Summer is here and that implies jumpers are in; we investigate the Orient Kamasu.

With the Orient Kamasu, we have a genuine competitor for best cheap programmed diver.  It just so happens that this watch, similar to the Seiko SKX007 and Citizen NY0040, likewise hails from Japan, where making moderate impenetrable jumpers is by all accounts a regular issue. Situate, up until as of late, was considered more to be the crackpot/insider’s decision when compared to its better realized Japanese opponents, yet better promoting and watches are changing that standing.  So, does the Kamasu have the stuff to depose both of the two icons?  We once took a gander at the SKX007 versus the NY0040 in this well known article , however it’s time to get the greenhorn.  With this Summer Special, we investigate the Orient all alone and afterward momentarily position it against the old guard.  Anything could happen!

The Orient Kamasu is the Mako III yet not Officially

I’ll be the first to concede that I don’t know a ton about Orient’s last 10-15 years of making modest jump watches.  There are a few that appear to come up on gatherings, yet the word “Mako” was consistently a mainstay.  I realized that this watch was an option in contrast to the previously mentioned different jumpers from the Japanese “Big Two”, yet it was estimated lower and had gained notoriety for being a touch less expensive as far as possible around.  But over the previous decade, Orient refreshed and redesigned its Mako (a name that apparently is and isn’t official relying upon which market you’re in) with a second and now a third rendition.  Today’s Orient Kamasu is equivalent to what fans allude to as the Mako III.  To bring somewhat more disarray, Orient authoritatively alludes to this watch as Sports Diver Style (RA-AA0002L), however will perceive the “Mako” name from time to time.  Orient USA works all alone and has picked the name “Kamasu”.  Frankly, we see “Kamasu” all over the place, so we will stay with that name.  Regarding the actual name, while Makos are quick and frightening, a Kamasu is Japanese for “barracuda” – another terrifying looking fish that loves to chase after swimmers and jumpers due to their curiosity.  I recall my Dad revealing to me that Barracudas like sparkling things and will now and again take a ground-breaking nibble, so maybe it’s best to get your Orient far from these excited characters!

Orient Isn’t Really Seiko

Before we get into the Orient Kamasu, let’s set the record straight.  I had it in my mind that Orient was intensely identified with Seiko, yet that just isn’t the case – kind of.  In exploring the Seiko Group, I found that there are three separate companies: Seiko Holdings Corporation (this incorporates the Seiko brand that we know), Seiko Instruments Inc. (it would appear that oscillators are made inside this gathering), and Seiko Epson Corporation (this incorporates the printer brand Epson just as Orient Watch Co., Ltd.).  Apparently, every one of the 3 companies run independently and just offer some common investors like the Hattori family and a joint board.  Aside from that, it appears to be that the companies cooperate on the off chance that it makes sense.  The primary concern, however, is that Orient shouldn’t be seen as Seiko’s “little brother” or as some kind of branch like I had thought.  That was a surprising bit of information to me and I suppose one further piece of proof that these brands are genuinely isolated is the way that watches, for example, the Orient Kamasu presently contain “Epson” on their case backs.  If you’re an offspring of the 80’s like me, it actually causes a twofold take when I see the name of the company that I partner with enormous dab grid printers on the rear of a watch.

The Orient Kamasu – Making a Splash

We initially saw the Orient Kamasu at Baselworld 2019 and the brand had leased an enormous meeting room in an inn close to the fair.  Each of their sub-lines had its own showcase region with pretty much every shading plan there for the handling.  The Kamasu was available and I saw models with both elastic ties and steel wristbands like we have here.  There were different dial tones like dark, burgundy, dim green, and blue; all looked pretty good.  The England-based Orient group referenced that the brand was truly making a drive into the European (and Western, besides) market and, because of this, we were advised to expect more purposes of sale.  It additionally allowed us the chance to request a survey piece like we have today.  Getting your hands on a watch at this cost probably won’t sound so troublesome, however I can reveal to you that we truly had no purposes of contact for Orient in the past beside deciding to buy a piece on Amazon directly.

I got the Orient Kamasu in its crate, a straightforward issue that’s not so not quite the same as Seiko or Citizen.  A guarantee card and instructional manual were available alongside the hang tag.  That hang label had the reference number, however no place does the administrative work allude to the Kamasu name…here once more, maybe that name is just authority in certain markets.  I hauled the watch out and what promptly struck me was the manner by which great it felt in hand.  Now, that’s a truly emotional comment and I can’t effectively evaluate it, yet there’s simply a feeling when a watch feels strong and well crafted.  There were no sharp edges, yet there were likewise no messy adjusted edges.  Plus, the steel wristband felt smooth and looks great with its shellfish style links.  But what might be said about the details?

Orient Kamasu Specs…

The Orient Kamasu is an all tempered steel 200 meter jumper with a 41.8mm breadth case.  It’s a sensible 46.8mm drag to carry, a moderately thin 12.8mm thick, and flaunts a 22mm haul width.  These estimations, coincidentally, are in the core of the batting request when compared to its other average enemies from Japan.  The aluminum decorate bezel is unidirectional with 120 ticks, the crown and case back are screw down undertakings and, eminently, the precious stone is made of sapphire.  Inside, we have the new-for-2016 in-house Japanese-made F6922 programmed development: a sprinter that guarantees +25/ – 15 seconds of exactness each day, can be hand wound, hacks, and has a brisk set day and date.  Either an elastic lash or impeccable wristband is on offer.  The arm band has a flip lock catch and fastens to deliver everything.

There’s strangely no wetsuit expansion here, however there is space for miniature changing with a toothpick and connections can be eliminated through push pins.  The 22mm end joins are stepped – an almost general bone of contention for the steadfast who were obviously treated to strong units on the Mako II – yet they look pleasant to me.  Overall, the specs are essentially in accordance with the competition, yet you’ve ideally understood that the Kamasu sports a few updates in the development and precious stone department.

…and the Looks

When it comes to looks, the Orient Kamasu inclines toward normal plunge watch plan sayings and that implies legibility.  Big, lume-filled lists with chrome plated encompasses are available: they’re rectangular at 9/9/12 and trapezoidal elsewhere.  The hands acquire a solid portion of lume and are forcefully pointed at the ends.  The hours hand takes after a bolt, the minutes a blade and the range hand a bolt in red.  I don’t understand what material is utilized by Orient for the lume, however in my eyeball comparison with both the Seiko and Citizen, this Orient feels similarly as splendid if not more so.  A bi-lingual day wheel (Spanish and English) sits close by the date at 3:00.  At this value level, hardly any individuals bitch about the consideration of this convenience.  Perhaps they essentially expect it and they ought to as it appears to be that the Japanese market loves a decent day/date window.  And plus, the showcase looks very great and nearly coordinates the length of the file across the dial.  There’s little text style on the dial beside the Orient name and logo alongside some scarcely discernible content enlightening us concerning the development and water resistance.  Regarding complaints, some notice the elaborateness of the Orient “crest”, yet I sort of appreciate it.  It’s extraordinary, helps me to remember garish Japanese things from the 60’s and 70’s, and adds a little zest to a generally all-business watch.

I should make reference to that the blue dial itself on the Orient Kamasu is really a genuine looker.  It has some profundity to it and shines pleasantly in the light.  Compared to the sparkle on the NY0040 or the matte of the SKX007, the Orient is an outright showboat!  Plus, it matches well with the anodized blue bezel insert.  That addition is generally clear in its plan, however has a few patterns like clockwork that carry a little kick to the by and large look.  And while the flush-mounted sapphire gem doesn’t truly appear to be any unique than mineral glass, giving it a flick restores a decent consoling sound.

Unlike the other Japanese jumpers in this section (or possibly when I purchased my models), Orient signs its crown and places it in the standard 3:00 position.  Using it is fine, yet it is somewhat shaky when completely retracted.

The Orient Kamasu has a truly pleasant case that shifts back and forth among matte and cleaned surfaces.  You wouldn’t mistake it for a Submariner, yet I’d put it in front of its immediate competition and would propose that it could compete in the $500-750 domain where watches like the Seiko Sumo tend to rule.  There’s no fine chamfering here, however the hauls some way or another look preferred and more completed over those from its counterparts.  Evidence of machine completing on the top surface looks pretty persuading as well.  If there’s a slight deficit, it’s the rear of the Kamasu where things appear amiss.  A softly recorded logo with two dolphins (??) gets scratches effectively and looks a bit cheesy.  Still, if Orient expected to reduce expenses anyplace, I’d preferably it be here over on the front side.

On the Wrist

I comprehend the worries of the individuals who wish for strong end joins on the Orient Kamasu; it would add another degree of class to a generally tasteful diver.  However, as an enthusiast of clattery more established arm bands, I wasn’t troubled in the least.  I likewise found the wristband joins flexible and simple to articulate.  At no time did anything squeeze the hide that calls my wrist home.  The fasten is stepped, yet it’s effectively as great as anything in its weight class and was smooth to work while giving the correct degree of security.

Plus, for thin wrists like mine, the deployant under is generally short so it doesn’t jab out from one side of my wrist.  With a tallness under 13mm and humble carry to haul, it’s a decent all-arounder. With everything taken into account, we aren’t discussing a watch that feels precisely like a multi-thousand Euro watch, yet it feels significantly better compared to it should given its price.

Pricing, Thoughts and How It Stacks Up

Like the entirety of the Japanese 200M jumpers, the Orient Kamasu conveys a retail cost of $380.  Orient educated us that the USA sets evaluating and retailers in different areas at that point set neighborhood estimating dependent on this.  Orient gives an authority showing where to purchase and I likewise found that the Kamasu is accessible online at places like for a huge discount.  for instance, a Prime vender had them recorded for around 235 Euros.  Much like different watches we continue to specify, that’s genuine incentive for what’s included here and the others are additionally limited similarly.  For reference, the SKX007 (indeed, we know it’s ended, however there are huge loads of new ones still accessible) sells for approximately 280 Euros and the NY0040 like mine is an amazing arrangement at about 180 Euros.  You can’t turn out badly toward any path, yet what might I pick in the event that I needed to pick one.

Call me a sucker for deciding in favor of the freshest child on the square, yet I’d really pick the Orient Kamasu over the Seiko SKX007 and Citizen NY0040.  For sure, the SKX007 is the ruler commercially and it flaunts an ageless face, yet it’s outgunned actually here with its more seasoned development that doesn’t hack or wind by hand.  I additionally discover the Seiko somewhat tall and piece like on the wrist.  With the NY0040, it’s an exemplary all its own, however with a gleaming dial, metallic 60 snap bezel and a precious stone that helps me a little to remember bottle glass, it likewise feels somewhat long in the tooth.  As said, these will do the work completely well, yet on the off chance that you need the most tasteful of the pack the Orient currently wins the day.  Enjoy your Summer and let the contentions begin!

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