The absurdity started already half a month ahead of time when you start to recieve all this press data under ban. Normally, we could do without this futile daily existence, yet now and again, it is also difficult to suppress your eagerness and you will think of certain articles ahead of time in any case. So that implies you are actually doubling your workload in the time frame before SIHH. You need to compose the articles for the daily dosis of watch content just as all the additional items for the SIHH ahead of time. At that point, during SIHH, you also attempt to stay aware of articles of things you’ve seen. The new Audemars Piguet Code 11:59 being an excellent example, some of the time you need to see watches in the flesh prior to sharing your (professional) assessment. Yelling is simple, yet you need to keep a receptive outlook with regards to these things. More about that later.

SIHH 2019 Preparations

Part of the arrangements is also dealing with your schedule and that of the group. However, that already turned out badly on day 1, one hour wrong, or even a day, and you can seriously wreck a pressed schedule. Which is obviously, what occurred on day 1. Yet, since we are covering SIHH with four people this year, and a touch of help of benefactor Sky Sit who is visiting a few brands outside SIHH, things have become somewhat simpler. Also, the way that we are not kicking the bucket to do scoops, we are relatively relaxed in our methodology. We cover the SIHH with the novelties, and come with additional in-depth articles later on, utilizing our own photography, and guarantee to give certain watches a touch of thought after the initial impression.

How It Works

So, today was our first day at SIHH. You need to realize that unlike Baselworld for example, at SIHH everything is planned for you. That is the (group) introductions with brands, which are scheduled for all the various business sectors. Thus, people from Germany have these introductions with journalists from the German market, journalists from the United States are grouped together, journalists from Japan are grouped together, etc. We are allocated on the lookout for The Netherlands and Belgium, now and then along with journalists from certain Scandinavian nations. Besides these group introductions, you need to see the watches up close, so you need to book your arrangements for photograph shoots. Now and then you also need to talk with somebody responsible for these watches, so you need to demand a meeting. More often than not, these meetings are actually mentioned by the brands, so they can have some time with you to explain the new collections or the (new) bearing a brand is going. So all together, it is a rushed four days in Geneva. From about 9:00 till 18:30 at the Palexpo (the scene where SIHH happens) and after 18:30, the vast majority of the journalists are welcomed by brands to go along with them for a beverage and a supper subsequently (again by an alternate brand). Along these lines, that leaves little an ideal opportunity to properly cover the SIHH at the spot. So that is the reason we attempt to set up certain articles ahead of time, and give some ‘live’ inclusion utilizing Instagram for example.

After this little foundation data, let’s experience our first day at the SIHH.

Oxos Grunted

From the hotel in Geneva, we need to take a shuttle transport to the Palexpo. That is no big deal, yet when it is coming down it isn’t a lot of fun when you’re in your suit and pleasant shoes and conveying a pack with a laptop, etc. Following a brief ride or something like that, we show up at the Palexpo building and need to experience security. Truth be told. Similar to air terminal security, we need to put our jackets, sacks and so on into these plate and walk through a detection port ourselves. At the point when you are cleared, you can walk to the cloak desk and leave your jacket there (and try to snap a photo of your ticket, as a large number of these tickets are getting lost during the day as you constantly snatch in your pockets and sack to go after business cards, chargers, telephone, memory cards and so forth) Whenever you’re done, you need to enter the SIHH premises by having your entrance card checked. A 1985 robot voice will say ‘Access Granted’ (which sounds more like “oxos snorted”) and you’re in. The Valhalla of watches, in any event in January. Presently, where’s the champagne and macarons everybody is talking about. Best of luck, you can get an espresso (no coffee or cappuccino) and there’s the decision of with milk and sugar or without. They at any rate offer a few croissants to begin the day.

Instead of going moment by-minute, let’s talk about the things that intrigued us, or didn’t dazzle us at all.


The first group introduction we joined was with Hermès, and although that can be considered a brand we’d easily accidentally overlook normally, we are cheerful we visited their introduction (all introductions are obligatory at SIHH, as you may already know). Their Arceau L’heure de la Lune was the awesome us, and definitely considered haute horlogerie. It is a watch for people that set out to purchase something different than the usual, and it comes with an incredible complication too: a double moon stages marker. You can peruse more about it in a couple of hours on Fratello. What an extraordinary watch.


Also fascinating was the Piaget Altiplano with meteorite dial. Much the same as the Hermès actually, which is also available with a meteorite dial. The utilization of materials like a meteorite, aventurine or hell, even a piece of sailing cloth is a decent touch for a watch. It can make a watch stand apart of the group, or if nothing else be extraordinary. The primary concern is, it needs to look great (in light of the fact that an ugly watch with a meteorite dial is only that: an ugly watch with a meteorite dial) and the Piaget really does.

Burgundy Grabbed Me

If you’ve been following us on Instagram today, it will be no mysterious that we have shown a touch of love for Jaeger-LeCoultre. The Master Tradition Gyrotourbillon Westminster Perpetual is simply stunning. How could you not love it? We’ve been asked by you on our social media our opinion about the completing and how it is in the flesh and well, it is simply stunning. We’ve seen the blue dial variant behind glass toward the beginning of today and had the option to handle the silver grained dial during our photoshoot. What a staggering watch.

But what’s more, I was also defied with something I don’t will encounter all the time. There were three Reverso watches before me, and keeping in mind that Bert was shooting the Master arrangement, I got one of the Reverso watches (with a Tribute to 1931 case) with a burgundy dial and a burgundy leather tie. I contemplated internally “This looks sort of crazy” and put it on my wrist and my first response was a so anyone can hear “Goodness!”. The lady from Jaeger-LeCoultre remaining close to me said: “No doubt, I get that a lot from people who attempt this one.”. A dazzling piece and I can definitely see myself winding up with one. I’ve put it on my personal Instagram account ( ) and the comments were overwhelming indeed.


Another intriguing watch I’ve seen today was the RJ (formerly Romain Jerome) ARRAW 6919. It interferes with you about 18.600 Swiss Francs, however it incorporates a piece of the original Apollo XI space apparatus. It is somewhat unclear from what part, however apparently, RJ purchased parts that came from both the lunar module just as the command module. They tossed it in a melting pot for certain different materials and with the result of that they filled up the bezel. Presently, the difficulty I have with that will be that it can’t be measured the amount of the Apollo XI is actually winding up in your watch, or from what part. Or on the other hand at all, maybe. Then again, let’s say it has a smidgen of Apollo XI remaining parts inside, it was on or eat least close to the Moon. How cool is that? I will leave it up for you to decide if the vulnerability can be lived with. The people at RJ were super friendly and eager however, and they appear to be glad for this watch (available in titanium, gold and black PVD). It is a cool idea, I need to admit.

Panerai Experience Tours

During the introduction at Lange, we saw some stunning watches, as always, including another Zeitwerk, another Langematic Perpetual and obviously the Lange 1 25th commemoration. They will do another Lange 1 rendition limited to 25 pieces each month till October 24th 2019, when the Lange 1 celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Besides some different brands, Panerai was flooding the social media channels a lot today. In any event that is my impression up until this point. Panerai only spotlights on the Submersible collection this year and do this with special forms and collabs with people like Mike Horn, or the Italian Navy or with the Luna Rossa America’s Cup group for example. Interestingly, Panerai offers a portion of these watches in really limited amounts and the buy includes a day with the Italian Navy or an excursion with Mike Horn. The watch is being sold along with ‘an encounter’, maybe a once in a blue moon one to be straightforward. Be that as it may, these ‘combination bundles’ definitely have their value (think approx. 40.000,= Euro). Aside from these special versions, they also showed some intriguing regular Submersible collection watches. One of my absolute top picks was the 42mm in gold, with black fired bezel. It isn’t exactly another model, however Panerai currently added the earthenware bezel and an upgraded development. The gold simply looks awesome on this Panerai Submersible in 42mm, and the size makes it a versatile watch. The 47mm pieces look rough, and I can easily have that on my wrist, however as a matter of fact, I realize that toward the day’s end, I take the watch off on the grounds that it’s not comfortable anymore.

Last yet not least

Then, Gerard, Balazs and I also walked over to the Audemars Piguet stall to see two things in the flesh: the Code 11:59 and the new Royal Oak ‘Kind sized’ with ‘salmon’ dial. The salmon struck us more as being rose gold, however it looked marvelous without a doubt. The Code 11:59, well, we save that for later, when we can actually give it a shot (rather than looking at it behind a display). Up until now, our assessment on Code 11:59 didn’t change a lot. Intriguing new developments, beautiful completion working on this issue, fascinating case band, yet a ‘frontal’ doesn’t make the watch stick out, at all. In any case, let’s see it first, attempt it, and consider it. Yet, it certainly isn’t love from the outset sight.