Singer Reimagined. A name that took the watch scene a year ago like a cyclone with their Singer Reimagined Track 1 chronograph. This great watch is an offspring of a joint effort between three universes, three energetic specialists in their regarded fields. First Marco Borraccino, a mechanical plan expert with numerous connections to the watch business. At that point there’s Rob Dickinson, a Porsche devotee and proprietor of Singer Vehicle Design who snared over common interest in vehicles. The kinship developed and the possibility of another watch was conceived. Nonetheless, they required somebody to help them transform their thought into the real world. They were all the while missing a significant piece; a watchmaker. This is when Jean-Marc Wiederrecht horological virtuoso and proprietor of Agenhor ventured into the image. Jean-Marc had discreetly been chipping away at a development as his purposeful venture that Marco saw like an ideal fit to their venture.

Track 1

The folks definitely realized they were in good shape (quip proposed). As Marco disclosed to me; the Track 1 was a little glimpse of heaven. A novel purposeful venture. Regardless it was likewise an extraordinary test to perceive how the market and the business would respond to such a creation. Obviously, the reaction was more than positive which just added more fuel to their fire. I thought about the Singer Reimagined Track 1 however it was not until Dubai Watch Week , that I really had my first experience with the watch. I was shocked by the extraordinary wearability and amazing looks of it. From one viewpoint, it really seems as though something from the 1970’s, a period Marco took motivation from. In any case, the watch is obviously a cutting edge translation with a development that is underdog to none.

Singer Reimagined Track 1 Geneva Edition

The new Singer Reimagined Track 1 Geneva Edition is fundamentally the genuine establishment Singer Reimagined might want to fabricate their assortment later on. As indicated by Marco; the Track1 is an incredible test and purposeful venture. The Track 1 Geneva Edition anyway is the base for the future deliveries. The plan is a lot of cleaner, the chronograph signs have been move to the external of the dial. This additionally permitted them to work on the vibe of the watch and spotlight more on straightforwardness. All things considered, the Singer Reimagined Track 1 Geneva Edition is definitely not basic. We should take a gander at the core of the watch. It is a programmed, mechanical, segment wheel development with 477 sections, more than 60 hours of force save with 21,600 vph. The instance of the watch is 18k yellow gold, 43mm wide and 15mm thick with water protection from 100 meters. Retails is 72,000 CHF (barring VAT).


The overlooked details are the main problem – an explanation that is so fitting to Singer Vehicle Design. Their reevaluation of the Porsche 911 probably won’t be appropriate to everybody. For those who like what the California brand does you have the ones saying that a vintage vehicle should remain unique. However Singer is more sizzling than at any other time. They have occupations coming in from everywhere the world from Porsche aficionados and authorities. The vehicles Singer produce – or I should say, adjust – can be modified down to the littlest detail. Focusing on these little subtleties is a similar methodology you can discover in the new Singer Reimagined Track 1 Geneva Edition. Investigate the lock system of the deployant fasten. Or on the other hand perceive how the bolt in the tie coordinates the bolts in the hustling seat of the vehicle. These microscopic subtleties have an immense effect, don’t you agree?