Wait a moment? Didn’t Bukowskis auction a CK2915 before for a record price?

Yes they did, and we detailed about it here . We additionally distributed a meeting with the gatherer who purchased that CK2915-1 for a whopping $275,508 US dollars (counting buyer’s premium). You can peruse that meet here .

Speedmaster CK2915-2

So now, it is the ideal opportunity for another CK2915 for them to sell. This time, the 2nd cycle of the Speedmaster CK2915, showed by a ‘- 2’ designator. Sufficiently intriguing, the principal CK2915(- 1) and this 2nd emphasis CK2915(- 2) are really like one another. The original Speedmaster CK2915 was distinctly underway for an exceptionally brief timeframe, and during those first long periods of the Speedmaster creation, it immediately turned into the watch that we know today as the ‘Moonwatch’. A greater number of changes occurred during those initial 10 years than in the 50 years after. That’s just coherent obviously, as Omega before long understood that they ought to appreciate and keep the Moonwatch as-is for fans and authorities. Indeed, even with its huge history, Omega questioned whether it would bode well to keep it underway eventually. In any case, fortunately they did. On the off chance that you aren’t into the hand-wound type, Hesalite gem, a non-WR (all things considered, not actually in any event) case and so on you can generally consider a Speedmaster type 9300, Speedmaster Racing (caliber 9900) or Dark Side of the Moon edition.

Back to this Speedmaster CK2915-2. The lone distinction to find between the absolute first models and this – 2 variant, is that the situation back hasn’t been stepped with the case maker’s logo (“HF” which represents Huguenin Frères) within. For all the other things, this CK2915-2 is just about as great as a CK2915-1. The later CK2915-3 was somewhat of a misunderstanding between the CK2915 and the later CK2998. You can discover a few adaptations of the CK2915-3 that has components of the two references, the later CK2915-3 models had a dark bezel and Alpha hands, rather than a steel bezel and the ordinary Broad Arrow hands.

Provenance is everything, except what if…

The Speedmaster CK2915-2 was underway for about a year, from 1958 to 1959. Altogether, the original Speedmaster was underway from 1957 till 1959, when the CK2998 dominated (till 1963). You will discover some repudiating creation years a few times for these old references since Omega tended to have a few references underway simultaneously. So there’s no ‘hard’ change year or month for a significant number of those references, they were simply being created and sold at the same time with the subsequent reference. Some more established catalogues even show two succeeding references close to each other.

When you are on the lookout for an uncommon piece like this Speedmaster CK2915-2, you need to be certain everything is right. A touch of provenance is hence likewise significant. For this situation, Bukowskis claims that this watch has been in the cabinet for as far back as 20 years. The individual who initially purchased the watch left it to his child who got it in the last part of the 1970s. The watch has consistently been in a similar family, since the time it was bought in the last part of the 1950s. Lamentably, there’s no letter or other verification that this is the situation. We likewise need to understand that at that point, watches were simply watches, and gathering them wasn’t actually a subject. The solitary thing that may help is if there are photographs accessible of the owner(s) wearing this Speedmaster CK2915. In any case, would you feel comfortable with pictures of you, your father or granddad coasting around as provenance with a watch?

So for this situation, it is down to the dependability of the closeout house and the state of the watch. Additionally, Omega’s concentrate of the files can demonstrate a beautiful precise creation or conveyance date. The concentrate, in any case, isn’t accessible in their bartering part (or by any means). The concentrate of the documents are extremely helpful ( we portrayed the whole cycle in this article ), yet just shows what watch (model, reference number) left the Omega manufactory in Bienne on which date and to which country. It doesn’t say anything regarding the condition today, regardless of whether the hands, dial, bezel and so on have been supplanted, or not. So for this, we need to depend on the specialists of the sale house. A few times, you can see on the photographs gave whether parts are supplanted, yet this isn’t generally the situation and afterward a specialist watchmaker is expected to dismantle things and study the hands, dial and so on himself. For the top notch that a bartering house charges (for this situation 22%), you ought to have the option to depend on their depiction. Most closeout houses likewise will discount if, eventually, something isn’t right with the watch regarding inventiveness/authenticity.

A brief glance at the Speedmaster CK2915-2 in this sale reveals to me that the crown has been supplanted eventually. It has 32 teeth rather than the main crowns with only 24 teeth (and a level feet Omega logo). Obviously, when you effectively wear a watch and have it adjusted, the crown has been most likely supplanted sooner or later, to keep residue and dampness from entering the watch. I’m generally a piece ‘non-purist’ with regards to these things, I rather have a watch that has been appropriately dealt with, than one that is all unique yet is in fact not 100%. The case and case back give indications of wear, thus does the bezel. It has an extreme gouge at 9 o’clock. There’s a lot of earth on this watch, which is the way I like them best, frankly. Frequently, these are the most legit pieces you can buy.

The dial has all the earmarks of being unique and is of the 2nd sort (alluded to as A2, with an oval O, OMEGA printed with sufficient space between the applied logo that it might have another ‘OMEGA’ imprinted in the middle with a similar text dimension), the hands show a touch of consumption, radium on the dial and hands look intact.

Caliber 321

Inside the Speedmaster CK2915-2 is Omega’s type 321 development. A chronograph development with section wheel component, ticking at 18,000vph. Omega declared the resurrection of this development back on January seventh of this current year, during our Speedy Tuesday GTG in Bienne. This development has been created dependent on the first Lémania 27 CHRO C12 development. There are a couple of cycles of the type 321 development, yet this CK2915-2 has the main form that was utilized somewhere in the range of 1957 and 1963. This development has a breadth of 27mm and has three registers, at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. The force save is around 45 hours. I’m uncertain about whether this development has been overhauled before, however given the imprints on the screw heads and the hand-etching working on it back, I would think it has seen some adjusting previously. The part depiction doesn’t incorporate a condition report.


If you are offering on this watch, try to have gotten your work done. The gauge for this Speedmaster CK2915-2 is around 115.000 Euro, however I would not be amazed in the event that it would go past that, with the latest sale results for a CK2915. Today, the cost of a CK2915 is intensely relying upon its condition, yet a pleasant one will in any case bring path over 100.000 Euro, particularly on closeouts. What I saw is that if something isn’t right, even an off-base arrangement of hands or wrong bezel will make the watch stay unsold ordinarily. Discovering unique parts is a frightful venture and will cost you a disproportionate extra measure of cash. This implies that you ought to consistently do your homework!

The Speedmaster CK2915-2 parcel can be found . It is important for Bukowskis Important Timepieces 614 sale that will occur today, in Stockholm, at 1pm nearby time. It has some really intriguing Speedmasters, so make a point to .

Update: This CK2915-2 pounded at 900,000 SEK, ex. premium. This brought about an aggregate sum of approx. €105,000.- . Not exactly expected, however the provenance was too little clearly for most gatherers. The watch was additionally addressed on discussions, which didn’t help.