This year points the 50th commemoration of the Apollo 13 mission. It is maybe the most discussed mission other than the Apollo 11 Moon landing. The mission that had a harsh beginning, in the first place, and nearly finished with a deadly mishap in space.

The Speedmaster didn’t fix the issue locally available the Apollo 13 help module at roughly 200,000 miles distance from Earth, however it assumed a significant part in the protected return of space explorers Haise, Swigert, and Lovell. You can find out about it in the article clarifying why there’s a Snoopy on the dial that I composed a couple of years back.

Omega was granted NASA’s Silver Snoopy Award in October 1970 for the pretended by the Speedmaster during the Apollo 13 mission. Accordingly, Omega’s configuration group thought of the plan to put the celebrated Beagle on the 9 o’clock sub-dial just as the case back.

Omega Speedmaster Snoopy Award 3578.51

For some strange explanation, Omega presented its first Speedmaster Snoopy in 2003. It wasn’t precisely a particular commemoration for it. The watch was only unexpectedly there. Furthermore, recall, in those days watchmakers were in the beginning phases of seeing how to successfully communicate new deliveries. There was nothing similar to the astonishing openness they get these days from online media, magazines like our own, and promotions. It was completely quiet in 2003. Maybe that was additionally the explanation the Speedmaster Snoopy Award 3578.51 didn’t sell that well in the initial not many years.

to be mercilessly legit, I wasn’t a fan from the start by the same token. It had something to do with the comic on the dial. Yet, I figured out how to adore the watch after the anecdote about the Apollo 13 was all the more obvious to me. Understanding what Snoopy had to do with it had a major effect. I additionally like the shading plan of the watch. A touch of blue doesn’t hurt on the dial. The case back is decent too. It is maybe not as tremendous as the later 2015 Silver Snoopy Award adaptation , however it is comparably decent. The “Eyes on the stars” emblem on the back is a bigger rendition of the 9 o’clock sub-dial design.

Limited to 5,441 pieces

Omega delivered this 2003 Snoopy Award reference 3578.51 as a restricted release (restricted to a considerable 5,441 units, however restricted in any case). Considering Omega’s complete creation number today (assessed at 750,000 watches), it is about two days of the brand’s limit. It had a creation run of no under 5,441 pieces (alluding to the 142 hours, 54 minutes and 41 seconds that the mission kept going. Somewhat of a stretch, however you need to come up with something. 1,970 would have been simpler or maybe much more legitimate, however at the time Omega chose to go with a bigger number.

Acquiring a Speedmaster Snoopy Award

Although the quantity of 5,441 watches is a lot bigger than latest Speedmaster restricted versions, it is very hard to get one (in great condition). Some of them out there have been assembled utilizing spare parts for the first Snoopy 3578.51. Be very cautious about that. Continuously ensure everything adds up. The chronic number working on it, development, and guarantee cards should coordinate. Furthermore, when the watch being referred to comes to the privilege box(es) and papers, ensure the testament of genuineness with a number comparing to what’s working on it back is included.

The box for the Speedmaster Snoopy Award is somewhat not quite the same as the standard dark or red cowhide box. It is made of this anthracite-hued material that comes near the white Omega Missions boxes (and the X-33 box). Boxes from that time are known to have some degree of decay eventually, which is a pity. Best is to save them under typical conditions and by utilizing defensive paper.

The same mission

I in the long run bought my Speedmaster Snoopy in 2013, along with the Speedmaster Apollo XIII (1995). By sheer fortuitous event, I purchased two watches that commemorate a similar mission. I purchased these two watches NOS, yet I chose to wear them in any case since I think that’s what watches are made for. I need to say it was ideal to get them as NOS since it seemed like putting on another watch, regardless of one being 10 years of age and the other one almost 20 years of age. The watch imagined in this article isn’t my own watch, honestly. As you could possibly see, it has never been worn.

Prices are everywhere, except for a complete set, it will hamper you in any event €10,000, and go up quickly if in unworn condition. Will it go up considerably more? Let’s would like to think not, yet risks are enormous that it will if Omega presents a 50th commemoration model of the Speedmaster Snoopy or Apollo 13.

Is it worth getting one?

When I was on the lookout for this Snoopy Award from 2003 myself, I had a couple of troubles to overcome the exceptional sticker price on it (I think it resembled around €5,000 in 2013) yet chose to do it in any case. The Snoopy was a watch I had been after for a long time yet never ran into an ideal model. Presently, right around seven years after the fact, I am glad that I got one at somewhat of a premium. Today, be that as it may, costs are distinctive once more. However, on the off chance that you wind up in a similar circumstance, there’s no correct. I just wouldn’t buy this watch as a “investment” — get it to wear and enjoy.

If you do choose to wear it, you’re fundamentally left with two choices: Either go for one with some mileage on the escapement or look for a NOS model and make your own set of experiences with it. Regardless of whether it is Snoopy, Apollo 13, or 2003 that you wish to commend, this watch is a just wonderful approach to do it. It depends on the standard Moonwatch reference 3570.50 from that time, yet for certain subtleties showing it is really something exceptional. The later Snoopy from 2015 is maybe significantly more pursued, yet is, as I would like to think, an alternate watch from the standard Moonwatch with dark dial.