The word is out, the new type 321 has been presented a week ago during a Speedy Tuesday event that we facilitated in Biel. A week ago we previously distributed about this development and shared a portion of the additional data that was not in the public statement. Yet, other than the presentation of this development, there was additionally the Speedy Tuesday event in Biel. The subsequent one, really, as the principal Speedy Tuesday event was held effectively in 2016. Previously and in the middle, we did a lot more in better places (Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, Noordwijk, London, Munich, The Hague and in Geneva) and we will accomplish more this year, worldwide.

Speedy Tuesday Event (II) in Biel

Last week in Biel there were around 45 of our perusers and Speedy Tuesday fans, even right from the United States (hey Andy!). A couple of hours before the large uncover of the new development, we assembled in the hall of the new Omega fabricate in Biel, Switzerland. After a decent lunch, the Speedy Tuesday event was opened by a welcome discourse of Jean-Pascal Perret, Omega’s VP of Communication.

After that, I gave a little discourse about the Speedy Tuesday community, advising that it is so astonishing to meet all the essences of everybody taking an interest. Next was Petros Protopapas, the Heritage Brand Manager of Omega that welcomed all visitors and talked about (vintage) Speedmasters. The program was two-overlap (and in two gatherings): a visit at the new production, to show to the visitors what the advanced assembling resembles and a discussion with Petros Protopapas discussing various intriguing subjects. One of them was the determination interaction of the Moonwatch, where he (at last) uncovered the two different contesters that didn’t endure NASA’s testing methodology, the Longines-Wittnauer 235T and the Rolex Chronograph reference 6238. Another subject he discussed was the contrasts between the Valjoux 72 development (as utilized in the Longines-Wittnauer and the Rolex) and the Lémania based caliber 321 development. To wrap things up, Petros Protopapas talked about the Russian cosmonauts utilizing the Speedmaster Alaska with white dial. A revelation made by Philip Corneille who runs an intriguing online journal called the . At Omega they scanned their documents for any confirmation that backs up this disclosure, and they really discovered desk work that underlines the solicitation (and request) for these Speedmaster Alaska watches by the Russian space organization. At a later stage, we will show you more about these discoveries.

For now, we figured it is ideal to show you what a portion of the visitors were wearing during the Speedy Tuesday event in Biel. We saw a ton of Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday models, both the first and second release, yet in addition a great deal of vintage Speedmaster could be found on the wrists of the guests.

Enjoy the show!