While the Speedmaster models with type 321 are getting all the more scant, large numbers of you are after the Speedmaster Professional 145.022. This is the reference that was presented in 1968 and didn’t just have a printed logo on the dial and another seconds hand, it likewise accompanied another movement.

The type 861 development was likewise Lemania based, however rather than a segment wheel instrument, it utilizes a cam/transport framework for the chronograph activity. This new development (distinctive equilibrium wheel, higher recurrence, new development and so forth) was the base for the development that we actually find in today’s Omega Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’ models, the type 1861.

Today’s type 1861

Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022

Let’s likewise make it clear toward the start of this article, that there was additionally a ‘transitional’ model in 1968, that actually had the feel of the type 321 Speedmaster 145.012 reference, yet with the new type 861 development fitted.

We get a great deal of “help” demands in our Fratello letter box getting some information about this precise Speedmaster reference and how to keep it from venturing into pitfalls.

In this initial segment of the Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022 buyer’s manage, I will answer a portion of the more conventional inquiries that we get in our letter box. In the subsequent part, I will delve into the subtleties of the 145.022.

Why is the Speedmaster Professional 145.022 so in demand?

The Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022 is the reference that has a lot to bring to the table. As a matter of first importance, it is a vintage piece that actually comes at a reasonable cost, contingent upon the creation year and condition. There are a couple of varieties, every one of them making it a fascinating piece for an authority. You can pursue a pre-Moon landing model, a Post-Moon model and assuming this is the case, look a few changed casebacks that Omega used to demonstrate that the watch went to the Moon.

Near, But Not On The Moon

Officially, the 145.022 didn’t go to the Moon, as Omega conveyed the archetypes of this watch, the 105.012 and 145.012 with type 321 developments as true Moonwatch . Space explorer Ron Evans really had a 145.022 (picture beneath) on board of the Apollo 17, with the end goal of a warmth stream test. So it was never on the Moon, yet close. On the wrist of Ron Evans was, obviously, a type 321 145.012/105.012.

The 145.022 Is Interesting

So why not pursue a 105.012 or 145.012? Cost has to do with that obviously, where the Speedmaster Professional 145.022 is still generally reasonable, the costs of the type 321 segment wheel models are going up quickly nowadays. You can find out about that here , yet an all unique 145.012 with type 321 development in great condition will be hard to source from a vendor underneath €8000 Euro.

Let alone the way that it becomes more hard to track down one that has not been messed with. The 145.022 can be found in an immaculate condition all the more effectively and on the off chance that you are pushing it, discover one with box and papers (but you will pay).

The Speedmaster Professional 145.022 makes some long memories length with regards to creation. The main 145.022 was presented in 1968 and this reference was utilized till around 1981. At that point, Omega began utilizing 145.0022 as a kind of perspective number. More below.

Minor Changes

You could express that things just changed after Omega began utilizing Super-LumiNova and the later type 1861 development in 1997. That isn’t actually reasonable obviously, as the first Speedmaster Professional 145.022 had a marginally extraordinary dial two or three years just as some other minor contrasts. Furthermore, various arm bands. Omega likewise began utilizing diverse reference numbers (PIC coding) or better said, they added a reference number as 145.022/145.0022 is as yet being utilized to show the case that is being utilized. In 1988 Omega began utilizing a PIC coding framework and the main Moonwatch reference was 3590.50 (till 1996).

Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022-68 with blue dial

Condition Makes It Interesting

Another motivation to pursue a Speedmaster Professional 145.022 is that you will actually want to discover them in immaculate condition yet additionally in a beautiful worn condition. Something that isn’t per definition something terrible. Actually, I like my vintage watches to be ‘worn’ a piece and give indications of a past proprietor who messed around with it. You can likewise look for dials that stained a piece (or blurred to brown completely, albeit these get excessive costs these days).

Heck, they even come in blue and dim dials. On the off chance that the condition is critical to you, the 145.022 is exceptionally fascinating as you will even come across some scarcely utilized sets from the mid 1980s sometimes.

But let’s start with some essential things.

Speedmaster 145.022

1968 – Omega Caliber 861

Omega’s type 861 is the replacement of the type 321 that Omega utilized in the Speedmaster from 1957 to 1968. I’ve been told once by one of the previous Omega Archivists that the type 861 was really utilized since October 1968, however that is something I can’t affirm dependent on information. Let’s simply say the type 861 development was presented in 1968. Omega did as such for two reasons: the development was more precise than the type 321 that ticked at 18,000vph (rather than 21,600) and it was likewise less expensive to produce.

Omega likewise began utilizing the type 861 for other Speedmaster varieties, similar to the Mark II. The copper hued development had a bus cam framework for the chronograph rather than the section wheel. The pushers, subsequently, are not as plush in activity but rather take care of their job accurately nevertheless.

Speedmaster Professional 145.022-69 on a calfskin strap

Caliber 861 iterations

Below a picture of the type 861, taken from my Mark II, yet is indistinguishable from the developments utilized in the customary Speedmaster Professional 145.022 and later 145.0022 and 3590.50 up to the previously mentioned 1997 when Omega began utilizing the type 1861. Later on, the type 861 accompanied a Delrin brake and yellow (overlaid) and rhodium plated developments, just as extravagance completed models (861L and 863). I will broadly expound in the second piece of this article, however for the time being, it is adequate to realize that the hand-wound type 861 development was utilized in the Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022 and that there are some various cycles of this development. For the forms with a straightforward caseback that utilized the 861L and 863 developments, the chronometer evaluated variant (type 864) and the type 866 moon stage complication model, Omega likewise utilized distinctive reference numbers so these watches are not in the extent of this buyer’s guide.

Variations of the Speedmaster Professional 145.022

There two or three distinct forms of the Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022. Particularly in the event that you are able to likewise incorporate gold and bi-shading forms, it can get truly intriguing. In 1969 Omega presented the frequently examined Speedmaster Pro Apollo XI commemorative version, with a creation run of 1,014 pieces as it were. This is additionally a reference 145.022, yet with “BA” (yellow gold) as a prefix. You will discover more data about this model in the article we did on all the gold Speedmaster Professional models . At that point there is the bi-shading model, demonstrated with “DD” before the reference number, click here .

BA145.022 – the gold Apollo XI commemorative release from 1969


However, on the off chance that we just gander at tempered steel watches, you could say there are various versions:

  • 145.022-68 ‘ Transitional
  • 145.022-69
  • 145.022-71
  • 145.022-74
  • 145.022-76
  • 145.022-78

After that, in 1981, the 145.022 becomes the 145.0022 (but the case reference stayed 145.022, to make it more confusing). The – XX demonstrates the creation year of the caseback. A common committed error is that this additionally demonstrates the specific creation year of the whole watch. For instance, the 145.022-69 was delivered from 1969 to 1971.

How does it work?

The actuality that a case back shows 145.022-76 and – 78 for instance, doesn’t imply that Omega didn’t create any Speedmaster Professional 145.022 watches in 1977. Continuously allude to the chronic or development number (not to be mistaken for type number) that is engraved on the development. The 145.022-78 was supplanted by the 145.0022 around 1981. On current models, you will locate this chronic number likewise within one of the hauls. Beneath, an illustration of my 3570.50, with the chronic number in one of the lugs.

Extract of the Archives

Even with these chronic or development numbers, it can get very interesting, as they delivered the developments with the chronic numbers engraved in there during the creation interaction of the development, not when they collected the watch. . Note that it isn’t 100% exact, for that, you should demand a concentrate of the archives.

A development may have been on the rack for a long while lower numbers were at that point utilized for watches. The best way to be sure beyond a shadow of a doubt about the creation year of a Speedmaster is by utilizing their Omega Museum website to demand a concentrate of the chronicles. We did a in-profundity review on these Extracts of the Archives from Omega (and why they charge such a lot of cash for it). : Omega changed its Extract of the Archive methodology a piece. We will welcome a report on this soon, however the cost is still CHF120 (Swiss Francs) and you will get a concentrate by normal mail (the arrangement changed a bit).

The previous Extract of the Archives, showing you the specific creation year. The new organization is more modest, however with the equivalent information.

Case backs, dials, and bracelets

The first 145.022, with the – 68 marker within the caseback is being alluded to as the momentary model. It as of now has the new style hands and type 861 development, yet with the dial with applied Omega logo of the type 321 development. In 1969, Omega began utilizing the white printed logo on the dial. Those first dials actually had the ventured sub registers – where the counters are to some degree more profound in the dial than on later models – and presence of those type 321 models aside from the hands and logo.

In the second piece of this Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022 buyer’s manage, I will pass by these adaptations in more detail. The equivalent goes for the wristband styles that have been utilized, case backs and bezels.

Where to look?

Before we delve into the estimating subtleties one week from now (which I can just do per variation, as it makes a difference a lot whether you have a straight content case back, earthy colored dial, temporary model from 1968 or plain 145.022-69 model), I will give you a few hints where to search for these Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022 timepieces.

145.022-69 ‘Tropical’

The best purchases I for one had with regards to Speedmaster watches, including the 145.022 models, are on eBay and by individuals offering them to me. The last one is very uncommon, so view eBay and sites like (particularly when offered by proficient venders, the costs are a bit high, yet you do have some buyer’s security utilizing their Trusted Checkout measure) and (that look through various deals gatherings on the web). Likewise, monitor the Sales Forums on for example.

Some Indications

On eBay, these models run from $3500 for a decent 145.022 reference to above and beyond $13.000 USD for a 145.022 with a jungle (earthy colored) dial. You will likewise discover offers with box and papers, however hope to pay a considerable amount extra for that. You ought to likewise check whether the papers truly have a place with the watch, and aren’t spaces or spaces that were as of late filled in. Boxes are hard to check obviously. The prior 145.022 references will in general be more costly than the later emphasess during the 1970s, as you can envision. Idiosyncratic things, similar to a watch with the ‘220’ bezel, non-NASA engraving, straight writing etching and so forth, you will locate some precarious prices.

Our recommendation in this is to go for a Speedmaster 145.022 in a condition that you need it to be in. Or maybe pay a touch more and have something you will genuinely appreciate, than being left with a watch that is in an awful shape – or possibly not in the condition you need it to be in – that you won’t wear and appreciate.


Auctions are another chance, while Christie’s, Antiquorum, Auctionata, Watches of Knightsbridge, etc have something reasonable of Speedmaster offerings.

So, how would you try not to venture into these traps and end up with a watch that has been assembled or hosts third gathering parts on it? Our definite rule per reference number is generally imperative to recognize the great ones from the fakes.

It isn’t advanced science (no play on words expected), yet you need to realize what to search for and what to look like for these things.

Part II of this Speedmaster Professional 145.022 Buyer’s Guide can be found here

*This article showed up first on October sixth 2015 here on Fratello Watches. Most recent update from December 2nd, 2019. We added more data in regards to the course of events of the 145.022, refreshed evaluating data, added varieties, etc. We will continue to refresh this article later on to give the most precise (purchasing) data for the 145.022.