If there’s one thing I’ve learned on the whole these +20 years of gathering Speedmasters, it is that ‘we’ also prefer to gather everything associated with these watches and the Moon program (or space). So for anyone hoping to go through some cash, here’s a rundown of cool Moonwatch Accessories.

If you’re like me, there is a limitation on the number of watches you can purchase. I couldn’t want anything more than to add a couple of vintage Speedmasters I don’t have yet, or that Apollo XI 45th anniversary release from 2014. Yet, that tingle should be scratched. Thankfully, you don’t always need to purchase watches to scratch that tingle. With such a clique following, many Speedy-roused/ – related trinkets exist. Many of them are a great alternative to adding (one more) Speedmaster to your haul.

But maybe “Alternative” isn’t even the correct word. Nowadays, these things I’ve amassed throughout the long term look and feel more like an assortment in their own right. For this week’s installment of our Speedy Tuesday feature , I chose a couple of cool things and accessories that will go very well with your Speedmaster assortment. Regardless of whether that’s an assortment of one Speedmaster, of course.

Moonmaster and Moonlight Pocket Square

I don’t wear suits or jackets frequently. I wore suits for a long time when I worked for a consultancy firm and a speculation bank. Nowadays I just wear them on formal or special occasions. Just a single time in some time, I consider bringing a handkerchief. It looks pleasant with a jacket and it offers a touch of contrast as well.

Our Polish companions from CH24.PL opened up a webshop loaded with cool things and accessories. One of my favorites is this handkerchief. The Moonmaster is the one with the light tones; the Moonlight is the model with red and blue — a clear gesture to the Speedmaster ‘Moonwatch’ fans. I got my ‘Moonlight’ pocket square some time ago and have worn it various occasions. It’s an ideal companion for your Speedmaster and (non-space) suit. Evaluated at €52 and available via .

Lego Ideas International Space Station

I wager you recall the Lego Ideas Saturn V rocket from a couple of years back, correct? I had some magnificent nights with my little daughter assembling that 1-meter tall rocket. Presently, in 2020, Lego Ideas has released this International Space Station set comprising 843 pieces to commemorate the 20th anniversary of humans’ presence aboard the space station. It will be available from February first onwards and has a sticker price of $69,95USD. More information on the (it isn’t available to be purchased at this point on Lego.com).

A legitimate strap or bracelet (or both)

I love the Speedmaster Professional, yet I kinda despise the bracelet that Omega has been utilizing since 1996. It isn’t that it isn’t comfortable, however I just don’t like the appearance of it compared to the past bracelets. There are a few alternatives out there, obviously. You can purchase a more seasoned model like the reference 1479 via eBay, or perhaps as ‘spare’ via the Omega store (like the 1171/1). Be that as it may, you can also go for something completely different.

I as of late shrouded Forstner bracelets in this article . Forstner is giving a cool JB Champion ‘Komfit’ replica that was utilized by astronauts during the 1960s. You can also chase for a decent leather strap, as (shameless stopping) that I use on my Speedmaster Tintin for example. Or on the other hand one of the , that comes at a cost of €140 however are of outstanding quality (the managers are really decent too).

Fisher Space Pen

Only a couple of individuals appear to compose nowadays. With a pen I mean. I’m as yet a sucker for a pleasant pen and have my share of Montblancs, Pelikans, and Stipula fountain pens. Yet, guess what? I also appreciate a legitimate ballpoint pen. The Fisher AG-7 is the original pen the astronauts utilized in space (and one of the best Moonwatch accessories), however this shot pen marked ‘Speedmaster’ is loads of fun as well.

You can arrange your Fisher Space Pen via yet I am afraid the gold Omega Speedmaster pen should be gathered from a shop. Indeed, be that kid again that visits car dealers asking for leaflets and stickers, yet now do it at an Omega store and ask about this pen. You may be fortunate (in the event that they don’t have the pen, they may have some other cool stuff). I was told this pen was somewhat meant for the individuals who purchased the Moonshine Speedmaster, which I did, yet I’ve also seen others getting their hands on one.

Old Brochures

There are not many Moonwatch Accessories that can compare to the Moowatch Only book ( third version ), or the more affordable Moonwatch Story book from the same authors. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you already have those or think those are excessively costly, why not pursuing some old catalogs? I have a great deal of Omega pamphlets in my assortment, from the 1960s onwards, yet I treasure those from the 1990s.  An outline of old leaflets can be found here, on . The best places to search for these handouts is eBay and local online market platforms. There are some real diamonds. My favorite? I’m actually amused by the choice to make Elle Macpherson wear a Speedmaster Professional and display a Reduced close to the image as “her choice.”

We trust you making the most of our rundown of Moonwatch Accessories. Do you have more recommendations or ideas? Leave a comment beneath, we’re happy to learn about them (and make a purchase).