Last week we showed you an (refreshed) overview of all gold Speedmaster Moonwatch models from 1969 till 1995 . Let’s proceed with these gold Speedmaster watches from 1995 onwards. This article returns to 2015, yet from that point forward, various watches in gold have been added to the Speedmaster family. We will keep it Moonwatch just however, so no gold Speedmaster Racing or other 9×00 type models.

We finished part I with a 1995 gold Speedmaster Professional that was commemorating the MIR mission of July 1993 – July 1994, where 7 of these gold Speedmaster Professional watches were ready of the space station. Most likely the most uncommon model of all gold Moonwatch models. Additionally, toward the finish of the initial segment, we showed you the standard gold Speedmaster Professional watch that was underway until a couple of years prior. You may have seen this watch showing up in the flick Money Monster with (Omega envoy) George Clooney .

A gold Speedmaster (Professional) Moonwatch is an extraordinariness, despite the fact that a few models have been delivered in moderately high numbers or not as a restricted or numbered release by any means. The way that there is no standard gold Speedmaster Professional (except for the restricted Apollo XVII) in the current Omega assortment is most presumably dependent on lacking deals numbers. Truth to be told, I’ve never seen a gold Speedmaster on the wrist of somebody outside our Speedy Tuesday GTG occasions or outside the inward circle of watch companions we have.

The costs of gold Speedmaster watches start around €10.000 Euro, however don’t anticipate that it should come with any unique boxes and administrative work. All things considered, add a couple of more and you will have a complete bundle. For this cash, you can likewise purchase an exceptionally decent vintage Speedmaster (references 105.012, 145.012 or 105.003 for instance), so that may clarify why a few (idealist) authorities fairly go for that rather than gold. Or then again maybe the gold Speedmasters are still a touch of an obscure area. The interest in gold Speedmaster watches is expanding however, be it gradually, as costs have expanded a considerable amount since we initially composed these two-section articles on the gold Moonwatch models.

Without further ado, underneath you will locate a full outline of all gold Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch models from 1995 till today.

Gold Speedmaster Moonwatch Models 1995 – 2018

1995 Apollo – Soyuz twentieth Anniversary 3691.50

This 1995 Speedmaster Apollo – Soyuz twentieth commemoration commemorative adaptation is restricted to 200 pieces as it were. On first sight, it doesn’t appear to be a lot of unique from the ordinary creation gold Speedmaster Profession from that time. After looking into it further, you will see that the sub dials have the gold trim, as on the MIR adaptation that I examined in last week’s article.

The peculiar thing is that it has case number BA145.0052 and PIC number is obscure for the present. Moonwatch Only alludes to it as 3691.50, however that reference number is additionally utilized for the 1992 Jubilee 27 CHRO C12 on a cowhide lash. In any case, it may likewise be the situation that Omega just utilized a similar reference number for this model, as it was for the Italian market just and simply in 200 pieces.

Gold Speedmaster Apollo – Soyuz twentieth Anniversary (picture by Antiquorum)

Inside, this watch has the Omega type 863 development. sent us a picture of the type 863 in the 3691.50 (albeit this one alludes to the , the development is identical).

Caliber 863 (picture

1997 Japan Special ‘Golden Panda’ – 3690.30

Don’t mistake this model for the new 2015 presented First Omega in Space in Sedna gold , that can be seen straightforwardly beneath. This 1997 model was presented particularly for the Japan market. It is a ‘regular’ Speedmaster Professional model with ‘panda’ dial, in yellow gold.

Japan is a Speedmaster country, numerous particular models have been made for that market only in the past. The latest model was the 2004 Speedmaster Pro Racing, however before that, there were many others. Like the Mitsukoshi dial (panda in hardened steel) and this Speedmaster Perpetual Calendar.

The picture beneath was taken with consent from . The brilliant Panda for the Japan market was restricted to only 40 pieces.

1998 150th Anniversary of Omega 3193.50

You may perceive this model from one of our new Speedy Tuesday articles. This Speedmaster ’57 Replica model was additionally done in hardened steel, yet Omega likewise created 150 of them in 18 carat gold. In this article, we showed Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler wearing one. The case back has the customary Moonwatch etching (the tempered steel form doesn’t!) and has been engraved with its exceptional number. Besides, it had a sapphire gem and the new age of Lemania/Omega hand-wound developments, type 1863. In light of the 863, however with an additional gem and a rhodium plated finish.

This model was likewise accessible with a gold wristband, with reference number 3193.50. Beneath, a picture of the gold Speedmaster Broad Arrow on a calfskin tie, reference 3693.50.81. Rundown cost, at the hour of presentation, was CHF 7600 Swiss Francs and the full gold adaptation retailed at CHF 16500 Swiss Francs.

Speedmaster 57 3693.50.81 (picture Antiquorum)

1999 Speedmaster Professional Moonphase 3689.30.31

In 1999, Omega presented this white gold Speedmaster Professional Moonphase . In view of a similar Lemania development with moon stage complication (add-on module) as the 1985 Speedmaster Moonphase models , yet in a white gold Speedmaster Professional case. At the point when it was delivered I was under the impression it was intended to commemorate the 30th commemoration of the Apollo XI mission, yet there is no such reference on the actual watch. This watch was underway for only a couple years, yet you don’t come across them all the time. This model was just accessible on a calfskin tie with collapsing clasp. Inside, the type 1866 development was fitted. The white gold case back had the standard NASA etching, similar to the normal Speedmaster Pro creation. Gossip is that there are under 300 bits of this watch created, this is unsubstantiated though.

Omega Speedmaster Pro Moonphase 3689.30.31 (picture Antiquorum)

2000 Apollo – Soyuz 25th Anniversary 3195.59

The Apollo – Soyuz mission has been commemorated a ton by Omega, in all out multiple times, with two hardened steel models (the 1975 model with mission logo at 12 o’clock, the 2010 model with shooting star dial, the 1995 gold version and this 2000 release). Aside from the Apollo XI mission, it is the most commemorated mission by Omega. On the third spot we discover the Apollo XIII mission, with one 1995 mission fix model and two Speedmaster Snoopy Award editions.

Anyway, in 2000 Omega commemorated the verifiable mission from 1975 with a gold Speedmaster Apollo – Soyuz 25th Anniversary release, restricted to 50 pieces as it were. This time, the gold Apollo – Soyuz Speedmaster was a smidgen more intense than its 1995 pre-decessor. Not just the printing of the Omega logo and ‘Omega Speedmaster Professional’ phrasing was done in gold hued textual style, the sub dial at 6 o’clock had the mission ‘Apollo – CHO3’ name imprinted in gold too. The case back didn’t have the typical NASA engraving, yet additionally the mission name and the restricted version number engraved. This watch was accessible on a gold wristband (reference 3195.59) yet in addition on a cowhide lash (reference 3695.59).

Below you will likewise discover a picture of the rhodium plated type 1863 development, replacement of the type 863 movement.

Omega Speedmaster Apollo Soyuz 3195.59 (picture Dr. Krott Auctions)

Omega Speedmaster Apollo Soyuz 3195.59 (picture Dr. Krott Auctions)

Omega Speedmaster Apollo Soyuz 3195.59 (picture Dr. Krott Auctions)

2017 – Speedmaster Apollo XVII 311.

In 2017 (January sixteenth), space explorer Gene Cernan died. He was the Last Man on the Moon during the Apollo 17 mission in 1972. Prior to that, he flew on the Gemini 9A and Apollo 10 missions. So a year ago, Omega presented the third Speedmaster Apollo XVII restricted release. In two flavors: in treated steel (1972 pieces) and in gold (272 pieces). In the second picture underneath, you will see the predetermined number at ’72’, this is on the grounds that it is a model and Omega understood that this number was excessively low for the interest. The retail cost of this model was €18600. An inside and out review on the gold Speedmaster Apollo XVII was done a year ago here on Fratello. Because of the generally excessive cost you may come across one at your Omega seller still. In the used market, a couple of these sprung up at retail price.

2017 – Speedmaster Professional Starmus

It is somewhat of a shameless expansion to this article, as the Starmus model isn’t available. Just three of these gold Speedmaster Starmus watches have been made for the champs of the Starmus Festival.  Winners of the Starmus Festival 2017 are artist Jean-Michel Jarre (no further clarification required), Neil deGrasse Tyson (probably won’t sound familiar for individuals outside the USA promptly, however he is an American astrophysicist, creator, and science communicator. He additionally facilitated various space-related TV shows and known for TV Series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey) and to wrap things up, the makers and cast of The Big Bang Theory. I would be extremely shocked if any of these Starmus watches will come available in the close future.

End of Part II – Gold Speedmasters

As you can see, Omega delivered a significant high number of gold Speedmaster watches in the 1990’s and that finished around 2000. Despite the fact that the white gold Speedmaster Professional Moonphase model was underway till the mid-2000’s. The normal Speedmaster Professional in gold that I showed you in the past article, was underway till 2011/2012. Despite the fact that it was customary creation, it is as yet an extraordinariness, as clarified prior in this article. Aside from the Apolo XVII (and on the off chance that it is as yet accessible), there is no gold Speedmaster Professional in the assortment at this moment. Obviously, with my always expanding interest in gold watches, I trust this will change in the future.

I trust this article changed your advantage somewhat in the gold models, ideally for the great. This article likewise showed you that you don’t need to carry a strange measure of cash to purchase a gold Speedmaster watch on the used market. Particularly compared to some vintage models in steel, or a portion of its competition in gold (like the Daytona), these watches are moderately affordable.

What this article didn’t show are the platinum models (Omega a few them, even as of late) like this Apollo XI 2009 commemorative model  or the skeleton models ( like the one we shrouded in 2012 ). We canvassed them broadly in different articles (click the connections) however. I additionally didn’t cover some ‘specialty’ adaptations of gold Speedmasters, loaded with precious stones and rubies.

In case we missed a gold Speedmaster Professional model, kindly let us know so we can add it to this article.

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Image Gallery of gold Speedmasters Part II

Gold Speedmaster Apollo – Soyuz twentieth Anniversary (picture by Antiquorum) Omega Speedmaster Professional ‘Gold Panda Japan’ 3690.30 (picture Only) Omega Speedmaster Apollo Soyuz 3195.59 (picture Dr. Krott Auctions) Omega Speedmaster Apollo Soyuz 3195.59 (picture Dr. Krott Auctions) Omega Speedmaster Apollo Soyuz 3195.59 (picture Dr. Krott Auctions) Omega Speedmaster Pro Moonphase 3689.30.31 (picture Antiquorum) Speedmaster 57 3693.50.81 (picture Antiquorum) Caliber 863 (picture

Originally distributed August fourth, 2015. The article has been refreshed August thirteenth, 2018, with new data and new images.