Almost 20 years prior, Omega commended its 150th commemoration in 1998. For this event, they presented a watch that depended on the Speedmaster’57 Replica from one year sooner. A watch authority from Denmark has bought this 150th Anniversary of Omega model, after it had been on his radar a few years as of now. Let’s have a more intensive gander at Morten’s gold Speedmaster watch.

150th Anniversary of Omega

With just 150 bits of this gold Speedmaster created, it wasn’t a simple errand to discover one. In any case, Danish gatherer Morten discovered one in Spain (at ) in mint condition and reasonable valued, so in a brief instant he chose to let it all out. Morten revealed to us that he didn’t talk about his chase for this Speedmaster ‘150th Anniversary of Omega’ much, as he didn’t need to awaken competition. With just a particularly low measure of pieces accessible (and accordingly significantly less accessible in the used market), it is now and then better to keep your mouth shut.

Royal Oak ‘Jumbo’ 15202

That said, he additionally has a booking for the Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition. At the point when it was reported on January tenth, he promptly experienced passionate feelings for it and let it all out. His record-breaking most loved Speedmaster for the time being is the tempered steel Speedmaster’57 Replica reference 3594.50, the watch that enlivened Omega for the gold adaptation Morten claims. He lean towards the lyre hauls over straight-carries and loves the matte dial.

Morten adds that he wears his gold Speedmaster 150th Anniversary of Omega watch a great deal, he doesn’t child his watches nor have them cleaned. Wearing and appreciating is his watch philosophy. The gold Speedmaster goes together well with both formal as easygoing clothing, so an ideal all-rounder.

Omega Speedmaster 3693.50.81

Very Rare

The gold Speedmaster’57 Replica is a beautiful uncommon watch with just 150 made. I’ve never seen one in the tissue truth be told, or if nothing else not that I can recollect. Not very far in the past we covered the story that Mark Knopfler  (Dire Straits) can be seen wearing the gold Speedmaster’57 two or three photographs that you can discover on-line. Nonetheless, we found two of them that can be found available to be purchased. One with box, papers and unique tie and gold collapsing fasten at a German merchant, for 16.900 Euro ( ) and one (likewise with box, papers and unique lash and collapsing catch) for 9800 Euro at a dealer in Portugal ( ). A serious value distinction for a similar watch (and both in great condition), so kindly accomplish your home work. It shows that very few of them spring available to be purchased so it is hard to evaluate them.

Omega Speedmaster 3693.50.81

The gold Speedmaster’57 3693.50.81 came initially in a dark cowhide box (level wide model) with a testament of authenticity.

More gold Omega Speedmaster watches can be found here and here . Because of Morten to cooperate and for the pictures of his gold Speedmaster’57 Replica “150th Anniversary of Omega” watch.