One of the most common inquiries we get on the Speedmaster concerns the Speedmaster Reduced models (reference 3510.50). What is by and large the distinction between the standard Moonwatch and this “Reduced” form? In this article, we explain.

Omega Speedmaster 3510.50

It’s Speedy Tuesday! This week’s theme is about the Omega Speedmaster Reduced. A watch that has been expanding in ubiquity for a couple of years. This is regularly confused with the mainstream Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch”. In the event that you are not that profound into Speedmasters and simply like the vibe of the dark dial with three-registers (at  3, 6, and 9 o’clock), sans date window, it is not difficult to fall into the snare that a great deal of merchants of these watches (on eBay, for instance) will attempt to use on you.

They promote these looks as “Moonwatches” too. Albeit the Omega Speedmaster Reduced is a pleasant watch, it’s anything but a Moonwatch. Much the same as the Dark Side of the Moon isn’t a Moonwatch. What’s more, that’s regardless of the way that even Omega “brand” it as a Moonwatch.

In the photos in this article, you can discover the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch on the NATO tie and the Speedmaster Reduced on the impeccable arm band in the comparison pictures. The most evident contrasts are, obviously, the size of the watch and the “Professional” printing that must be found on the Moonwatch. Underneath, the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch on the bracelet.

A Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’

Moonwatch Versus Speedmaster Reduced

You can be deceived by its appearance, yet when you see them next to each other (as in our photographs) you will locate some significant differences.


First of all, the size of the watches contrasts from each other. While the Speedmaster Pro estimates 42mm (distance across), the Speedy Reduced is a bit more modest at simply 38.5mm (and not 35.5mm as the Omega site states — don’t ask me for what valid reason). Albeit still wearable for a great deal of men, I accept that Omega is utilizing a similar size of the Speedmaster Reduced for the ladies’ adaptation of the Speedmaster.

Movement — Automatic versus Manual

Also, the development is very extraordinary. This clarifies the distinction in dial format too. As you can find in the photos, the sub-dials are very far away from the middle on the Speedy Reduced while the sub-dials on the “Moonwatch” are nearer to the middle pinion. The Speedy Reduced additionally has the phrasing “Automatic” on its dial and highlights the minutes in Arabic numerals at every hour marker. Beneath, a picture of the hand-twisted development of the Speedmaster Professional.

The development of the Speedmaster Professional is, obviously, the hand-wound Lemania based chronograph, either type 321, 861/863, 1861/1863, or 3861 (relies upon the age of the watch). The Speedy Reduced has a programmed development, in light of the ETA 2890-A2 (no date), otherwise called Omega type 3220. On top (no play on words planned), there is a Dubois-Dépraz 2020 chronograph module mounted to the dial-side of the ETA base movement.

Caliber 3220 (picture by means of

A parcel of gems — Piggyback Movement

The add-on module additionally clarifies the high number of gems (47) in this development. The utilization of these alleged piggyback developments is not difficult to recognize by taking a gander at the watch from the side. The winding crown and chronograph pushers are not adjusted. The crown is situated a piece lower, as you can find in the image below.

Don’t Be Fooled — But It Is A Great Watch

In the end, there isn’t anything amiss with an Omega Speedmaster Reduced. In the event that you favor programmed developments, have a little wrist or simply a more tight spending plan, the Speedy Reduced 3510.50 can be the best approach for you. In any case, when you search for a “Moonwatch”, don’t be messed with classifieds or advertisements on sites that utilization the word “Moonwatch” in combination with the Speedmaster Reduced 3510.50. Here and there, the cost is fascinating on these used Speedy Reduced models. On the off chance that you don’t get your work done appropriately, you can undoubtedly be bamboozled or delude by the dealer. Along these lines, not an awful word about the Speedmaster Reduced from our side, however ensure you end up with what you truly want.

Speedmaster Reduced Price

Prices of the Speedmaster Reduced are not as low as a couple of years prior, lamentably. The Omega Speedmaster Reduced value begins around €1,600. On the off chance that you need the case and papers included, be set up to pay a touch more. And keeping in mind that there are loads of great Speedy Reduced coming out of Japan, be aware of extra import obligations charged on top of the deal cost. Another fascinating thing is that there are some pleasant varieties of the Speedmaster Reduced worth looking at. A used Moonwatch (311., 3570.50, 3590.50 or 145.0022 and so on) is still about €1,200 Euro more than that (beginning prices).

The Speedmaster Reduced we included in one of our Wrist Game, Crying Shame articles. Picture through LOVE AND FUN PRODUCTION UG by means of Chrono24.

But If You Want The Real Deal

Note that the cutting edge Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch” ( here’s an article on how it turned into the Moonwatch ) passes by the references of 311., prior references are 3570.50, 3590.50, 145.022, 145.012, 105.012, 105.003, 105.002, CK2998 and CK2915. A portion of the restricted or uncommon versions sporadically have a somewhat extraordinary reference number, so be aware of that. You will discover an outline of all these Moonwatch references in this article .

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This article showed up first on Jun 25, 2013, yet has been refreshed (pictures, costs etc.)