Already during the Apollo mission, Omega concocted new and intriguing Speedmasters for later use by NASA.

All these watches were utilizing the Alaska codename, all together not to awaken the competition during. The Swiss watchmaking industry is a little world and when a portion of the competition lives in the equivalent (little) Swiss city, even a late night bar or café visit can be precarious. That’s why brands like Omega like to utilize codenames for unique activities. For everything concerning NASA, Omega utilized the codename Alaska. Previously during the times of Apollo, Omega made Speedmaster varieties utilizing this codename ( here’s the white dial Alaska , and here’s the white dial Alaska II, for instance ).

Now, on the off chance that you know about Speedy Tuesday and the main Speedy Tuesday version that we did along with Omega, you most likely additionally caught wind of Alaska III. This task was begun to help NASA during their Space Shuttle program during the 1980s. The type 861 Speedmaster Professional was re-qualified by NASA for the Space Shuttle missions in 1978 and 56 of them were sent to NASA for use during Space Shuttle missions and preparing. It was the contribution for our Speedy Tuesday version of 2017, which is formally called ‘Tribute to Alaska III” because of the utilization of a Radial Dial. That story can be perused here .

Speedmaster Ref. 11001 Prototype

For Alaska III, Omega tried and sent three unique models to NASA. These models were the normal Moonwatch with type 861 (this one was picked), the Speedsonic (a Speedmaster with tuning fork chronograph development) and the Speedmaster Automatic with type 1045 development and reference 11003 (model also). Presently, every one of these watches had outspread dials and cases made by the Star watch company in the USA.

The model with reference 11001  that Christie’s is offering has none of these, however it was the model on which the later reference 11003 model has been based. The association with the Alaska III watches is, subsequently, somewhat flimsy, however on the off chance that you are into those watches implied for NASA, this model may have some chronicled importance for you.

Inside this reference 11001 model is the acclaimed Lemania 5100 based Omega type 1045 development. It was utilized for the genuine Alaska III model with reference 11003 and later on for the Speedmaster Automatic that was named ‘ Holy Grail ‘ by Chuck Maddox too. The development has no.100 and was fabricated in 1974. The pad molded instance of this model estimates 38mm in width and has a 43mm length. As indicated by the accompanying Extract of the Archives, this watch has been conveyed to Omega’s Prototype and Testing Department.

Christie’s gauge on this watch is somewhere in the range of $15,000 and $25,000 USD and it is important for their June sixth sale “An Evening of Exceptional Watches” in New York.



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