“I am Yvo Staudt and I play the accordion. I likewise made a watch.” That was Yvo’s attempt to seal the deal for quite a while when visiting retailers, toward the start of Staudt Watches, in 2013. Before I leap to the new Staudt Praeludium Chronograph, initial a touch more foundation on this youthful watch business person and Staudt Watches.

Playing traditional music, tango and jazz on his accordion since he was 5 years of age, Yvo had one dream: move to Italy and study the accordion in Pescara. The center there had perhaps the best accordionist as an instructor: Claudio. At the point when Yvo diverted 18 he moved from The Netherlands to Italy and his music showed a ton of progress from the beginning. It was a fantasy come true.

However, inevitably, Yvo felt he was separated from everyone else. Alone in Italy, far away from loved ones. Life existed distinctly about contemplating accordion, there was no place for whatever else. That’s when he began exploring different avenues regarding making calfskin merchandise. Etuis, pockets, etc. Just to take a break. He got miserable. To battle his depression, he found a departure in his energy for mechanical watches. Other than the accordion, he began contemplating mechanical watches and soon it turned into an obsession.

His objective was to make simply a watch for himself, to wear. So he did. A mechanical watch, with an excellent blue dial. Before long, individuals began getting some information about this watch. Furthermore, the amount it would cost to have one too. So in 2014, he made 45 of his first watch: the Staudt Praeludium. Financed by taking a most extreme student’s credit. They all sold. He reinvested the benefit in his watch workshop, so there was nothing left for a next venture. A pity, as he was brimming with new horological thoughts. With the monetary assistance of a cheerful client, he had the option to seek after these ideas.

Below, a video – with captions – in which Yvo Staudt (presently 26 years of age) clarifies how it all started.

BoekeloWorld 2018

A piece of a long presentation, however I need to present Yvo Staudt and his company, Staudt Watches in the most ideal path before I leap to his most recent presentation. Why? Straightforward, on the grounds that I like Yvo Staudt a ton. He is quite possibly the most certified folks I’ve come across in the watch business. There’s no shrouded plan, there’s no made-up story and he does this in light of his certifiable love for watches. Yvo is an extremely bona fide fellow, rational and entirely reasonable about things. He is no new Grönefeld or Van der Klaauw, nor does he imagines he is. Staudt Watches is a brand for individuals who can identify with his story and who loves his exemplary looking watches. You could say that Staudt is a microbrand, which is fine, however other than most microbrands who will in general run from one undertaking to another, Yvo Staudt is focusing on the since quite a while ago run. Building a brand, making and creating watches dependent on his own thoughts and musings about the business. For instance, you can’t purchase his watches on-line if you are in The Netherlands. Sure you can (soon) request one on the web, however you will consistently have to go to one of the retailers who address him.

‘Not a pleasant business’

Last week, Staudt Watches held 3 days of ‘BoekeloWorld 2018’, a gesture to BaselWorld obviously. Boekelo is delightful little (populace of around 2500 individuals) town in the east piece of The Netherlands. As a matter of fact not a long way from where I was conceived, raised, went to class and where my folks actually dwell. Boekelo is maybe most popular for its global equestrian occasion (“Military Boekelo”) that is being held there consistently and its set of experiences in the Dutch material industry in the nineteenth and mid twentieth century. Staudt Watches added a little occasion called BoekeloWorld, to acquaint their company with retailers, press and gatherers, yet additionally to show their new watches.

Hosted in the Staudt central command, from which Yvo works and deals with all plan, deals and advertising endeavors (watchmaking is done on another area, close by), we were welcomed by a group of Staudt watches. Other than Yvo, there was his managing partner Loek Oprinsen, his head of deals, and Yvo’s sweetheart and mother as awesome hostesses.

After Yvo opened the occasion with a lovely exhibition on his accordion, he addressed the visitors about his inspiration and motivation to begin making watches in 2013. In the video above you will get a comparable clarification basically.

Interesting was one of the comments he made about selling on the web and through an organization of retailers. During his examination on circulation, he understood that it was ‘not a decent business‘. Conceded, a ton of them had a simple business for quite a while and raked in tons of cash. This changed when companies began to sell watches on the web, through their own webshops yet in addition by means of commercial centers. In the wake of trusting (and some in any event, being persuaded) that the web would disappear sooner or later, they begin to acknowledge they expected to accomplish something. Or then again not. Some conventional physical retailers got innovative and re-created themselves, you likely know some of them as they presently likewise made ‘fame’ on the web. However, other than the way that end-buyers were abruptly ready to see the ‘entire market’ and began looking on the web at the best cost and administration, a great deal of brands began to crush their retailers without limit. As Yvo put it: ‘Brands come to retailers and fundamentally slap them in their faces that they don’t sell enough and ought to improve, and following day the retailer needs to sell watches from this brand with a (phony) grin again to shoppers. Attempt to remain energetic when you just recuperated from the slapping.’.

Yvo Staudt needs to put resources into their retailer organization. Retailers need to trust in a brand and watch to sell it with however much excitement as could reasonably be expected. A few retailers put stock in Yvo from the beginning, when he pitched his watches by revealing to them he is an accordionist and made his own watch. Others followed later. Except if you are in a country where there is no retail location for Staudt watches, his watches will be sold by means of an approved seller (of your decision). ‘For us, online is there to help the disconnected business‘, as Staudt puts it. Presently, Staudt is (disconnected) accessible at true vendors in The Netherlands, Germany and Norway. More nations will before long follow. In the event that you are in a country without a retail location, you can in any case arrange through the webshop.

After his melodic presentation, the presentation of the Staudt brand, Yvo Staudt and his colleague Loek Oprinsen took us to the ‘Staudt residence’, likewise in Boekelo. With various different individuals from the Dutch press (we were welcomed on the second day of their occasion, the German press and retailers were welcomed on day 3, the principal day was saved for Dutch retailers), we were moved on a customary pony drawn vehicle. Appreciating the field of The Netherlands, and sufficient opportunity to examine watches and the watch business. Following 15 minutes, we showed up at the ‘Staudt residence’, where a lunch was readied and where the new Staudt Praeludium Chronograph was presented.

Staudt Praeludium Chronograph

There, on one of the principal warm and bright days here in The Netherlands, the new Staudt Praeludium Chronograph assortment was shown. Three dial variants; white, blue and dark. Continuously housed in a rich and smooth looking 41mm case, accessible in treated steel and 18-carat pink gold (not envisioned). The watch case estimates 51.4mm from one carry to another and the drag width is 22mm.

The watches are accessible on a crocodile tie (with collapsing fasten) in a coordinating tone with the dial (or whatever combination you like). Be that as it may, it is likewise conceivable to arrange the Staudt Praeludium Chronograph on an excellent and weighty Milanese wristband. Created in Pforzheim, Germany, this hard core arm band gives the Staudt Praeludium Chronograph a vintage look and feel. It was really my #1 combination, as it makes the exemplary looking Staudt Praeludium Chronograph somewhat sportier (for me). The arm band is wonderfully made and completed and has a Staudt marked collapsing clasp.

What I for one love – maybe – best about the Staudt Praeludium Chronograph and Staudt watches when all is said in done, is the dial. Dazzling two-tone dials, utilizing lithography procedures for the markers and numerals and so on, done by a company in the United Kingdom who is additionally answerable for the dials in certain British top of the line extravagance vehicles. You can presumably figure which vehicle makes those are. The external piece of the dial comprises of 12 layers, utilizing a vintage lithography machine. Just thusly, the run of the mill ‘Staudt blue’ shading is accomplished. The middle piece of the dial is being painted by hand. The leaf-formed hands are either blued or cleaned, contingent upon the dial colour.

The watch has a thickness of 13.6mm (counting the domed sapphire gem) as it needs to house the chronograph type, in light of ETA’s 7753 development. Be that as it may, as consistently in the most noteworthy evaluation and altered with a custom Staudt marked rotor in plated rose gold. The development has a perlage finish on the scaffolds and the rotor has the popular Côtes de Geneve finishing.

The Staudt Praeludium Chronograph will retail for €2989,- . The variant with Milanese wristband will have a sticker price of €3129,- . The Staudt Praeludium three-hand watches start at €2349.- . We explored the Praeludium hand-wound  here .

Within half a month I will play out an active audit of the new Staudt Praeludium Chronograph and afterward you can soon after read about my musings and encounters here on Fratello. The cost of this new Praeludium opens a ton of choices for individuals who are searching for a chronograph watch, as numerous different brands work in this value range. I’m certain you can come up for certain other options, in this way I am interested to perceive how it will hold up during a wearing test. Obviously, ‘specification warriors’ aside, you likewise purchase a watch since you simply love the way it looks, so eventually, it will stay a matter of taste and additionally about inspirations for (exceptionally) individual reasons. I can’t wait.

In the in the interim, visit the authority Staudt Watches for more information.