2019 was an astounding ‘Speedmaster’ year, not just as a result of the 50th commemoration of Apollo XI and the Speedmasters commending this, or the re-presentation of the acclaimed type 321 yet additionally due to the numerous Speedy Tuesday events we had the option to organize.

Together with Omega, we facilitated 8 events from January 2019 till December 2019. We visited Japan, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Singapore, and Hong Kong to meet with you and commend our energy for the Speedmaster. It was astounding to meet large numbers of you during these events, and it felt endearing each and every time, even in where we’ve never been. Much obliged to you for that. I additionally might want to thank all individuals that brought blessings (magazines, books, pins, stickers, pens, Apollo XI envelopes, coins, and so forth) To say thanks to us, superfluous, yet at the same time, it was basically endearing. Counting the perusers that even brought (pretty much nothing) presents for my six-year-old girl Charlotte, who they just know through my own Instagram account, yet most likely comprehend that it isn’t in every case simple for her to miss her father. Thank you!

2019 in Review

2019 was likewise the year that I commended my own twentieth commemoration of claiming a Speedmaster.

On the one hand, it causes me to feel somewhat old, as it truly seems like a long time prior I offered my vehicle to support a Speedmaster Professional, and then again, I actually feel like I don’t know half of what’s there to think about this fabulous chronograph. I’ve invested such a lot of energy from that point forward on Omega gatherings from Timezone, Watchuseek, and over the most recent six years on OmegaForums.net and met such countless beautiful individuals who share a similar enthusiasm for the Speedmaster, willing to share information and data. Also, still, each day you can discover some new information in the event that you need. My chance to spend on those gatherings has become fairly restricted because of my work and ventures, yet I do attempt to make up for lost time each once in a while.


There’s not one explicit individual feature in 2019 with regards to Speedy Tuesday, however more a whole arrangement of events that made it a brilliant year. In addition to the fact that I got to travel and see extraordinary places and meet with magnificent individuals, yet I was additionally lucky enough to have the option to purchase the new Speedmaster Professional in Moonshine gold, a Speedmaster in mint condition from my time of birth (1977) and a vintage LCD Speedmaster. Gracious, and what might be said about seeing genuine space travelers that flew in space beginning to utilize the #SpeedyTuesday tag on Instagram and like your Speedmaster posts.

I additionally need to accept the open door to express gratitude toward Omega for their astounding help on Speedy Tuesday. Obviously, it encourages them, it causes us, yet I additionally saw various things they accomplished for individuals (like you and me) that are truly significant and don’t show up on a superficial level. It expanded my regard for this brand and individuals who work there even more.

A investigate 2020

For 2020, I can see a few things occurring. Most importantly, two convictions would already be able to be given. 1. There will be no Speedy Tuesday 3 of every 2020. I’ve said it prior to during the last couple of events and in our unique , yet we (with Omega) chose to defer a ST3 watch until further notice. Also, 2, There will be a type 321 Speedmaster. Numerous individuals expected to see one of every 2019 (thus did I to be straightforward), however the emphasis was on the Apollo XI models and the new platinum Speedmaster with type 321 development. Moreover, in the event that you focused on our last board conversation in Biel half a month prior, a couple of clues were given on another Speedmaster. Implying that eventually, the type 3861 will presumably be utilized for different watches than the Apollo XI restricted release models. Which is coherent, as you don’t build up a development for only two restricted versions. 2020 will likewise be the time of 50 years of Apollo 13, let’s trust Omega comes up with something cool. Other than that, I anticipate that Omega should restrict their Speedmaster varieties a piece. Maybe for the great, particularly in the long haul, as the progression of restricted release has been very overpowering. I do accept in any case, that the Speedmaster needs a couple of restricted releases every so often, for the fans that as of now have their normal Moonwatch models and need (or need) something to collect.

Also in 2020, we will keep on doing our Speedy Tuesday events. We will visit some new places, yet maybe we will likewise visit a few spots we’ve been to previously. We have not worked it out yet, however when we have new dates and areas, you will be the first to know.

The Best of 2019

It leaves me by sharing probably the best Speedy Tuesday articles in 2019. Not chose on execution (number of perusers), yet those that implied most to me.


The character of different watches tried by NASA has been uncovered during the principal Speedy Tuesday Event in 2019. Obviously, we were all mindful of the brands, however not the specific references. In view of true NASA documentation, we currently understand what these were.

You can peruse the article here .

Also in January, a report on the event. It isn’t such a great amount about the event report itself, yet about the environment, as you can find in the photos. Omega realizes how to make a charming climate, and the visitors consistently feel comfortable. The photographs and video in this report show absolutely that. I won’t recap all the events we did in 2019, yet this initial one in Biel was certainly special.

Click here to see the report (photographs and video).


In 2019, I discovered my birthyear Speedmaster. That doesn’t sound exceptionally troublesome, as it very well may be simply an issue of going through cash, yet trust me, it wasn’t simple by any means. I was brought into the world in 1977, and it appears to be numerous Speedmasters out there are either from 1976 or from 1978. This isn’t simply because of the designators – 76 and – 78 having a place with the 145.022 reference number yet additionally on the grounds that numerous 145.022-76 watches are essentially not created in 1977 yet 1976 or (mid) 1978. You need the concentrate data from Omega or utilize the information base from to know the specific creation year (and month). Not all 145.022-76 watches you find available to be purchased have an unmistakable chronic number noticeable, so it makes it to some degree a problem. In any case, I discovered my 1977 Speedmaster, and it was even in a close to mint (or deadstock) condition, .


This is a simple one, the uncover of the gold Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI in Moonshine gold on March 12th. I was welcome to come to Biel to observe the presentation. I was sold when Omega’s CEO, Raynald Aeschlimann, showed me the watch, and I requested it on the spot, picking my #1 number (13). Mine was conveyed in July and the lone time I left it in the bank safe was the point at which I went on a fourteen day occasion. What an astonishing watch, I truly love it, and each time I put it on my wrist, it makes me grin. I can’t think about some other watch I’d rather have. In this March article , I compared the new Moonshine to the first 1969 form in yellow gold. Furthermore, indeed, I considered the Moonshine the Godfather II, as I feel it is superior to the first.


In April, I covered one of my #1 particular Speedmasters, the X-33. I say eccentric, however space travelers are dead genuine about this X-33, as I’ve mastered during our events with space travelers Nicole Stott, Terry Virts, and Jean-Francois Clervoy. Click here to peruse why the X-33 matters .


In May, we announced about the Speedmaster Apollo XI in hardened steel with gold accents, obviously, as it was acquainted during the Time with Move event in Biel yet in addition appeared during our Speedy Tuesday events in Frankfurt and Milan (end of May). Notwithstanding, I like the article that I composed on something uncommon and weird, similar to this yellow gold Speedmaster with a white dial. I love to get data on watches this way, models that are not known or characterized in books or indexes. Indeed, even the previous night, I got a request about a Speedmaster I’ve never seen. It continues gathering Speedmasters fun and energizing. At any rate, the May article on this yellow gold watch with a white dial can be found here .


In June, we distributed my meeting with NASA space explorer Nicole Stott. She is excessively quite included, and Omega can be extremely pleased and content with an envoy like her. The visitors cherished her during the Milan Speedy Tuesday Event and she showed a great deal of interest in our Speedmaster community. Also, actually does. I adored my meeting with her, shot during a postponed flight, in the anteroom of a decent plan inn in Milan, the night prior to the event occurred. Click here to peruse the whole article , or watch the video underneath (since it was a Monday, I was wearing a Ploprof ; )).



July was maybe the main month, as the Apollo 11 moon landing was commended in this month. That, yet Omega likewise presented their platinum Speedmaster Professional with type 321 in July. You can find out about it here . Nonetheless, my feature of July was certainly the video that I did with Gerard Nijenbrinks and Chris Lazarom, where we chose 11 Speedmaster watches to discuss. It was somewhat of a very late task, absent a lot of readiness, yet it was loads of fun doing as such. Click to see the article here , or watch the video below.



In August, we covered a Speedmaster sell off (with the Alaska watch), the new platinum Speedmaster Moonphase in various tones, yet additionally this article I composed on obtaining a gold Speedmaster Professional underneath €10.000. I didn’t check today’s costs, maybe the new gold Speedmaster Apollo XI changed a couple of things, however at the time you had the option to purchase a gold Speedmaster at the cost of a steel vintage model. Or then again at the cost equivalent to the Apollo XI 50th commemoration in steel, you could say. Purchasing a gold Speedmaster is something different, and despite the fact that a genuine games watch ought to maybe be in steel (and ensure you have a steel Moonwatch first ; – )), this watch does outstandingly well in valuable metal. It is surely not for everybody however, Gerard truly hates them, for instance. I purchased my first gold Speedmaster back in 2014 in Munich when I was there with my companion Ben Clymer from Hodinkee, and it has been one of my top picks from that point forward. Click here for the article on gold Speedmasters underneath 10.000 Euro .


Last September we distributed about the New York Speedmaster event (which was an extraordinary achievement), about some celebrated entertainer wearing a Speedmaster and the collection workmanship from David Bowie showing a Speedmaster. Be that as it may, my undisputed top choice is the top to bottom article I did on my new Speedmaster LCD. I generally needed to add one, however I chose not to search for one effectively. So I held up until one crossed my way and chose to get it from an individual Speedy Tuesday fan and gatherer. I had it overhauled immediately by our diva watchmaker (Paul), who’s likewise a devotee of Speedmasters. This watch, obviously, gets zero wrist time, yet it is amusing to remove from the case every so often and play with it.  Click here to peruse the article .


In October, we distributed our video meet with space traveler Terry Virts , detailed about our Speedy Tuesday Event in Tokyo , completed an active audit of the Speedmaster Platinum with type 321 , yet in addition distributed an article on my first Speedmaster precisely 20 years after I bought it. It is a Speedmaster Professional 145.012-67 from 1968 and at that point, less expensive than a youthful used Speedmaster with type 861. Unimaginable today. The article additionally incorporated a piece of my Speedmaster assortment that I assembled in those 20 years. Click here for that article on my absolute first Speedmaster buy in 1999 .


Heading towards the year’s end, we chose to do one more event (in December) and welcomed everybody in an exceptional post in November. Somewhat a spur of the moment announcement, yet you need to comprehend that it wasn’t arranged. We figured Tokyo would be our last event, however it was settled on the spot to do one more, to complete the year in style. In November, I likewise composed an article about the Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 , and why I think it is the best Dark Side of the Moon variety out there. We likewise distributed the video on the discussion by Omega Speedmaster diplomat Sam Cossman who we’ve met in Tokyo, just as the audit of the third version of the Moonwatch Only book . However, my number one November article is the inside and out clarification on the watch that authorities allude to as the Speedmaster Holy Grail, which is likewise somewhat of an accolade for my late companion, the incredible Chuck Maddox. Click here to peruse the article on the Holy Grail .


In December, we facilitated the ‘Back to Base’ Speedy Tuesday Event along with Omega, and it was an impact. The event report on this event is the first not composed by me, however by one of our later editors, Jorg Weppelink. As far as I might be concerned, it was fascinating to peruse the event report to perceive how my colleague encountered the entire thing. All things considered, other than the report, he actually discusses the event (it was his first to join in). You can peruse his report here , with bunches of photographs and recordings. At that point, we had a survey on the Forstner bracelet a report on our vintage Speedmaster buyer’s guide and a Hasselblad article for Speedy Tuesday. In any case, I think my #1 distribution is the article I composed on the Speedmaster Mark II. An underestimated Speedmaster, that you can in any case hotspot at a reasonable cost. It isn’t just a fascinating watch for the individuals who have their Moonwatches as of now, yet additionally for somebody who simply needs a pleasant vintage chronograph. You can peruse the Mark II article here .

This is only a little choice of all the Speedy Tuesday articles we did in 2019. Despite the fact that we just had 53 Tuesdays, we distributed 62 Speedy Tuesday articles. You can discover every one of them here .

For now, I wish every one of you a magnificent and cheerful new year! I’m anticipating 2020 and all the Speedy Tuesday ‘things’ we are going to do. 


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