We’ve gave an account of a blue dial Speedmaster 105.012 and a blue dial Speedmaster 145.012 before in our Speedy Tuesday highlights, yet never on a previous reference with this dial tone. These dials are still somewhat of an unclear domain, at any rate for us, as nobody precisely know the number of these watches are near or how they wound up underway. Was it by extraordinary solicitation or did Omega just messed with shading choices? One thing is sure however, they exist and are original.

Blue Dial Speedmaster 105.003

The recently detailed blue dial Speedmaster reference 105.012 and 145.012 were ‘Professional’ watches, this 105.003, obviously, isn’t. Fascinating to see that Omega utilized this excellent blue/dim tone on three distinct ages of Speedmaster models, however never made it to a bigger scope creation. These dials are uncommon as hen’s teeth.

Blue Gray Dial

This 105.003 is basically staggering with this dial tone. On the picture beneath, you will see that the hour markers turned somewhat green-ish and are somewhat smudgy, however look great on the blue/dark surface. The hour and moment hand have some lume missing, yet that’s something common to occur after so long and may be a decent sign that these are as yet unique. Numerous individuals like to have their watches great, so a ton of hands/dial trading is going on. Sometimes, I would say this is something disastrous. A straight-drag instance of the 105.003 has 19mm carries and is somewhat more modest than the later Professional (42m case with 20mm carry width).

Caliber 321

Inside the blue dial Speedmaster 105.003-63 there is the renowned section wheel chronograph type 321 development. Made by Lémania (type 2310), it is utilized in Speedmasters somewhere in the range of 1957 and 1968 (the last ones remaining the manufacturing plant in 1969). In 1968, the replacement of this development, type 861, was presented for the Speedmaster. The type 321 ticks at 18.000vph and utilizes a Breguet overcoil. A wonderful development that is adulated by numerous authorities. Underneath, a picture of a type 321 development (it’s anything but an image of the 105.003 blue dial Speedmaster on auction!).

Caliber 321, picture by www.db1983.com

Box and Papers

The blue dial Speedmaster comes with a dark Omega box, a guarantee booklet and a concentrate of the chronicles from Omega ( we did a top to bottom article on how these concentrates work ). On this concentrate, you will discover the depiction of the dial, referenced as ‘blue/grey’ and that the watch is conveyed to Mexico. The crate and papers are of a later date, as we’ve been educated so these don’t have a place with this watch.

Production Date Payment Date

Now, the falcon looked at aficionados among you may see that the creation date on the Extract of the Archives is after the date of offer. On the concentrate, you see that the creation date is September 11th 1964. The guarantee booklet however, says May eighteenth 1964 as the date of offer. The part depiction gives a touch of foundation data on this odd request of occasions. Omega set apart in their books as sold once they would get the installment. This requirements somewhat more clarification I think, so I checked with Omega myself and got some information about this.

Gaps And Dates

As you may know, there are a couple of holes in the files at Omega in Bienne. In any case, what is thought about this particular watch, is the creation date of its type 321 development. This has been recorded in their chronicles. In view of this, they can see that the creation was very before the composed date of offer in May 1964. At that point, much the same as Patek Philippe, Omega sent the watches to a portion of their representatives and would get the installment later. Now and again, a lot later, contingent upon the plans they had with the customers. In their books, they would not stamp the watch as delivered except if the watches were paid for.

Production Year

So fundamentally, what occurred, is that once the installment was gotten from Mexico, Omega filled in the ‘Production Date’ field with that specific date. So, Omega got the installment for this watch (and the whole group of watches) on September 11th, 1964. A very accommodating installment condition I would say. Because of Omega in Bienne for clearing this one up. The chronic number is appeared on the guarantee booklet and would really show 1963 as creation year.

Estimate Of The Blue Dial Speedmaster 105.003

With the current Speedmaster furor, for both vintage models just as new (and restricted release) watches, the cost can go anyplace as I would see it. Phillips’ gauge is somewhere in the range of 52.800 and 106.000 Euro (CHF60,000-120,000) which is in fact everywhere. I would not be astonished if this blue dial Speedmaster 105.003-63 would hit the high finish of the gauge, or maybe even go over. The finish of the vintage Speedmaster love isn’t in sight yet, and a few authorities have profound pockets, as demonstrated as of late during different sell-offs. Intriguing to see is that Phillips’ gauge on the is very low, while these are especially popular right now as well.

The posting at Phillips of this blue dial Speedmaster 105.003-63 is .