Exactly 6 years prior today, toward the start of Speedy Tuesday in 2012, we highlighted Porsche 911 gatherer and design architect Magnus Walker and his Speedmaster Automatic 176.0012 from 1974. I figured it is ideal to feature this element again, as it isn’t just a cool reference yet in addition to watch the narrative on Magnus Walker once more (below).

Magnus Walker Speedmaster

Years back, I saw Magnus Walker wearing his Speedmaster Automatic 176.0012 (Mark 4.5) in a duplicate of TopGear magazine. I reached him and got some information about his Mark 4.5 for an element on Speedy Tuesday. He was glad to collaborate and sent me a few pictures of his Speedmaster Automatic 176.0012. I got the impression there wasn’t actually a story to it, in any case than that he just loved the watch.

Inside the Speedmaster Automatic 176.0012 is Omega type 1045, in view of the Lémania 5100 development. This chronograph was underway for various a long time until it was stopped in 2003. Omega previously quit utilizing it during the 1980s, in the wake of utilizing it in the Mark 4.5 , Mark V and Speedmaster 376.0822 ( Holy Grail ) for instance. Albeit the late amazing Speedmaster gatherer Chuck Maddox was a major devotee of this Lémania development, it wasn’t the best or most solid development. In spite of the fact that I for one favored this 5100 type to the Valjoux 7750, the 5100 had a few issues. Particularly during administration, the parts can be hard to source and are generally costly. The date component, for instance, is associated with a perspex date uphold plate that is inclined to break sooner or later. This by itself will interfere with you a couple of bones. At that point, there is a wheel with plastic pinion teeth that will wear out and needs substitution (costly). All things considered, I do cherish the reality this development is so idiosyncratic with its nylon/plastic parts and obviously on account of the pleasant dial format (with focal second and moment chronograph counter).

Urban Outlaw

Urban Outlaw Magnus Walker is generally well known for his work on Porsche, his assortment and staggering pictures on 911s. On his wrist, you will regularly discover this Speedmaster Automatic 176.012 or a Porsche Design chronograph (by Orfina) in dark. Try to follow him on Instagram.

Really intriguing is to perceive how enthusiastic Magnus is about Porsche 911s in the short film Urban Outlaw. This narrative, in light of his life and interests, is unquestionably worth watching and it will incorporate some cool shots of the Omega Speedmaster too. As Magnus eventually notes in this narrative ‘..Porsche is a brand based on loyalty..”, I think the equivalent goes for the Speedmaster watch.

For your comfort, I installed the ca. brief film Urban Outlaw here on Fratellowatches. I discovered it to be a motivating film about a person who is energetic about Porsches, his work and essentially life.


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