Nothing beats an incredible summer watch! A watch that is reasonable, cool looking and water safe. Seiko is the go-to mark when you are in the need of such a watch. Today I investigate the Seiko Prospex Samurai references SRPB53K1 (silicon lash) and SRPB49K1 (hardened steel arm band) that unquestionably fall into the mid year watch category.

Seiko Prospex Samurai

In case you don’t know, the epithet Samurai begins from the moment hand of the watch. When the first Seiko ‘Samurai’ (2004) was presented, it immediately got this epithet in light of the fact that the moment hand shows ressemblance with the swords utilized by these acclaimed Japanese heroes. The utilization of Seiko references is a significant test a few times, so monikers truly help to distinguish certain models. Other than Samurai, think Sumo, Tuna, Baby Tuna, Snowflake, Monster, Turtle, 62MAS, Arnold, Puck and so forth Some are very common, others may be less known. Regardless, I am discussing the Samurai today.

This year, various new Seiko Prospex Samurai references have been presented, with fascinating (reasonable) sticker prices. The SRPB49K1 is the model with the blue dial and bezel, the SRPB53K1 is the one with the blue dial and red and blue (“Pepsi”) bezel. Other than the shading plans, the most straightforward approach to detect the thing that matters is that the Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPB49K1 comes on a treated steel wristband and the SRPB53K1 comes on a comfortable dark silicon strap.

In March, Mike Stockton previously gave you an overview of some Seiko curiosities of this year’s BaselWorld, including the Seiko Prospex Samurai. He showed a dark rendition with yellow gold accents on the bezel and dial.

Under 500 Euro

Let’s face it. Most mechanical watches have become absurdly costly in the last 10-15 years. They were never modest to begin with, and unquestionably something can be said for the developments and progress a few brands made which legitimizes a portion of the cost increments, however I see a many individuals around me who abandoned them over the most recent couple of years. Fortunately, there are in every case a few brands that are faithful to their clients and need to continue to serve a specific value range. You will clearly locate some fascinating watches under 1000 Euro, however 50% of that cost will make the hunt more troublesome. Under 500 Euro, you will discover some microbrand watches that could be of interest, however frequently you need to manage quartz developments and the mechanical watches offered are more often than not ‘backer’ costs on KickStarter. After the Kickstarter financing measure finished, the cost will frequently increment definitely. So what is there? Several Swatch Group brands have offers, as Tissot, Hamilton and Certain, however you will find that brands like Casio, Seiko and Citizen rule this value range. The last two having the option to create mechanical watches under 500 Euro. The Seiko SKX007 is presumably the most popular illustration of a sub 500 Euro watch (299 Euro really) mechanical watch. Some Seiko S5 models can be had for less even, yet they regularly do not have the properties that make a watch suitable for the ideal summer watch. The Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPB49K1 and SRPB53K1 I have here are reasonable for jumping (200M WR), have a strong mechanical self-winding development and come either on a silicon lash or tempered steel bracelet.

These observes likewise have a place with the Prospex (‘Professional Specifications’) assortment, guaranteeing that the watch is up to some extreme maltreatment during its lifetime.

Professional Specifications

While I am busy, let’s examine a portion of the details you will get for separately 460 Euro (SRPB49K1) and 420 Euro (SRPB53K1).

The hardened steel case estimates 43.8mm, which is very considerable, in any event, for today’s norms. The bezel is not difficult to utilize and has this ‘clous de Paris’ like example that will make it simpler to get a handle on. The crown likewise has this decent looking example, which makes it simple to take a few to get back some composure on it. The case has a pleasant brushed completion, to give it that device watch look.

As composed over, the watch is water safe up to 200 meters (~ 20 BAR). The screw-down caseback and crown guarantee that no water will enter the watch. Similarly as with most Seiko jumping watches, the precious stone on the Seiko Prospex Samurai is made of Hardlex (glass which raised mechanical force by unique compound fortifying handling). Some may complain that Seiko isn’t utilizing sapphire for their Prospex watches (even the Marinemaster SBDX001 and current SBDX017 use Hardlex while these have > 2000 Euro sticker prices). Notwithstanding, as per Seiko, Hardlex gives a fantastic expense execution. Sapphire is better than Hardlex, however would be more costly to utilize while the increase isn’t awesome. The watches would become substantially more costly, just for the generally little advantage of sapphire’s attributes compared to Hardlex.

It must be said, I wear my own Seiko watches (Marinemaster generally) a ton during occasions a few years at this point but I need to see the main scratch to show up on it.

Whether you need the watch on a hardened steel wristband or on the silicon lash is up to you. My own inclination would be the silicon lash frankly. It is a comfortable tie that I additionally use on a portion of my Seikos while my involvement in Seiko’s arm bands isn’t the best. All things considered, for a 460 Euro watch it is a satisfactory wristband. Simply an issue of preference.

The dials of these watches have a similar ‘Clous de Paris’ I referenced for the crown. It is an exceptionally decent trendy example that quickly helps me to remember the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. Combined with the enormous glowing markers and hands, it gives the watch this stylish appearance. The red tip of the second hand on the Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPB53K1 matches with the red ’15 minutes’ on the jumping bezel.

The SRPB49K1 has a white tipped second hand. The bezel of that reference isn’t completely blue, yet has this anthracite tone for the ’15 minutes’ on the plunging scale bezel.

As for the 23-jeweled development, Seiko’s 4R35, it is a self-twisting type with a force hold of 41 hours. It ticks at 21600vph. A work-horse development that is taken cover behind the treated steel caseback with Prospex logo etching. I’m almost certain it is a lovely straight-progress ahead with regards to optical completing, so I incline toward the Seiko Tsunami logo. A logo that has been utilized by Seiko since the 1960’s, on their Silverwave models .

Some Thoughts

The Seiko Prospex Samurai comes in a couple of flavors ( ) however all around a similar cost. The dark SRPB55K1 is generally costly, however simply by a few Euros. In the event that a dark watch is your thing, the SRPB55K1 may be worth it.

Seiko has more suggestions under 500 Euro, similar to the all around referenced SKX007 for instance or the SRP777 model(s). Be that as it may, the Seiko Prospex Samurai has a very surprising case style. Maybe the most current looking one compared to the next one’s mentioned.

The Seiko Prospex Samurai could become your number one summer watch, in the event that you will spend near 500 Euro on one. Obviously, this watch is cool all through the remainder of the year too. It is a pleasant regular piece, on the off chance that you can manage the 43.8mm measurement of the watch.

Although I saw that Seiko thought of some more expensive watches this year (the 62MAS retro reference SLA017   for instance, and the ‘cheaper’ variation of that watch (SPB051J)), and expanded costs on their Grand Seiko assortment, the way that they actually keep reasonable watches in their assortment satisfies me. There is little you can condemn about the watch at this value point, including the way that they use Hardlex gem rather than sapphire. Additionally know about the way that the ‘cost of ownership’ of these kind of watches (with 4R35 development) are likewise entirely satisfactory. A help doesn’t cost you dearly, as it does with such countless different brands that effectively charge you more than 300 Euro for a three-hands watch.

So, searching for a pleasant watch to go through your late spring with? This is very nearly a no-brainer.