorities if not large children that found an acceptably grown-up leisure activity to fixate over?

Sure, the rotor is green. It’s somewhat odd. Furthermore, as our dear Karina called attention to, alongside the gold brand logo on the dial, makes for a more bubbly than autumnal undertaking. Yet, come on, Ben. It just. Looks. Cool. Yet, not as cool as the up-coming water cooler restricted, I’ll give you that…

Ben: You intrigue me, Rob. You’ve made it this far without referencing the quality completing, or the utilized the feared term, “zaratsu”. Sometime in the past Grand Seiko was offering incomparable incentive for cash. The thing is, that time has now passed. At $6,400, I completely anticipate that the SBGH269 should have first rate cleaning. Talking about that cost, you’re endeavoring to influence me by alluding to the rotor as a POG?

Does the notched dial help you to remember the output lines of a Tamagotchi, while we’re having a 90s throwback?

Rob: Well, in any event you don’t need to make sure to take care of your Grand Seiko…

And with regards to the completing, these days it’s right around an unsettled issue. Maybe the instance of the SBGH269 is, as you notice, so thick to give the cleaning craftsmans of the GS fabricate space to employ their art. In any case, everybody who’s considering purchasing a GS realizes that the completing is totally top rack. Yet, it’s the equivalent for the entirety of the brand’s items. It isn’t what makes this one specifically special.

And, amigo, the cost is still a major in addition to for models like the SBGH269. Indeed, some of Grand Seiko (and Seiko’s) evaluating is more befuddling to take a gander at than an Escher while high, however these models, given their immediate market competition, address a decent purchase regarding blast for beans.

Ben: You should not have to take care of your Grand Seiko, however at the cost, your family will eat those beans for a while. 

Let me be clear however, I am an enthusiast of Grand Seiko. However, as far as I might be concerned, my advantage lies in the unimaginable Spring Drive developments that better address Japanese advancement. Close by this are the cold dials that flicker and mirror the examples in the snow in evolving winds. 

While the Hi-Beat watches are actually further developed, unexpectedly, I discover they leave me cold. Particularly this “warming” Autumnal Grand Seiko SBGH269. Be that as it may, what does the crowd think? Let’s give this occasional stud to the masses.

Grand Seiko SBGH269

    Grand Seiko SBGH269