If you’re an aficionado of baseball, at that point you presumably wrapped up watching the World Series (Congrats, Nats!).  And while the Chicago Cubs weren’t in the chase toward the finish of this season, they’re a profoundly competitive group with a crazy fan base. In the soul of America’s hobby and identified with the Cubbies, how about we investigate a perfect story, the tale of Ron Santo’s Rolex President and the watch’s ebb and flow proprietor, Sean Madigan.

I’ve referenced it before that we get a ton of email here at Fratello and it was one such day that Robert-Jan sent a message that filled in as the motivation for the present tale about Ron Santo’s Rolex President.  Now, in case you’re European – and the if I’m not mistaken, Robert-Jan is – you’ll pose the very inquiry that he did: “Who is Ron Santo and for what reason is this significant?”  We’ll get to that in a moment, however all things considered, as a baseball fan and one with somewhat of a memorable bind to the Chicago Cubs, I needed to compose this story.  With conciliatory sentiments to Sean Madigan, the man of honor who shared his story and the account of the watch, it took me somewhat more than wanted to get it to print.

Sean contacted us and talked somewhat about his story.  He experienced childhood in the Chicagoland (that signifies “in suburbia of Chicago”) territory and was a star competitor through high school.  Sean was an All-State ball player and that eventually prompted an athletic grant to play at university.  But, toward the finish of his last year of secondary school, Sean started to experience the ill effects of a sickness and shed 30 pounds (almost 15 kg’s) in only two weeks!  He was determined to have Type 1 diabetes, an illness that presently has no cure.  Thankfully, the college he had endorsed with permitted him to keep his grant and he wound up working through his diabetes, turned into a Collegiate All-American and even got the opportunity to play professionally.  But it was during Sean’s finding that he heard more about an acclaimed Chicago Cubs baseball player and, a long time later, prompted the acquisition of Ron Santo’s Rolex President.

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Before we get to Ron Santo’s Rolex President, we should spend a concise second on Ron Santo, the baseball player and good cause supporter.  , brought into the world in 1940, was a third baseman for the Chicago Cubs from 1960 – 1973 and is, surely, perhaps the most adored players from this notable significant group baseball team.  Santo is a , which is the most elevated honor a player can get after retiring.  He was a hard-hitting player with 342 grand slams, made 9 All-Star groups, and won 5 Gold Gloves (he was a fabulous protective player).  After retirement, Santo at last turned into a telecaster for the Cubs and was notable for his affable and enthusiastic inclusion of his previous team.  But almost immediately, Santo was additionally determined to have Type 1 diabetes and keeping in mind that this was covered for quite a while, the player worked through his condition to ascend to the highest point of the game.  Santo died in 2010 from complications of diabetes, yet not before he helped the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation by encouraging them raise more than $65 Million over various years.  Santo was, and stays, a genuine motivation for all individuals fighting diabetes.  In 2004, Santo’s child made a narrative named, , which invested energy in Santo’s profession and how he combat through diabetes.  Jeff skilled his dad the Rolex President that would eventually discover its approach to Sean.

Coming back to Sean, he didn’t seek after an expert ball profession, in any case started a fruitful deals career.  Sean talks at occasions about winning over diabetes, gives to the very cause that Santo worked with and even established his own grant, the (donators ought to demonstrate that their assets should profit the Madigan Health & Wellness Scholarship) that benefits understudy athletes.  Through an effective vocation, Sean likewise got intrigued by watches and that eventually prompted the acquisition of Ron Santo’s Rolex President.

After Ron Santo died in 2010, his child Jeff eventually chose to restore his dad’s watch to where he had initially bought it: in midtown Chicago (on account of New York Jewelers for taking these extraordinary pics of the Rolex!).  The family-claimed diamond setter conveys various distinctive watch brands, yet in addition an enormous used selection.  It was here that Sean and his significant other found the gold Rolex.  However, Sean had no clue about that it was really Ron Santo’s Rolex President.  With Sean’s information on how moving Santo was and his own energy for talking about how to discover accomplishment notwithstanding having a difficult sickness, the watch was an absolute necessity buy.

Sean repurchased Ron Santo’s Rolex President in 2017 and later got a letter from Ron’s child Jeff confirming that the watch he purchased was, truth be told, his dad’s previous watch.  The watch is really a flawless L-Series (1989) Rolex Day-Date ref. 18238 and highlights a gold dial and mark President bracelet.  On the back, however, is the place where things get interesting.  Jeff Santo had the watch engraved with the renowned Cubs logo, added the name of the film, and “Thank You” to his father.  I am certain it was an all around cherished blessing by the previous player and his child confirms that Santo wore the watch consistently from 2005 until his passing in 2010.

While a watch like Ron Santo’s Rolex President obviously isn’t the wellspring of Sean’s enthusiasm and cruise all over assisting with moving the individuals who live with diabetes every single day, I’m certain it’s a persuasive suggestion to him when he’s planning to before enormous groups.  Thanks, Sean, for writing in and offering your story to us!


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