This is our last portion of the SIHH 2019 recaps. It has been a significant fascinating SIHH, more so than the 2018 release, particularly with regards to the introduced watches.

SIHH 2019

The 2019 version of the SIHH was the last one held in the month January, as of one year from now, it will be just after Baselworld 2020. Before, this was at that point the case, yet then the SIHH chose to have theirs in January. So one year from now, we will have two enormous shows consecutive for around 10 days altogether. I’m extremely intrigued by how Audemars Piguet will help model, however much more in the thing Swatch Group is intending to do. Will they stick to doing their own occasions as they will in 2019, or will they return to Baselworld in another configuration and with new terms and conditions?

I need to say that SIHH is in every case efficient, yet this year it was recognizably not the same as different years. As you will, we (our group) felt that the quality was lesser than earlier years. Awful WiFi (which is excessively irritating on the off chance that you need to work with pictures), long lines prior to entering the setting (yet I previously covered that here), insufficient ability to have lunch for guests, and on occasion the temperatures were incredibly high (which is something swiss, I concede, as they love to warm up lodgings and eateries to insane temperatures). Every one of these encounters were nearer to what I am utilized from Baselworld than at any other time. All things considered, the corners were excellent as usual and the SIHH staff were well disposed. They abbreviated the reasonable with one day, so it was discernibly more swarmed on the entire days. Press and retailers, yet additionally providers utilized this display to converse with their clients (brands) and brands likewise welcomed a portion of their ‘celebrity’ customers straightforwardly. On Thursday evening, the SIHH opened up to people in general also. Thus, while leaving the SIHH yesterday evening, the line to exit and to get your stuff from the cloakroom was past creative mind. Unquestionably, something SIHH didn’t anticipate or have acted upon.

But how about we examine the watches and brands we visited on the last day(s), that is the thing that you are here for, of course.

Richard Mille

I will begin with a brand that caused a little mix among the SIHH visitors. Regularly, Richard Mille makes extremely specialized watches, with an accentuation on what they (in fact) accomplished or on the materials they’ve utilized. This year, Richard Mille concocted their Bonbon assortment. Ten new models of 30 pieces each, motivated by foods grown from the ground. Utilizing distinctive shadings that nearly harm your tooth lacquer simply by taking a gander at it. The craftsmanship on these watches is astonishing, utilizing lovely methods to paint and finish the – altogether –  3000 little models utilized for them.

I respect the craftsmanship, yet kid… who purchases this stuff? I got the inclination that the individual who gave the introduction on these Richard Mille oddities couldn’t smother his actual sentiments towards these watches at specific occasions. This has never been done, without a doubt, however there was a valid justification for that, and this assortment shows obviously why. I trust Richard Mille will get back to looks as they did before. Exceptionally complicated developments and cases and utilizing uncommon (light-weight) materials. All things considered, I am certain there are sufficient individuals out there with more cash than taste who will bounce on this. As somebody said: If you drive your Bentley and close to you is your sweetheart called Candy, what’s superior to giving her a watch with candy?


We previously had our Cartier introduction before in the week, yet we additionally had an arrangement for doing the photoshoot with their new watches. I joined Bert for the arrangement so I could have one more glance at a portion of the new pieces. I took a stab at the Cartier Santos chronograph again and I will adhere to my past comment . The watch is simply too enormous, in any event, for my huge wrists. A pity, since I love its looks and the manner in which the chronograph pushers are masterminded (on the left half of the case and by pushing the crown). I additionally took a stab at the new Santos Dumont once more, the slim dress watch on a cowhide tie propelled by the 1904 Santos watch. It is staggering. I offered a past remark on the dial, that it was altogether too straightforward (no profundity) and I adhere to that, yet I figure I could get over that as a result of the lovely case plan. Particularly in gold, this watch is essentially staggering. I’m simply not certain on the off chance that I can look past the way that it has a quartz development (despite the fact that it has been created in-house and has energy for a very long time with one battery). As of now I don’t have a clue about the cost of this piece yet, yet I accept it will be near 10.000 Euro because of the rose gold case. For women, there’s a great deal to browse this year. I love the Panthere (watch) arm bands for instance, and we will do an article on those soon (as indicated by Google Analytics just 1% of our perusers is female, so maybe it helps a bit).


Since a couple of years, there’s the square (Carré des horlogers) for the free movers at the SIHH. You will discover individuals and brands like FP Journe, Grönefeld, HYT, Speake-Marin, Kari Voutilainen yet additionally the Belgium based Ressence. On our last day, we went to see Ressence to find and attempt the Type 2 e-Crown watch ourselves. Organizer and proprietor of the brand Benoît Mintiens gave a little showing and clarification about this watch to us. The Ressence Type 2 e-Crown utilizes a mechanical development (as Ressence consistently does) yet additionally have a tad of cutting edge inside, because of the e-Crown framework. As clarified here, it guarantees showing the right time and it can recollect the time. So when you don’t utilize it for some time, it will address itself to the real time when you put it on your wrist again and enact the watch. By tapping the gem, you can change to two distinctive time regions. There’s additionally an ‘application mode’. You can interface with your cell phone utilizing a Bluetooth association, which permits you to right or set the time. My dread is consistently, that innovation has a due date (which it generally has, despite the fact that my NES 8-bit from the 1980s actually works faultlessly) and you can’t utilize the availability of the watch in years and years from now. The Bluetooth standard won’t be here perpetually I accept, so this Ressence Type 2 e-Crown has a danger of becoming obsolete or non-working sooner or later. Wrong! The watch can likewise run without the innovation it has ready, particularly without the Bluetooth network. It was planned thusly, as Benoît has similar concerns, so he ensured this watch can impeccably work with no of the gadgets that are inside. I additionally asked him what will occur if the mechanical development begins to misbehave (and along these lines in the need of an assistance upgrade). The watch will address the time without help from anyone else at given occasions, and on the off chance that it sees that the exactness is off by brief multiple times in succession, the hands will move so they all highlight 12 o’clock. On the off chance that it does this, you realize the time has come to have it adjusted. These time checks will be done once per day naturally, yet the proprietor of the watch can likewise do this at whatever point he needs, obviously. Yet, it will deplete the battery power, obviously. This innovation comes in the shocking Ressence Type 2 case, looking marvelously advanced. It took me some time to get used to this plan, however I notice I am gradually beginning to look all starry eyed at it. Also, maybe that is the most ideal sort of affection, in the end.

A. Lange & Söhne

I saw I didn’t spend a word on a Lange watch in the day by day recaps up until this point. Inappropriate so! In the first recap , I referenced that they have stunning watches this year and that they will come up with another Lange 1 version consistently from now into the foreseeable future till October 24th 2019 (their commemoration date). What’s more, albeit the Lange 1 is one of my #1 watches from this Glashütte based production, the new Zeitwerk Date is something truly extraordinary also. They all are, however this new Zeitwerk Date has an intriguing new component (type L043.8) for remedying the date and time. By utilizing the pushers, you can build the hour and the date. Valuable, particularly when you need to address it rapidly. Utilizing the pusher to build the hours is valuable for the individuals who travel a ton. Obviously, expanding the hours is particularly intriguing when you travel toward the east, however rectifying the hour with simply a press on a catch is so speedy, you can likewise effectively click a couple of times more to set it accurately for nations where it is prior. By utilizing the date pushers, you can likewise address it decently fast when voyaging west. Likewise, a pusher for the date is helpful when it is the principal day of another month, after one which had under 31 days. The sign of the date is fascinating, utilizing a ring around the dial. The current date is featured with a red tone. Likewise, the date can be amended at whatever point you need. You don’t have to keep the run of the mill 9pm-3am opening in thought where you typically can’t propel the date without the danger of harming the movement.


A brand that has seen a precarious advancement as of late is Montblanc. In spite of the fact that from the outset, some actually do, individuals had their questions about its name (an excessive amount of related with pens and cowhide merchandise), including me. With the acquisition of Minerva, Montblanc showed that they wear dead genuine about watches. During this SIHH, Montblanc disclosed to us they would re-structure their assortment a piece and thin line the columns they use. The attention was on the Heritage and 1858 assortments. The Heritage assortment has certainly some incredible incentives, including a previously mentioned unending schedule. The lone issue I have with that assortment is the plan of the case. These end up being generally thick and have somewhat of a straightforward (cleaned) finish. Obviously, the value purpose of these watches are not of Jaeger-LeCoultre or IWC for instance, but rather a more slender case, inclined edge or brushed surfaces would be decent. In any case, the 1858 assortment is (additionally) an alluring one. The Montblanc 1858 Chronograph with the green dial is among our top choices, comprising of a bronze case with titanium case back (bronze on the skin isn’t awesome we’ve been educated) and a green dial. This two-register chronograph has a self-winding development (type MB 25.11) and is evaluated just under 5000 Euro. Restricted to 1858 pieces.

Audemars Piguet

Although I covered the new CODE 11:59 and my considerations about it in the SIHH 2019 Day 2 recap , I need to impart to you that even after close to 7 days, I actually feel the plan isn’t up to AP’s guidelines. This watch was certainly the discussion of SIHH, and keeping in mind that a few group let me realize that this is maybe something to be thankful for, it is unquestionably not the sort of sure ‘all the rage’ AP had expected, I am certain. The analysis I have on this plan is particularly focused on the 3-hand variant and the chronograph and maybe I am significantly more baffled with the last mentioned, as the dial simply looks modest (think design watch modest). The CODE 11:59 with ceaseless schedule has an astounding aventurine dial, which unquestionably compensates, as you can see underneath. Notwithstanding, I am as yet bewildered by the way that AP refused columnists to distribute frontal pictures of the watch without putting a picture of the watch from another point close to it. Amazing.

Summarized, I think this SIHH was more amazing as a rule with regards to intriguing watches than a year ago. In any event to me, as I have a more drawn out rundown of top picks than in 2018. My ‘affordable’ most loved is the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso in burgundy red, which is certainly not a restricted release yet might be accessible by means of shops. More expensive watches I truly appreciated are the new AP Royal Oak Chronograph in 38mm and the Jumbo in white gold, the Vacheron Constantin Traditionelle models and new Overseas Perpetual Calendar, the new HYT models and obviously the Ressence Type 2 e-Crown. I’m likewise heating up the Panerai Submersible models, however I discover the costs altogether too steep. I think I need to let the curiosities of the SIHH sink a touch more and will come with a Top 10 of my top choices later on.

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